Meeting You Again

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Hi!So this story is dedicated to my friend,Aina.She loves Jeon Jungkook sooo much.Haha..This is gonna be Your Pov,aka Park Hana and mine.It's just a one shot,okay?Read it till you're done and comment.This is also the 1st time I'm writing a non EXO fan.fic.Support me!:)

Tommorrow is going to be a sad day for me as I'm going to leave Korea.I'm going to America because my father just got a job there.I'm sad because I have to leave my bestfriend,Jeon Jungkook.We've been friends since we're 8 and also people in school called us the "HanKook" couple as we're always together.People see us as a couple but for*shooks head*.I love it when they called us that because the truth is..You'll know it later.I packed all my things perfectly and now I want to meet Kookie.Yes,his nickname is Kookie while he calles me Hannie.It rhymes though*chuckles*."Mom,I'm going to Kookie's house."I said as I walked downstairs."Okay,hon."mom responded.I took a deep breath and walked to his house which is not far from my house.I'm thinking on how will I say this to him.It's so sudden as I knew 2 days ago.Without realising,I'm here..standing infront of Kook's house.I presses the button lifelessly."Who's that?"Jungkook asked from inside."Yah!It's me!Hana!"I yelled.He immediately open the door and invited me in."Why did you came?"he asked.I looked at his innocent face and answered "Kook,can we go to your room?I got something to tell you."he nodded in agreement."Omma!I'm going to my room with Hana.If you need help just call me."he told his mom and walked upstairs with me following behind.We entered his room and I sit at the edge of his bed while he sit at his chair."What's wrong?You look so sad,Hannie."he said at me."Kook-ah,I'm.."I paused,I think I can't tell this to him but I need to."I'm leaving."I ended.His face turned from happy to sad."W..why?"he asked."My father got a job in America."I answered."Then,when are you leaving?"he asked again."Tommorrow,Kook."I answered,trying to hold my tears.Why this must happen to me?He didn't say anything after that.I just can't hold my tears and cried.Jungkook got up from his seat and sat next to me.The next thing I know is he hugs me tightly,probably comforting me who's crying in his embrace."Shh...don't cry,Hana.You look ugly when you cry."he slowly patted my back."But Kook..I don't want to leave."I sobbed." must go..just follow your parents,okay?They'll need you by their side.."he comforted me.Hearing his words just makes me feel like crying more.What about him?He's surely will be alone when I'm gone.I wiped my tears and buried my head on his chest."But Kook,what about you?You'll be alone if I leave.."I said still sobbing.He chuckled and said "Don't worry about me,Hana.I'm fine..we can meet again someday."he comforted me."Promise me,Kook.That we'll be together,forever."I said."Yes,Kook and Hana.Forever,together.Okay?"he said and we made a pinky promise.He's eyes somehow is getting teary and later it just flowed out."Kook,you're tearing up."I wiped his tears and we laugh together.This would probably be our last time together.After spending some time with him,I went back still feeling sad to leave Jungkook but what can I do,I can't change fate right?I entered my room silently and laid on my bed.Again,I cried,without any comfort.After a few minutes,I felt relieved and took my shower and got ready to sleep.Tommorrow will be the hardest day in my life.

Jungkook maybe sounded like he's okay,he's fine but deep inside,he's broken and not even fine.Even though making a promise to Hana saying that to always be Together,Forever but he feels like the promise is already broken as Hana will leave him.A part of his life has gone.He also felt mad towards himself for not telling Hana the truth about his feelings.He blamed himself and even called himself a loser.Now,he feels like the sad story of his life will begin.

The next day,I woke up,feeling not happy at all but I just need to obey my parents and leave Korea.I took my bath and everything.Later,I took all my things and walked out.I turn around,looking at my bed room for the last time.I put all of my things inside the car.After my father locked the door,I look around again,thinking that this will be my last time seeing this house.My tears started to fill my eyes but I just hold it.My parents and my brother,Park Chanyeol entered the car.I'm still standing infront of my house,remembering every memory we had here.My first birthday party,my brother's birthday party and even Kook's birthday party and other meaningful memories of my life."Hana,it's time for us to go,dongsaeng."my brother,hold my shoulders and whispered."But oppa..I don't want to leave.."I refused."Hana,listen to day,we'll come here again.Okay,I promise you.We'll come back here again."he assured.I nodded as I believe in his words.He brought me to the car and we entered the car.The car started moving and I'm still looking at my house.After the house is out of my sight,I look to my right.It's Jungkook's house.I'm sure he's still asleep now.I just look at his house and my tears started flowing.I wiped my tears away and smiled thinking that Jungkook and I made a promise yesterday and I believe that the promise will not be broken.As we arrived at the airport,I felt sad and burdened because I'll leave my country and most important,my bestfriend,Jungkook.After we loaded our things inside,it's time for us to leave.We walked to the departure gate and entered the airplane.I sat and my seat near the window and mumbled "I promise,I'll come again and meet you,Jungkook."I looked outside the window for a while and rest myself.Good bye,Korea..

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