Chapter four

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*Ammy's POV *

I feel all the air leave my lungs.

Reece is looking at her grandmother like she grew a second head or something.

Emma has got to be kidding me, right?

Why would she possibly want me to marry her son?

She has offered to give you the money to pay off the debt, think about it. My conscious kicks in.

But still, isn't marriage based on love and all the stuff?

We haven't even met for Christ's sake.

If somebody told me I'll be the owner of a Café which will be in debt and the mother of a billionaire will ask me if I would marry his son and become the stepmother of a beautiful girl... I would've thought that that person was deranged.

"Ammy dear, you don't need to answer me right away. I know what I said is very hard to process", she says pulling me out of my train of thoughts.

I just stare at her. I know its rude, but I think I earned it after she dropped a bomb on me.

"Its just, after the death of his wife he changed,so much. He's become more distant,he doesn't make time to be with Reece,all he does is work He's practically a workaholic now",she adds when I take too long to reply.

"Why me?", I can't help but ask.

"I know we've just met but it doesn't take a scientist to know that you are a good woman. You've stuck around long enough for Reece to take a liking in you. She adores you Ammy. You know,ever since her mom's death, Reece didn't talk much,smile much or even want to be around anybody. To make matters worse, Tyson doesn't seem to notice Reece at all. I've noticed that Reece is changing to her old self again,more cheerful and happy. She's so young Ammy. Too young to be going through all of this. All I want is for my granddaughter to be happy again aswell as my son. I just want the best for the both of them. Please, promise me that you'll think about it",she says tears streaming down her cheeks.

What the hell am I supposed to say that?

I might just break down if I speak,so I nod instead.

"Thank you,and here's my number", she says handing me a piece of paper while wiping her tears and gulping down her remaining coffee.

"Reece,lets go",she says taking the little one's hand in hers.

Just when they're about to reach the door, Reece runs back to where I'm sitting.

"I would really love for you to be my mommy",she wispers into my ear. With that,she walks back to her grandmother.

Ice just fills my veins.

I don't hold back the tears that have been threatening to escape.

Money to pay off the debt

Marry Tyson

Become Reece's mother

This keeps replaying in my mind.

I have a throbbing headache right now, I'll have to think about this later.

Putting the piece of paper in my jeans pockets, I quickly go to the restroom.

I really need to cool of,so I splash my face with water. I mentally hug myself for not applying makeup today or else it would've messed up my face.

Since there isn't anything suitable to wipe off my face, I use my sleeve.

"Hey,you okay? I saw you talking to Reece's grandmother and then I see the both of you crying. Did she say something?", Danielle she asks.

"Uhm...well she...and then", I'm drawing a blank here.

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