Cheater Laito Sakamaki X Satan Spawn Uke Male Reader ( Diabolik Lovers )

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( This is a angst so please skip and request if you don't like. )

Suicide, Cheating, Pedophilia ( Can You Guess Why? )

B/F/N = Best Friend Name
Bold = Texting

M/N P.O.V:
Lately, my boyfriend Laito has been acting rather strange. He's been distancing himself from me and ignoring me, not to mention the weirdly sad looks his brothers have given me. I had asked my sister, Lucy ( Sin Of Lust ) what could possibly be wrong with him but there that weirdly sad face was again. I went to ask my father but he looked rather pissed so I decided against it. I grab my 'phone' and begin texting B/F/N.

0:01 AM 08/11/20
Hey B/F/N...

0:05 AM 08/11/2020
Hey Boo, what's wrong?

0:10 AM 08/11/2020
Laito has been acting rather strange lately...

0:15 AM 08/11/2020
Yeah I noticed... He's been hanging around the Council President... What's her name again? She's the one with the big breasts...

0:17 AM 08/11/2020
That's my sister Lucy... Wait Bae you aren't suggesting that he's... With my own sister...

0:20 AM 08/11/2020
I swear the next time I see that fucking peach I'm going to behead the basement.

0:23 AM 08/11/2020
Bae auto correct...

0:26 AM 08/11/2020
Fucking auto correct... But you get what I'm saying aye?

0:30 AM 08/11/2020
Loud and clear. I'm gonna kill that son of a whore. But B/F/N, have you noticed anything wrong with my sister's eyes? I remember them being pink not bright green...

0:34 AM 08/11/2020
Oh my Satan... Boo I think I know how your sisters eyes are green and why Laito is cheating on you...

0:37 AM 08/11/2020
Are you trying to say... Is that she's back? Again? Why can't that bitch stay dead? Gosh, STAY IN YOUR GRAVE YOU EVIL WOMAN! THAT'S IT! I'M CALLING IT OFF WITH THAT STUPID, MOTHER FUCKING, SLUT CLIT LICKING LEECH!

0:40 AM 08/11/2020

0:41 AM 08/11/2020

° 😈M/N😈 left chat °
° ️❤️B/F/N❤️ left chat °

M/N P.O.V:
But first, I need a pee break. Strolling towards the boys bathroom I do my business, wash and dry my hands and grab my baby oil. I call my chauffeur Sebastian, being the telepath he is, he automatically took me to the Sakamaki Household. I walk to his room, of course expecting him to be making out with my possesed sister. I rub some baby oil on my hand and slap him with All my Might ( get it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ). His cheek then turned a bright pink, blood dripping from his mouth. His head facing away from me. I see small droplets falling down his face. " I thought you had finally gotten over your... Mother but I guess not. How could I of all people expect you to change. I thought you had changed, given up on her. But it seems that she is worth more than my love and existence... Tell my family I love them... " Laito gives me a confused look. I pull out my 52 caliber and aim it my head. The last thing I hear is the shouting of my own name...

So, this is my first angst so I know it's terrible. Is it good?...

Sike. That was partial angst. The other half is fluff and smut with Kanato. Heheeeee...

M/N P.O.V:

I wake up in a slightly unfamiliar room...

Part 2 Coming soon...

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