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  • The Superstars Charmer
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    In Thailand show business there is an actor that they dubbed as "The Luck Charmer" they call him that because all of his works are very successful not only that all his love interest in those series and movies all became popular overnight. His name is Mew Suppasit he's just been in the industry for 4 years but steadi...

  • Tharntype Smuts
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    story of tharn type in my version . Just Smuts and mpreg

    Completed   Mature
  • Mewgulf
    48K 2.7K 36

    Gulf is a passionate adult who got admission in the top university of Thailand with his hard work. on the first day he meets a senior who looked like a Prince Charming to him. He works hard to win his heart even though he was rude and arrogant prick but he melted his heart by his love.

    114K 2.5K 22

    so hello guys whats up im a beginner in this industry so please bare with me.This story is pure fictional.I am fond of boyxboy and mpreg fanfics so here i am writing one..And one message if youre not an open minded person or a homophobic person then just go back dont want having rude comments from you its all onc...

  • Mama Kana |moved to another platform|
    394K 2.5K 4

    Kana Martinez is called Mama Kana by his student, Jacob. Jacob is the adopted son of a famous businessman, Mew Peterson. Mew thought that his son's teacher is a 'lady' because his son is always calling the teacher 'Mama Kana.' He knows he's dumb for assuming. He never had the chance to see the teacher because of his...

  • Tharntype oneshot
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    I just wanted to write about Zee win as Tharn Type's kids. I just wanted to bring this story back. so here we go......

  • "I like it..."
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    Kaownah likes it when Daddy and Papa cuddle.

  • TharnType2(family)
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    this story is the continuation of my last story Tharn type smuts . You should go and read that story first to understand what's happening. zeesaint+ brightwin

  • Tharntype oneshots
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    some angst and some 18+(not graphic) mentions of sexual assault and homophobia.