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  • The Traitor {Work in Progress Title}
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    This is the story of Chioni Uraraka. A creation of Himiko Toga's used only for information and snooping. Until one day the story changes for her. But does it change for the better? or will life continue to crumble around her... {This will be a short story since I am really bad at writing stories and seem to end them...

  • diakko one-shots
    61.5K 1.5K 21

    one-shots of them being pURE AND GAY help I have been sucked into this fandom help

  • Diakko fanfic
    12.9K 223 5

    A diakko fanfic because I ship them a lot. They are just so cute! Sorry if I don't post often I'll post when I have time and inspiration

  • Diakko
    18K 500 22

    Diakko Headcanons, one shots and short stories. I update at least once a week, I am going through a major writers block so it may be every other week. Sorry.