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Comment the MALE ANIME character/s. ( if you want a threesome or foursome or even a fricking harem then add that as well. ) Then write down what you want it to be lemon, smut, angst, fluff, angst + fluff, lemon + lime etc. Then if you want a specific setting ( like drunk in bar, home studying, closet, room of pain. If you understand the room of pain then I fucking love you. Love you anyways meh black hearted darling's ). Also would be appreciated if you write down the anime they from even though I will already know. I just like detail. And also please admire or cringe at my edit. I was half asleep at 4 AM while doing it so... Yuh. Request away you horny darling's! Don't be shy you thirsty readers~ 😏 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Prepare to meet your thirsty desires~ ( That's supposed to be a twist on prepare to meet your demise if you didn't know )

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