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  • A New Chance at Life
    33.8K 601 17

    Best Ranking: #1 in Anthropomorphic Unhappy and scared from the cards of life he was dealt with, Zavier decided to take the jump. Only, he woke up in a strange new world, populated by a variety of creatures, including himself. And as he goes along, trying to make sense of the things that have happened, he finds out th...

  • Till there was you
    52.9K 1.1K 22

    William, or Will, is a normal man. He works in two places and have a very strict routine everyday. Until one day, he hears something on his living room. Something that's going to change his life. . . (Btw, portrait image not mine. Credits to its respective author)

  • One World
    854 61 12

    This is the sequel to Two Worlds. It has action, humor, romance, and ZOOTOPIA!! Follow the 4 characters you fell in love with in Two Worlds as their adventure continues!!!

  • Era of the Tame Collar
    22.6K 638 44

    In Zootopia's original draft, predators of Zootopia were forced to wear shock collars in order to prevent them from reverting back to their savage ways. This made the prey feel better, but had a large affect on the lives of the predators who wore them. Zootopia and characters belong to Disney. Artwork for cover belon...

  • Zootopia - The Visitor
    55.5K 837 23

    Three months ago, the savage case was solved by the first accomplished rabbit police officer, Judy L. Hopps, and the former con-artist fox, Nicholas P. Wilde. Since then the balance has been restored and there is peace among the mammals of Zootopia. But, when Nick Wilde decides to take leave for a weekend, something i...

  • Kingdom Hearts X Unchained: Zootopia World
    3.5K 115 9

    *HEAVY SPOILERS* for the movie Zootopia! When a wielder is asked to go investigate a new world, they find themselves in the world of Zootopia! Now they must find the 'Light' of the world and discover the keyhole if they are to ever find their way home! All characters of the Zootopia world and Zootopia itself belong to...