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  • Luisa x female!reader (one shots)
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    Just a bunch of random one shots I'm making for Luisa x a female reader

  • 💪🏽Luisa Madrigal x Reader💪🏽
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    You are new in town and you become friends with "Señorita Perfecta Isabela", and she invites you to her house for dinner and a tour, you were really shy that was until you saw her sister Luisa you both locked eyes and she made you feel safe for some reason? (Y/n/Reader is 19 Btw)

  • Luisa Madrigal x Fem!Reader Oneshots
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    I do not own Encanto or any of the characters! They belong to Disney! I don't own any of the art in this book either!

  • Luisa madrigal x fem reader
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    I'm going to be honest a lot of the Luisa stories on here are giving her no personalitY so I want to see if I can do her justice. This story is going to be a bit of a slow burn as it's my first story and I don't want to just rush into things.

  • Luisa Madrigal one shots ;)
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    Luisa x reader <3 I take requests!

  • I Need You (Luisa Madrigal x fem reader)
    25.1K 965 20

    "do you need help?" I look up to see one of the most beautiful girls looking at me with concerned eyes. "oh no, I am doing fine" Strain in my voice was evident as I struggle to pick up a pile of wood for Antonio's gift ceremony there was going to be a big celebration and that means a big fire. "h-hey what are you doi...

  • Luisa Madrigal x Reader(UNDER EDITING)
    32.1K 958 21

    The Riveras move to a small village in Colombia when they realize that the people in the old village want nothing to do with them. What happens when they meet the Madrigals with gifts just like them? This story is under editing

  • Forbidden Luisa × Female! Reader
    23.8K 1K 37

    To be fair you always had a crush on Luisa Madrigal, but you were always intimidated by her too. One day your best friend and also her sister, Mirabel, makes you step out of your comfort zone and start hanging out with her to help you realize she isn't really that intimidating, but rather a big loveable baby. You of c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Luisa x Reader Oneshots (Requests Open)
    4.6K 144 23

    Requests are open and I will try my best with what you ask/request. This book includes male reader, female reader, gender neutral reader, and both regular and male Luisa (not trangender Luisa, but a AU where Luisa is male).

  • Luisa x Reader Oneshots
    10.1K 239 12

    Diagnosis: Instead of brain there is her

  • Luisa x Reader
    3.4K 196 5

    Every day for the past two years, you have been sitting by the same tree when Luisa walks past on her way to the village. You pretend to read, but she draws your eye every time she saunters by on the way to do her chores. And then one day you approach her, working up the courage to talk to her, and she reveals things...

  • Luisa x Reader Oneshots
    2.1K 50 10

    Oneshots here, leave requests if you'd like :D Currently working on: -Chubby female reader x Luisa -Male reader x Luisa -Werewolf female reader x Luisa -Taken female reader x Luisa

  • luisa x reader one shots
    7.9K 140 6

    ok so I haven't seen much Luisa stuff so I decided to make some of my own because I love Luisa and she's my complete life and ya... so it's not going to be the best stuff you ever read but get ready because I'm putting my whole heart and mind into this so....

  • 𝐛𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞; k.rengoku
    27.6K 1.2K 9

    Hanahaki Disease 花吐き病 (Japanese) A fictional disease where the victim of unrequited or one-sided love begins to vomit or cough up the petals and flowers of a flowering plant growing in their lungs, which will eventually grow large enough to render breathing impossible if left unattended. the person can get surgery to...

    Completed   Mature
  • •【💫bnha quirk ideas💫】•
    37.1K 237 33

    ⭐️💛🌙✨💫✨🌙💛⭐️ 〜this is a book filled with new bnha quirk ideas. these are MY ideas and NOT for you to take. only ideas for inspiration. ☆ 〜ty and enjoy♡ ⭐️💛🌙✨💫✨🌙💛⭐️ 〜disclaimer- I am not affiliated with or claim to own any of the bnha characters or franchise. all rights go to Horikoshi Kōhei. but these are MY...

  • 𝐆𝐋𝐀𝐒𝐒 𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐓 ༄ asahi azumane fluff oneshots
    29.2K 961 20

    ↳ just some fluffy oneshots for asahi bc there is not enough content for him. he's so underrated poor bby ↳ all oneshots will be x female reader (sorry boys!) ↳ updates frequently ! disclaimer ; i do not own, claim, or affiliate myself with haikyuu!!. all rights go to the author ↳ cover by me! ────── ❝you told me i wa...

  • I Feel Better With You Around
    96.9K 3.1K 41

    (Mirio X Reader) This is a first fan fic for me, so please be patient. BEWARE: Manga spoilers ahead!!! (And maybe a lemon...) After a long days work, (Y/N) loves to come home and rest. Waiting tables was absolute murder on her feet, but it payed well. With it being a fancy and puckered up place, and has chandeliers ha...

  • Weak • Mirio Togata 𝑥 Shy! Reader [COMPLETED]
    48.1K 1.2K 16

    You squeezed his hand a little. "Don't let go, please." "I won't. I promise." He leaned over and kissed you on the cheek. "I won't let go." --- OMFG TYSM FOR 8K AHHHHH IM DYING ------- Y/N is a small, weak, quiet and shy young lady who just transferred to UA High School. She has seen young Mirio on television and inst...

  • A-C-E (Asahi x reader)
    71.4K 1.5K 15

    Two people from opposing schools: met by chance, loved by choice. But what will happen when they face drama, personal troubles, boundaries, and... death?

  • I love you too dummy!(TanakaXReader)
    35.3K 926 15

    Here's a fanfic between a reader and tanaka. Tanaka is from Haikyuu (ofc) and I like him so muchhhh. Like he mah favorite crackheaddd🥺

  • What is this feeling? (Tanaka x reader) Haikyuu
    10.3K 338 17

    Hi I'm still new to this I've discovered I really love Tanaka so here we are Btw this will be boy x boy.....cause why not And finally please enjoy 😉 Also their is only gonna be heated make out part(s) but that's it (I do not own any of the characters from the show/manga)

  • Asahi x Reader
    72.5K 1.8K 14

    You are the sister of the Girlfriend of Coach Ukai and he asked you to help him coach the Karasuno Volleyball team...

  • Alcohol is a bitch (Keishin Ukai x reader)
    106K 4.3K 15

    How do you deal with the new men's volleyball coach that can't stop bothering you? You fall in love with him! (Y/N) is an English teacher at Karasuno High School, Ukai works at the convinience store. When (Y/N) gets drunk and stumbles upon Ukai's job, she swears to avoid that convinience store at all costs. But when U...

  • Asahi x Reader
    245K 7.4K 30

    You're Nishinoya's younger sister, who just so happens to fall for one of her brother's bestfriends. It's just straight up a good time when you're around Noya and his friends to say the least. *Story doesn't follow timeline of anime but same events still happen. **I do not own the characters or Haikyuu. -------- Autho...

  • fatgum x reader
    22.4K 531 8

    there isn't many fatgum story's and tbh that's sad so I made one my self in this story you are a hero that came from U.S.A and you moved back to Japan you where the #2 hero in the U.S. then one day you met him will he change your life so you can let go of the past come and check it out

  • The Bladed Hero: Blinding Love (Fatgum x reader)
    148K 5.3K 45

    Y/N Akaguro is rumored to be a secret love child of the one and only....the hero killer himself stain. What will happen if she meets the chubby hero? Find out in the book.