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  • The youngest Zogratis shall start a new life from zero
    3.7K 146 6

    The last thing Zenon Zogratis remembered was having his heart destroyed by that former prince and niw he's stranded in a new world with a pathetic boy. And what's with this weird woman in his head? Well, at least he still has Belzeebub by his side, as of little help as he is.

  • Re:Chaos in Another World
    1.9K 50 5

    A story where Subaru is born in Japan in the sonic universe. This version of Subaru is the reincarnation of Sonic and Shadow. He'll be a G.U.N. agent and free spirited as well. He'll be smart and he'll have his own gear. He'll have Sonic's speed and Shadow's chaos abilities. And overall he'll have the chaos emeralds w...

  • Re:Set [Thrown Into Another World]
    1.1K 74 3

    [Y/N a player LV 1 a new and unique soul sent in a new world.] [Will be continued on @DoubleDobleU ]

  • Re: Zero Ghoul
    25.3K 683 20

    Subaru is a jaded and cynical ghoul, now stranded in an unknown world. He will have to get over many hurdles to become a better person and truly care for those arround him. Even if he thinks he will never belong with them.

  • Re:Zero Life in a Modern world
    421 19 3

    You are a freelance artist whose work usually go unrecognized, you attend a college in hopes to improve your art. One day as you walk home from another stressful day you blinked in front of a crosswalk only to see a strange girl with blue hair walking towards the street in front of you. you hear distant honking, cars...

  • Tales from the Cult (Re:Zero x Male Reader)
    3.9K 141 1

    Y/N L/N died an early death and was gifted another chance at life. Sent to another world by a goddess to act as a hero the world desperately needed, he was destined to become the greatest hero to ever walk that world... right?

  • Re Zero:Flugel IF
    2.2K 54 3

    Natsuki Subaru had failed again to conquered the Pleiades Watchtower.Once again,he was killed by Reid Astrea.But instead being teleported to the last checkpoint,he find himself at a white room. Suddenly,a flash of light appeared and he regain his past life memory.In his past life he was FLUGEL, THE GREAT SAGE!!!

  • Re:Periodic : Deceiving Life in Another World From Zero
    188K 6.9K 110

    Y/N L/N, renowned genius and pride of his own Prefecture in Japan, was transported to Re:Zero after an unfortunate incident. Upon arrival, although the black-haired boy that he expected to see was not present yet, he understood quickly that this was the world he knew from the light novels, and he vowed to save those w...

  • Re:Glitch Chaos Induced In Another World.
    26.1K 712 33

    you were playing with glitch in your house when you accidentally glitched yourself in another world. you wanted to go back to your world but you couldn't. what would you do in this world where everyone talks in different language? will you gain amusement from another world? ⚠️WARNING⚠️: warning hardcore Julius bullyin...

  • The World's Anomaly
    1K 49 3

    What if Regulus remembered Subaru's resets? What if Regulus wasn't hindered by Return by Death? This is a story of a boy desperately struggling against a menace who has a counter to the only thing he's got going for him. Arc 5 Spoilers

  • Sin Archbishop From a Common Place To World's Strongest
    108K 2.7K 39

    {Re-Writing // Heavy Editing} You get Isekai'd into the world of Arifureta with Regulus Corneas's Authority of Greed [Some chapters are being Re-Written] [Just to be clear this is not a story where 'Y/n' takes the spotlight and outshines the Original MC, yea he will have his moments but it's mainly 'Y/n' just being a...

  • The Archbishop of Nazarick
    151K 3.7K 34

    Y/N Get's Isekai'd into the New World With Nazarick oh and by the way you have the Witches Authorities from Re:Zero. What journey awaits you in the 'New World' will you chose to explore and conquer it or perhaps you want a calm and relaxing life? [Editing - Arc 1] [The First Arc is not so well written but the story...

  • Regulus Corneas(Re:Zero) x BNHA
    3.7K 106 8

    I do not own any images used in this fanfiction nor do I own Re:Zero and it's characters.

  • The Stillness Of An Objects' Time
    12.3K 284 12

    The main character of this story will have Regulus Corneas' Authority of Greed with a few modifications. I dont own any of the animes or images in this story. This is a crossover fanfiction I am working on. It will contain Re:Zero, RWBY. I may add A Certain Scientific Accelerator and a few other animes or characters. ...

  • The Past Never Dies!...Except For Now. (BNHA x Re:Zero)
    2.2K 53 3

    After 19 painful years of being alive in this world, the infamous villain Dabi had died at the hand of his own father, the number one hero, Endeavor. Dabi was ready to give up, until he opened his eyes to see he was in an unfamiliar place... Dabi x Re:Zero girls.

  • Isekai Quartet (my version)
    22.3K 495 24

    This is isekai quartet in my version. If you don't know what is isekai quartet, well, it is an anime crossover of four animes (Re:zero, Konosuba, Overlord and Youjo Senki). You might notice that all the animes are isekai genre (which is why the name is isekai quartet). Now my story is very different than the original...

  • Ram:IF Memory Snow
    384 11 1

    Pretty much memory snow but in our fanfiction, Ram:IF (Make sure to read that too!). It's about the same at a few times but a lot of entirely different scenes.

  • The True Archbishop of Envy (Re:Zero)
    8.1K 183 6

    This fanfic of the anime Re: Zero will show you a much more depressed version of subaru who is given the true power of the Envy Witch Factor. This fanfic will also be partially based on the Re: Zero Pride if (Webnovel Spoilers!) Since I will be creating most of the magic abilities and some characters; I will be chan...

  • The Sword Saint and The Dragon
    1.1K 22 6

    This is an alternate universe Re: Zero where some things are changed up. The OC is pansexual so if you can't read that then leave. There will be three love interests. Enjoy! (There will be confusion if you haven't read to arc 7) ((Will be regularly changed as chapters and arcs get published))

  • Re: Zero, The Witch and the Sage
    33.5K 1K 15

    A story in which instead of Emilia, Natsuki Subaru falls in love with the platinum-haired witch known as Pandora. (I do not own Re: Zero, all rights go to the original author, Tappei Nagatsuki. Cover picture also doesn't belong to me all rights go to the original artists) (This fanfic may contain spoilers from both th...

  • Re:ZERO; Ram:IF (Original)
    20.5K 538 50

    THIS STORY HAS BEEN REWRITTEN; as Ram:IF Redux on my profile. With Subaru being held at the Mathers' mansion after the eventful night at the loot house, he awakens to meet 2 maids that look surprisingly similar, minus their hair colors. He also meets a very bold and arrant loli. As Subaru thinks about the circumstance...

  • Re:zero melancholy if
    1.8K 38 3

    Subaru become's the archbishop of melancholy Will contain spoilers

  • Re:Zero Watching Him Die Again and Again
    103K 1.7K 14

    This will be a reaction fic where the characters will be watching Subaru's adventure in their world. Spoilers for the anime and the novels. These characters are Arc 5's characters. Season two will be in here along with Director's Cut season one and some OVAs. Special thanks to Wishful Witch on reddit for the cover art...

  • Re:Zero Male Insert
    182K 6.4K 54

    Y/N, a normal guy, is one day sent to the world of Re:Zero! He's watched the anime, so he knows that tough times are ahead. Come along the journey as you meet and help Subaru and the rest of the Re:Zero cast overcome the trials that await them! This is my first story, so feedback is welcomed! Disclaimer: I do not own...

  • Eres rara
    1.5K 142 3

    Louis Arneb también conocida por ser parte del culto de la bruja representando a la gula junto a sus 2 hermanos Roy y Ley, desde que tiene memoria ha estado atrapada en el corredor de las memorias, o eso era hasta que por cosas del destino conoció a Subaru, pero no en la atalaya de las pléyades, si no en la bibliotec...

  • Reincarnated Gamer: Demonically Inspired || Re: Zero
    1.7K 59 3

    - In which a reincarnated soul with the power of a gamer system tackles a brutal world as a demonic creature. [Oni MC!] [Dark MC!] [Dark Elements!] Disclaimer: I own nothing.

  • Natsuki Subaru The Anti Knight
    39.6K 945 22

    Natsuki Subaru was just a normal boy just going out to get a bite to eat until he was randomly summoned to another world where he died and watched his friends died multiple times. Until one day he's had enough and he fell into despair and awakened a power called anti magic other than return by death. Witness as Subar...

  • Re zero If Rimuru
    18.8K 345 7

    sorry if any spelling is wrong im only 13

  • Re:Zero - Comenzamos en un nuevo mundo desde cero (POV/OC)
    16.8K 1.9K 40

    ¿Que hubiera pasado si hubieras sido amigo de Subaru y habrías estado junto a el cuando fue invocado al reino de Lugúnica? ¿Cómo habrías reaccionado frente a este nuevo mundo, al cual fuiste abruptamente invocado? ¿Qué habrías hecho frente a las situaciones que se le presentaron a Subaru? ¿Podrías superar los obstácul...