What is this Noise?

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You guys can thank these two peeps for the motivation to type this.❤︎

Another day at PK Academy and another day of torture for Saiki, he groaned as he could already hear the thoughts of the students walking into the school. He barely managed to pass Matsuzaki doing the uniform checks again. Sitting in the classroom he tried his hardest to emit a 'don't talk to me I'm angy' aura and it worked for the most part.

The teacher was late as always so some students were still talking to each other and fooling around like Kaidou doing dramatic poses in the corner of the classroom. Saiki didn't need to hear some of his classmate's bad whispering about the new transfer student. He just hoped it wasn't their class. The teacher walked in and got the class to their seats and soon began to start teaching.

In the middle of doing his work Saiki heard some kind of tune, it wasn't relaxing at all if anything it made him a bit unsettled, it made him feel like he was at the edge of his seat about to fall off. He was used to hearing all sorts of songs since some people couldn't get a hold of themselves and end up with the same song stuck in their head for days. At this point, Saiki knew more song lyrics than things he learned in school. Granted he was smart ever since he was a kid so it wasn't that much of a surprise. He even unconsciously memorized songs in other languages, granted he didn't know what they were singing about but he memorized them nonetheless.

For the most part, he could tell it was an orchestra with violas, violins, and cellos. He wasn't any music guru so he definitely figures there were other instruments he hadn't thought of or recognized. It was weird since most people didn't think of classical music these days. He just ignored it and kept doing his schoolwork.

To say you were nervous was an understatement, you had your headphones in your ears as you waited outside of the classroom for the teacher. You clicked your favorite radio station that was one your music app and today was classical Tuesday. Currently being played was 06 Concerto No. 2 in G Minor, RV 315 Summer: III. Presto - Vivaldi: The Four Seasons. You've never heard it before, it was great to listen to but it only increased your anxiety. You were very nervous and chewed on your fingernail a bit. "Shimizu, Y/n?" hearing your name snapped out of your daze.

"Y-Yes that's me!"

"Alright follow me and please introduce yourself to the class."

You timidly followed the teacher and stood next to her desk. After you wrote your name on the chalkboard you turned back to the class. "M-My name is Shimizu, Y/n please take care of me!" you finished with a small bow. Looking up you could just feel the whispers of your new classmates. Your eyes instinctively went back to the floor because you didn't want to accidentally make eye contact with anyone.

"Okay Shimizu-san you can sit next to Toritsuka Reita, please raise your hand Toritsuka!"

You looked over to see a weirdly dressed purple-haired kid...you also noticed his slight nosebleed. You hesitantly sat next to him and looked away in nervousness as he gave you a weird smile.

You let out a sigh as the teacher left to print out copies of work. Apparently, she would take a long time because sometimes the printer wouldn't work so you had about a 10-25 minute break or at least until a horde of teachers gathers to figure it out. You put your headphones back on and kept listening to whatever music the radio station would play, well at least until you felt a tap on your shoulder. Looking to your left it was the purple-haired boy again. What was his name again? You couldn't remember. You took off your headphones and looked at him with more awareness.

He had a small blush in his face, "Names Toritsuka, Reita as you heard the teacher say. If you ever have any questions or need help with your way around the school you can just ask me!" He smiled and rubbed the back of his head.

He looked to be nice and seemed like a decent human being, so you decided to put a little trust into him. You nervously lent out your hand for him to shake. Toritsuka looked at your hand like it was the most bizarre thing in the world. You felt awkward with your hand just floating in between the space of your desks. "Are you gonna shake it?"

"Oh! Sorry!" He then shook your hand.

"I appreciate you for helping me. Can you show me where these classes are? I got lost when I came here this morning." You showed Toritsuka your schedule.

"This shouldn't be that hard we have just about every same class! You only have 2 different than mine."

You felt relieved that you could have a decent person to talk to. One person was enough anymore would make your social bar explode. Soon the teacher was back and the class continued.

"Saaaaaaikiiiiii!! Saiki! sAiki! S A I K I! Saiki!!"

"Leave me alone."

"But I just had a momentous occasion!" Toritsuka shouted trying to catch up with Saiki about to leave school.

"Good for you I don't care."

Catching up to Saiki, Toritsuka kept rambling, "It was great we have this new transfer student and she was a cutie! A shy one too! You don't come across those very often!"

"Interesting too bad I don't care."

"She had the classic shy girl hair! Her hair was long and it covered one of her eyes and she had headphones too! Her uniform was king of baggy so I don't know the situation there, but get this! I introduced myself to her and offered her help with finding classes and she shook my hand! That's as close as I got with any girl!! I might have a chance here Saiki!"

"She shook your hand willingly? Must be a joke."

"It's not a joke and my hand proves it!"

"Please never say that again."

Saiki began to tune out Toritsuka because he got annoyed. He eventually ditched Toritsuka and headed to a nearby cafe.

On his way there he saw another PK uniform. Please don't let it be anyone that knows me. He looked at the girl and he realized he didn't recognize her. Saiki brushed it off as the new transfer but then he stopped when he realized that he couldn't hear her thoughts. What is this? Another Nendou?

Well, Saiki is half right and half wrong, he couldn't hear your thoughts because there were no words to be heard. Instead what he heard was music as if you were some type of radio station. The music he heard from you now was different from earlier it was more relaxing, made him feel at peace. Saiki snapped himself out of his momentary daze and walked into the cafe. Whatever.

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