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  • The Meme Team
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    THIS IS A JOINT FAN FICTION. THE AUTHORS INCLUDE MYSELF AND @LILAKATELYN. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE DOWN OR REPORT WE ARE AWARE OF THE TWO AUTHORS. WE WROTE THIS TOGETHER OVER CALLS AND TEXTS. What happens when Roommates Lila and Anna Are bored over quarantine and end up playing truth or dare and one ends up having to text...

  • Multi Fandom One Shots (& Preferences) -HIATUS-
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    Multi fandom one shots and preferences of your favorite fandoms! Requests are open, slow updates.

  • Main Attraction (Jeremy Renner x Reader)
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    You should go check out Mr Renner's music, he's an extremely talented man and deserves so much support, this story may have smut in it (don't worry there will be smut warnings) it's about a young girl, huge marvel fan, finding work in the music industry, she's New and Mr Renner is one of the customers who use the stud...