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  • Make you mine (SladeXDamian)
    8.9K 267 20

    Damian is held prisoner in Nanda parbat by Slade who has taken over the league. Why is he being help prisoner? Because Slade is convinced that the young omega and himself are mates. What happens when Damian enters his heat? Will the batfamily be able to find and rescue him? And is Slade really his Alpha? Read to find...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Child Mate // Volturi Kings
    5.7K 120 4

    (This is before Bella met Edward). In 2003, there came a 7 year old child to Italy. Italy at that time was cold in December. This child came with a letter for Demetri Volturi, the best Tracker. She went and got the letter by sneaking in while they had a "tour" for the "humans". She walked right in to the Throne Room a...

  • His Shy and Abused Mate [ON HOLD]
    76.6K 1.7K 21

    Allison Baker ran away from home for her family's sake and benefit at 16. After two years of being forced into prostitution and unable to escape the people who own the whorehouse her mate comes and rescues her. He is possessive and cruel while she is kind and shy. She is the other half that he needs but with danger lu...

  • Only Stiles
    460 9 1

    Only stiles could wake up one morning as a cat. Or were cat, in this case. Only Stiles could pull off a fluffy tale and satellite ears like he was born with them. Only stiles could get Derek to drop the grumpy killer-wolf facade by the sheer power of his adorability and reel him in for a cuddle. Only Stiles.

  • Never Alone
    57.7K 1.6K 16

    Bella was never human,she just didn't know until her twin sister faith found her in the wood after Edward had broke up with her. What if bella turns out to have more the one mate. What of her mates turn out to be all three of the Cullen women after the Cullen's return. I have changed account due to getting a new phone...

  • His Nurse:
    294K 5.4K 23

    Emmett finally meets his mate and coincidently she is Edward's mates older sister. Emmett absolutely loves Spencer, and so do the rest of the Cullens, but would Bella like her very beautiful sister stealing the spotlight. But did Bella really have it in the first place?

    Completed   Mature
  • Song of the Siren
    46.2K 1.9K 35

    Isabella Volturi is the Princess of the vampire world but few know about her so when she was sent on a mission she was scared but excited. Her mission was to test the Cullen Family to see if they would throw away the Volturi Law and reveal themselves to a "Human". But what wasn't expected was for Bella to find her mat...

    Completed   Mature
  • An Adoption Gone Right
    27.9K 953 22

    Percy Jackson and Harry Potter are betrayed at the age of 13. They are adopted by Loki and after a year sent to live in Forks. A HP/PJO/AVENGERS/TWILIGHT.

  • Marked (Teenwolf fic)
    20.4K 605 7

    Little did Stiles know that he was bitten by a werewolf who marked him as his mate. Now Stiles has to figure out who this werewolf is that wants his virginity and try to attend school with the full moon only weeks away... Sterek, Warnings inside

    Completed   Mature
  • Just you and me 💋 Gratsu Natsu x Gray Omegaverse Yaoi
    28.7K 685 16

    Gray found Natsu half dead near the edge of his territory. According to Natsu, his family had abandoned and terribly wounded him since he was an Omega and not an alpha like his younger brother Zeref. It seemed like a twist of fate as Gray had been looking for his mate for a long time, and this scrawny little fire Nek...

  • Insomnia Story
    2.6M 55.7K 39

    Sophia: I didn't ask for my mother to get married, I didn't ask for five protective step brothers, and I definitely didn't ask for him to become my daddy. Victor: I'm an alpha, a werwolf, I'm a possessive beast. She's my new step sister, my new baby, she's mine. The family: We only find our mate once in our life, wh...

  • Will you be mine?
    163K 3.9K 19

    When The Cullen's leave Bella, she falls pregnant. What will she do and will she ever find the Cullen's again!?!

  • Bella And The Stars
    35.3K 1.1K 13

    Bella and her older twin brother Ryan has always been picked on in Forks because they don't really talk to anyone but each other. Or should I say Ryan talks. Bella's mute, and she can only talk to Ryan telepathically. They have a secret that only their mother knows because she shares the same faith. The Cullens come...

  • Adoptive baby girl
    8.5K 186 19

    What happens if Bella died during the process of the placenta breaking and going through the c section that turns into a blood bath. What would Edward do? Would he stay and live a world without Bella or die with her. Who would take care of the baby girl.

  • True Love (Bella/Esme)
    65.8K 1.4K 7

    Esme Cullen is a vampire who is supposedly mated to Dr. Carlisle Cullen. What happens when Edward's singer comes to town? Bella Swan isn't your normal teenager. She is actually a panther shifter, but she smells of a normal human. With her extra "package", what happens when Esme and Bella meet at the local grocery stor...

  • The Ballerina Mate
    256K 7.2K 30

    In 1987, Elijah and the woman he loved had a little baby girl, but the mother died due to her not being able to carry children. Elijah wanted to raise her himself but was afraid that Klaus will kill her so he did the one thing and that was to hand her off. He left her with a note explaining why and that he loves her. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Replacement
    19.7K 585 14

    Bella feels terrible about Victoria losing her mate at the hands of Edward, so she tries her best to serve as a replacement for her.

  • Transforming into a Griffin
    167K 5.1K 23

    Bella can change into a griffin. She decides to move in with Charlie so she doesn't have to hear Phil and Renee every night. What happens when Bella goes to forks and meets the Cullens? They're vampires. PLZ READ

  • Bella The Demigod - Return To Olympus
    15.6K 455 18

    --Sequel to Bella the demigod-- Bella Swan, a goddess of Olympus. Bella Swan, the girl who has forgotten half her life without even knowing it. Bella awakens after being stabbed with no knowledge of the supernatural world, a world in perilous danger. A world only she can save. However, when I said no knowledge of the...

  • Carlisle and Esme's Imprint
    1.1M 24K 121

    What if Bella was pregnant with twin girls? What if the other girl was Carlisle and Esme's Imprint. (Remake after the first one) #3-Carlisle (05/23/19) #1- Marcus (07/25/19) Maker of the Cover- Devilcupid Owner of the outfits- Rosariy (Deviantart)

  • Betrayal (Twilight)
    860K 21.3K 78

    Valentina Swan is the younger sister of Isabella Swan. When Bella started to hang around the Cullen family, Valentina was left on her own. She didn't have many friends because most people didn't really want to be around her. Unlike her sister, she had a slight tan to her skin and actually had a backbone. She wished to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Seeking Comfort
    82.4K 2.3K 30

    Harry and Draco move to Forks, Washington after Harry has suffered from some traumatic experiences after the war. He used to date Cedric Diggory before he died but is there hope that Cedric wasn't killed and is still alive? Will Harry finally be safe in a place where he is less popular or will it only get worse? Summa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shattered Souls • Hedric
    165K 5.1K 28

    Harry is sent to Azkaban after the Triwizard tournament. Can he survive without his soul mate? Is his soul mate alive?

    Completed   Mature
  • His Alpha's, Their Omega
    399K 15K 47

    Izuku had a happy childhood. He was the son to 2 high society Alpha's. He was being groomed to serve as a council member. He has his whole life ahead of him...... That is until at the tender age of 16, he presented as an Omega. Fearing backlash from the community, His father All For One chained him in the cellar never...

    Completed   Mature
  • Multiverse
    22.6K 720 11

    There are hundreds of worlds, each of them unique in there own way. Specifically the young human boy known as Stiles Stilinski. Come on this journey to know just how different Stiles is in each universe. This story is a series of one shots mostly involving Stiles. I don't own any characters from Teen Wolf

  • Hope Mikaelson the Neglect Mikaelson
    17.5K 291 9

    Hope Mikaelson has been Neglect by her whole family except by her mom. Hope has a twin sister that everyone loves. They think she is more powerful then hope but she isn't. Soon they all left to London with Dove hopes twin. Leaving her and her mother behind. Dove became famous and loved by everyone. But hope didn't ha...

  • His Pup
    54.9K 1K 12

    Bakugou has another quirk it is called anima when using it he has ears and a tail, he is stronger when using it but hes more submissive too, hes like a little puppy Im a new author this is only my second book but i didn't get far on my first and ended up deleting it but that wont happen with this one, thank you i hope...

  • Take what's rightfully mine
    43.2K 897 15

    Bakugou is an omega and dabi was an alpha. Bakugou has kept his secondary Gender to himself no one knew he was an omega they all saw him as an alpha till one day that'll change his life forever.

  • Like Omega Like Pup!
    166K 5.4K 62

    Please NOTE~~~ In this story, there will be some smut if ya don't like don't read!It will also have omega,alpha and beta dynamics and be having characters from bnha I don't own the characters or any art.If You don't like the pairings don't read!And i will add that there will be things suck as breastfeeding. This story...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alpha momo X omega Bakugou
    36.5K 587 6

    Momo is alpha. Bakugo is omega and needs to get bred.