Café Music

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Another day at PK Academy, another day of torture for Saiki. Only God knows why every annoying person in existence wants to harass him when the only thing he wants is to be alone with coffee jelly. "Saiki have you seen any recent activity from Dark Reunion? They've been quiet as recently...This could only mean that they are planning something sinister!"

"Or they could be taking a break."

"Oh yeah, I guess that makes sense too..." Kaidou muttered and walked back to his desk in defeat.

"Hey there buddy!"

"Leave me alone."

"Wanna go get some ramen after school?"


"Maybe next time then." Nendou turned around and walked back to his seat.

Saiki sat at his desk with the usual stoic expressions and an aura of 'don't bother me' radiating off him. Just have to wait 2 more minutes and I can be set free from this living nightmare. Much to Saiki's enjoyment the bell signifying the end of the school say rung and students began to flood the halls wanting to get home while others stayed late for their clubs. It's like a minefield but instead of bombs, it's just people who can bother me.

Saiki used invisibility and quickly but carefully shuffled through the crowd of students. "Hey, Saiki where ya headed?" Tortisuka placed his hand on Saiki's shoulder. Good grief, I forgot Toritsuka could still see me.

"Quit bothering me I'm trying to go home." Saiki walked at a faster pace to the shoe lockers.

"Wait Saiki I need your help with this girl! Her guardian spirit has a weird mystery going on, don't you think ghost legends would be cool?"

"Going home is also cool and ghost legends sounds like some rip off MythBusters." Before Toritsuka could say more Saiki placed his school's shoes back in his locker and sped off to the gate. Not only did he want to get away from Tortisuka but he felt Teruhashi's dreaded aura and did not want to deal with that. Kaidou and Nendou were still hanging back in the class doing whatever once Saiki left the gate he was free.

Now you may be wondering, why is Saiki in such a hurry? Well, he's not going home but there's a new café that has opened near his home which was closer to a small patch of forest. But that doesn't matter, what matters was their coffee jelly that was made from coffee beans that grew in the wild and cultivated outside the country. 

With no one in sight, Saiki walked into an alleyway and then teleported a block away from the café. The scenery was nice and calming, fewer houses were around and there were a few local stores and a small library. You could see the trees over from behind the café, some of the buildings even looked like it went into the forest.

Entering the café he was immediately hit with a warm and comforting atmosphere with the scent of coffee. "Hello and welcome to Forest Café are you here to pick something up or to sit down?"

"Sit down."

"Just follow me!" Saiki nodded his head and observed the café as he trailed being the girl. The café had a rustic look with modern touches and the obvious incorporation of greenery and nature. "You can take a seat here! Here's the menu and I'll be back in a few minutes to take your order."

Saiki sat in a booth that was right next to a window that touched from the ceiling to the floor. This is an aesthetically pleasing café, I can see lots of birds from the window.  I just wish I couldn't hear their thoughts. He ordered a coffee jelly (nothing new) and a glass of sparkling limeade just to try it out.

 Whilst waiting he heard some static. The café doesn't play any music so why am I hearing static? He looked around and saw a familiar figure in the distance, It's the girl Tortisuka mentioned I saw her that one time but I didn't expect her to be here. As long as she doesn't bother me it's fine.

Although the café opened roughly 2 weeks ago you've made yourself a regular. The building was the optimal location for you it was in a semi-secluded area, not too many people go there, the forest scenery made you feel relaxed, and it's a great study spot. You had your headphones in as always listening to some jazz music. Nothing too intense and nothing too quiet, it made you feel good inside. You stuck your nose in a book while waiting for your order.

Saiki heard the soft jazz music and to say it was nice was an understatement. The café played no music as part of not disturbing the wildlife near the forest with noise pollution and people could just listen to the sounds of nature. He ate his coffee jelly in peace while hearing the jazz music from your thoughts.

It was as if when he listened to you all other noises ceased to exist. 

Not that he minded, it was a relaxing break from being overrun with other people's business all the time.

He peeked over to you as he sipped on his limeade which was quite refreshing. She looks and acts like a cliche shy girl. Completely average in every way. He tried to pry into your thoughts but was cut off with loud static. Aside from the fact that I can't read her thoughts. The more he stared at you the more entranced he got. You sat on a rather tall chair and table that was in the corner with two large windows. The sun had shone down on your book perfectly so you could read comfortably but it also illuminated your beauty.

Your fingers tingled and a shiver was sent down your spine. Is someone staring at me?

You peeked nervously from behind your book and made eye contact with a pink-haired boy. You let out a tiny squeal and hide your embarrassment behind the book. Why was he staring at me? Was there something on my shirt? Do I look weird?

Saiki looked away once he was caught. I should leave before she thinks that I'm a creep. Finishing his drink he left his payment on the table and walked out of the café.

As he walked home the jazz grew quieter and the more he wished that he could listen to it for a bit longer.

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