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  • THE PYRE | ONC2021
    1.1K 178 9

    [ONC ROUND I AMBASSADOR PICKS] "You can't burn all of the witches, dear child. Where one falls, another drinks her blood and rises." A sellsword discovers that perhaps, just perhaps, maybe the humanity she is trying to save doesn't have much humanity after all. © irya kadlec, 2021

  • The Trouble with Women
    9.4K 1.2K 19

    A woman suspects that her government-imposed birth control implant is controlling her. As reports of uncharacteristically violent female behaviour begin to surge, it becomes evident that the mandatory implant is wreaking havoc on women's impulse control. Is the rage she feels bubbling within a natural reaction to an u...

  • Herdenmord - ONC2021
    382 21 15

    [ONC2021 Longlister] - In the mountains of Greece, wild animals start to turn on humans. The fever spreads and the cities of the Northern Hemisphere fall silent. In Australia, Blue and her friends hold their breaths, isolated from the rest of the world. As time passes, it seems that the danger has passed. Until Spri...

  • Hollowed
    2K 255 13

    What would you do if you woke up on another planet? Would you be afraid? Would you try to escape? Or would you adapt? When Minn Earthborn wakes on Omega Six, she learns her memories are being held hostage by the only thing there to guide her; Atlas, her embedded comm-link implant.

    Completed   Mature
  • Burnout
    3K 68 1

    [ON JANUARY 8TH 2024, UNDER CONSTRUCTION FOR EDITS] ________________ 🌟 Open Novella Contest 2021 ➤ Prompt #29: ❝I am in the mood to dissolve in the sky.❞ - Virginia Woolf ➤ Round One, Two, Longlist, and Shortlist Qualifier ✨ ➤ Honorable Mention | All The Feels 💕 💫 Round One First Place Winner 2021 ◇ @WattpadSoc...

  • Mirror Mirror [ONC 2021 Version]
    4.8K 851 24

    [ONC Shortlist | ROUND ONE Top 5 Winner | Based on ONC2021 prompt #13] What would you do if you woke up in a fairytale? A young, fourteen year old Ruby-Rose wakes up in a medieval castle unsure how she got there. But soon, with the help of an unexpected chambermaid and a scary dwarf who isn't a dwarf, Ruby discovers...

  • SynTracker | ONC 2021 | MM Romance | Sci-Fi | Complete
    9.9K 1.4K 20

    [ONC ROUND ONE WINNER: 4th place] When he discovers his husband has been replaced, an android hunter must find the impostor in time to rescue the man he loves. SynTracker is one half of a duology of novellas. Both follow the same sequence of events from different PoVs. SynTracker is Ian's tale; BioSynth is Quentin's...

    Completed   Mature
  • Elevate | ONC 2021
    700 221 13

    🏅 ONC 2021 || Longlister 🏅 Added to Round One Ambassador's Pick List How would you react if the elevator in your workplace took you to a different world at every floor? Sintra Magnus, CEO of America's most renowned charity organization finds herself as a player in a vicious game of wit and skill when an elevator r...

    Completed   Mature
  • AfterLife™
    4.9K 836 16

    When Tara Walters discovers the disturbing truth about a new virtual console called AfterLife™, she must risk everything in order to expose the enslavement of digital Sims. ___ Cover made using CANVA PRO. Status: complete but unedited. Editing begins July 1, 2021. Word count: 20,231/20,000

  • The Frigid Heart (ONC-2021)
    618 106 7

    SYNOPSIS: Abandoned. Left alone in the cold. Forgotten to rot in the darkness, twenty year old mira has always had two things etched on her heart. 'To find her mother' and 'to kill her'. Avius is one of the five spacestations made for human survival in the distant future, when Earth was set into a collision course wit...

  • Who Let The Ghosts Out?
    1.4K 378 13

    ONC 2021 contest prompt 64 What should have been a simple task for a trio of ghosthunters becomes something for which the term "Worst Case Scenario" is the mother of all understatements. Sandra, Amelie, and Candice are the three tough women who run "Third Eye Investigations". Recently, ghosts have been popping up eve...

  • Sam Walker and the Grim Reaper Services (ONC 2021)
    942 203 18

    Sam was having a bad day when he got the letter from the IRS. You'd think his day would get better after realizing it wasn't from the IRS, but you'd be wrong. *** Sam Walker considers his biggest problems in life as his coursework for his engineering major and his lazy roommate Jake. But when Sam receives a letter fro...

  • The Search for Terror (ONC 2021)
    188 23 19

    Amaia Goldmorn is trying to rule the country she's destined to save, sending out her greatest warriors and spokespersons to calm the waters of potential unrest. This proves difficult, however, when her preventative plans don't unfold the way she needs them to. As it becomes more clear that she may have to fight the w...

    Completed   Mature
  • ADRIFT | ONC2021
    103 26 21

    Fairy Tales and All? Not Exactly.

  • Starship Odyssey | ONC 2021
    1.2K 117 13

    After discovering a spacial anomaly around a dying star, the Starship Odyssey is pulled into an unfamiliar galaxy. The unprecedented arrival of humanity into this region of space sparks a chain reaction that with the potential to change everything for both this new galaxy and the Milky Way. "In the shadow of a dying...

  • Dream Trap || ONC 2021
    287 71 23

    They were four in number. Each one bonded in love, as they came closer to the village, seeking shelter amidst the raging storm. Little did they know that Derkan has lured them in its dream trap. Reality bends for them, breaking their perceptions beyond time and space. But there lies an escape, a dangerous conquest, th...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Days of the Dying Sun
    94 14 4

    From nowhere come three. An old man, a younger man, and a woman. The sun is dying. The Earth has long been given up for dead. Evolution is ended, and existence pointless. Can the three find purpose once more, in the last civilisation of man, or will human nature tear everything apart for one final time? -- Written for...

  • Manic Pixie [18+]
    1K 155 6

    Lazarus City is home to the worst crime in the country. But beneath the human dredge and villainy is the world's best kept secret: the supernatural beings living among us. And the supernaturals need order. Magnus is a cop, but not for the Laz City PD. He's a werewolf, and the cases that fall on his desk aren't for pet...

  • ✔ WHEN FISH FLY (OpenNovellaContest2021)
    1.5K 353 28

    {SHORTLIST OpenNovellaContest 2021} {ONC 2021 Round One Ambassador Picks} Aithne Pan, a Chinese-Irish girl living in the futuristic city of Venice has to decide between what her heart tells her is correct, and what she has always been taught is right. Ai has always been special, what with her unusual physical characte...

  • Chasing Death
    14.4K 2.6K 51

    When Hell and Earth collide, sparks are bound to fly. Saddened by the death of her lover, Tora tries to take her own life only to learn that her name is missing from the system of the Fates. She sets out on a journey to correct the glitch but lands herself in trouble, becoming a wanted criminal on the run. Trapped in...

  • Let July Be July
    563 108 5

    There's something wrong at Westwood College. All Kena Maasai knows are the fields around Westwood, the hidden places she escapes to with her friends during classes, and a uniform that's two sizes too big on her. That, and how to kill a man and get away with it. But when six-foot deep graves start appearing around the...

  • Ante | ONC2021 Round II Qualifier
    549 93 7

    ONC 2021 Ambassador's Pick ~ Lav Sciarra's accomplishments are many: He is one of the Tower's best soldiers. He founded the Gemma Special Forces. He killed the terrorist who nearly destroyed the Tower. Lav Sciarra, they say, is a hero. Lav knows otherwise. ~ An ONC2021 entry. Based on Prompt #1: "You either die a her...

  • Let's Talk About Murder
    6.1K 986 61

    {🏅 featured on @TeenFiction @YaRomance, @fright, @Psychological Novel, @Ya, @WattpadSocialMedia, @YAMystery @BadassReads' Reading Lists } ❝When five students with secrets of their own are chosen for a secret society, they have to move past their differences and work together in order to finish the tasks assigned to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Watched (ONC 2021)
    1.9K 356 13

    Fitness-trainer Winston settled in Corbeau Woods for a quiet life with his husband, free of the superstition and madness of his childhood. When a mysterious statue of an eye circulates the town, people go missing and he and his husband make a shocking discovery about their neighbour's inexplicable fate. After the stat...

  • The Hartman Equation | ONC 2021 |
    143 41 4

    || Prompt #27 || The Hartman Equation had stumped scientists and mathematicians alike for over 70 years. It seemed as though this problem would ultimately go down in history as insoluble. That was until Nova Martinez, an undergrad at Stanford, laid her eyes upon it. However, having solved the world's most difficult p...

  • Room 204 (#OpenNovellaContest2021)
    524 57 11

    [Round Two Ambassador Pick] & [Shortlist]*** Sam, a teacher at the local high school is confronted with what she thinks is one of her biggest fears, an active shooter. As events continue to unfold she realizes that she and the students taking shelter in her room are in more danger than they ever could have imagined.

    Completed   Mature
  • Existence Denied
    1.4K 171 16

    ✨ONC 2021 Round Two Qualifier + Ambassador Pick, 2021 Shortlist✨ 57. Death had records of everyone's existence. Except according to Death - your records don't exist. Jared Johnson had two things he most desired in life; a loving wife, and a dream job working in the life-giving department of Natural Progression. It was...

  • Chasing Legacy | ONC2023
    264 61 8

    Deacon Blye struggles to leave the shadow of a demanding legacy to create his own. Working himself to the bone, he's now the popular mysterious country star for True Tone Records. Don't be fooled by his suave personality, Deacon likes filth... When a spanner is thrown in his works quite literally, he needs to rethink...

  • The Thing Within #ONC2023
    169 25 5

    For eons, the people of Crisium spun tales of a subterranean continent called Frigoria, located deep beneath the perilous Ice-Cap Mountains central to the continent. Over centuries, many have explored the icy region, only to turn up empty-handed. As time passed, many reduced the tale to nothing but a figment of a ramb...