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name   :   mori ougaikanji   :    森鴎外romanji   :   ougai moria

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name   :   mori ougai
kanji   :    森鴎外
romanji   :   ougai mori
a.k.a   :    rintarou ( by elise )


gender   :   male
age   :   40 ( current )
36 ( dark era )
33 ( fifteen era )
32 ( mafia boss succession )
birthdate   :   febuary 17
zodiac   :   aquarius
height   :   175 centimeters   ( roughly 5 feet 9 inches )
weight   :   60 kilograms   ( roughly 132 pounds )
blood type   :   o
likes   :   logic ,  manjuu — chazuke ,  elise
dislikes   :   dirty things ,  raw food ,  miso — cooked makerel


status   :   alive
ability   :   vita sexualis ( ヰタ   セクスアリス )
occupation   :   mafia boss ( current )
underground doctor ( former )
affiliation   :   port mafia


personality   :   while initially showing himself as an ordinary , clumsy and worried middle — aged man , he later shows more about his true character , keeping calm even when the other people trapped in anne ' s room ran away , staying together with atsushi nakajima and jun'ichirō tanizaki , and still maintaining his composure when the latter was captured.

mori later reveals that not only is he good with strategies and planning , but also a cruel and merciless person capable of infusing fear on his enemies . however , his cruelty is not for cruelty ' s sake . mori always weights the gains and losses of his decisions , choosing the most optimal solutions for the port mafia as a whole . consequently , these decisions leave a bloodstained path , and have hurt and traumatized countless other people , with akiko yosano and osamu dazai being prime victims of his abuse . mori never takes emotions into full account , the epitome of logical thinking and strategy . that said , his intelligence allows him to manipulate and abuse many people by appealing to their needs and wants . emotional manipulation and abuse have gotten mori far in his motives at the cost of many lives , and by the time someone ' s realized they ' ve been used , it ' s often too late for them to turn back . To mori, a ' heart ' only gets in the way of war , a belief leading to his irredeemable actions of using yosano ' s ability and mentally breaking her during the great war .

while a largely logical person who knows how to use words to his advantage , mori is not above threats and intimidation typical of a cold , experienced mafioso . age and gender do not matter to mori , but when it comes to his grander schemes , he has a history of manipulating children , as their inexperience makes it that much easier to control them .

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