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  • Hijab Is Faith Not Fashion
    957 122 26

    1 in standing 2 in standing and a few others. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "You know that's not a bad idea." Rania counters standing up. "Well duh, it's me you're talking to." I tell her a smug smile on my face. She rolls her eyes and takes our her notebook. "You can help me." she states walking towards me. "Okay but on o...

  • The Otherworlders Academy - An Original Teen Fantasy
    379K 1.9K 79

    Teenage Vampyrs, Enchanteds, and Shapeshifters join the Otherworlder Academy to train to fight off a demon horde and save the Otherworlder realm. Welcome to the rewrite of The Otherworlders! (This is v2 version, which explains the odd read to vote ratio, btw) :-) Anyway! If you're new, just a little info: ★ MY READERS...

  • The Gamer: Battle Of The Ten Kings
    605K 31.4K 61

    Imagine if your life turned into a game! You could see the power levels of people and your life became a series of quests. That is what happens to Ravi Sharma. His Superpower is called "The Gamer". Ravi is a King but he doesn't know it. There are 9 other people just like him that have their own superpowers. All of the...

  • Pen Friends
    134K 9.7K 64

    Ranked #1 in Letter category (11-May-2018) Ranked #22 on (11-05-2018). Ever wondered in this 21st century where everything is so modern and high-tech and where people make so many unknown friends on social media without even seeing them, can any one have a true pen friend. Yes, Nicole Anderson a socially active girl...

  • All Bout Me ❤❤❤
    6.8K 1.3K 64

    Highest rank in random 34 ( 14 december 2017)... This is not a story nor a poem...but just pics of mine...which i wanted to share with all mine amazing frnds of wattpad...hope u love to see my pics...?

  • Wattpad India Community Highlights
    14.8K 392 17

    This book highlights contest winners, events, user meet ups, social media features and much more!

  • Joyous Joy (Published)
    82 40 1

    *second place winner in June summer magic community - poetry contest* Joy, is an extreme pleasure...but how do we find joy or be in joy? Cause it's different for everyone... I am here placing myself infront, letting you know what JOY is for me....

  • When it Rains (RomCom)
    36.1K 987 6

    This story is all about a girl and a man have a memories each other in a day that happens coincidence💕💕...and they started to fall in love each other....well this one can be worked or it will happen for a nothing lets find out what will happen to the story..😁 . . By the way im xSavageKillerx the author of this and...