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    Ashton has known " the boys" since her junior year of high school. Her brothers friends were constantly getting her into trouble, Harry especially. She hated him more than anyone but as much as she wanted to go her own way, his hands pull pulled her back to him time and time again. Things have changed since then. Sh...

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  • boston {h.s.}
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    "one look at the newest member of the boston bruins and i knew i was absolutely, totally, completely, and irrevocably... pucked." ☘︎☘︎☘︎ [completed; january 14, 2021]

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  • Lethe ~ h.s.
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    "Why are they drinking from the river?" "They're going back to Earth. They're done here" "Done?" "They're ready for rebirth." "How do you know when you're ready?" "You'll know. I promise." ✵✵✵ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO @pawriter19. MATURE CONTENT: Story will include strong and mature sexual themes, language, death, bod...

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