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  • Manan: Short stories
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    Love Stories.. The stories are purely fictional.. Resemblance to any events shown in the story are coincidence.. Copyright ©️ @ 2023 Love_U_Manan. All rights reserved. Publication of this work i n forum or websites without author permission is restricted. The picture which are used in the story belongs to it's respect...

  • Love over fab 5 |completed|
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    A story of Manan after treasure hunt where dhruv drops Bomb on Manik by choosing between fab 5 or Nandini... It will be Short story! Peep into it.. Hope you will enjoy it. COMPLETED ON 10TH FEBRUARY 2021

  • BOOK 1 "𝐻𝑢𝑚 𝑆𝑎𝑎𝑡ℎ 𝑆𝑎𝑎𝑡ℎ 𝐻𝑎𝑖․!" 𝐴 𝑚𝑜𝑑𝑒𝑟𝑛 𝑡𝑖𝑚𝑒 𝑠𝑡𝑜𝑟𝑦
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    FAMILY: Where LIFE begins and LOVE never ends.! Following values and preachings of Ramayana to get to know all kind of love a life gives you surely change your perspective and there emerges a new emotion to always craving to be part of a family. So, let us all together enter into a journey of witnessing life and emot...

    Completed   Mature
  • The lovestory of the prince and his slave.
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    He was powerful She was fragile. He was a Greek God She was a nymph fallen from heaven. He was prodigy. She was an illiterate. He was The devil She was an angel. He was the virgin prince. She was his slave. So let join the journey of how this Virgin prince who was fully devoted to his country , who do not have t...

  • Billionaires Assistants ✔
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    Two brothers handling the Malhotra Empire.. One of them doesn't want any assistant.. Other one change his assistant like tissue.. what will happen when they will come across their new and hard to crack assistants? Will the arrogant brothers have to mend their ways or they won't tolerate them?! #1 in Haymur #1 in manan

  • Romantic Husband (18+)mature-completed
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    The story is about my fav couple manan Manan are very recently married .They are in love from 2 long years...nandini completed her MBA and manik is working as a CEO of Manan music world...a music company. Manik is very romantic in my story...u will get to see all the romantic scenes in between the sweet couple hope u...

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    This story revolves around Manik Malhotra and Nandini Murthy. Peep in to know more.

  • Manan - Ek Nayi Shuruwat
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    This is beautiful love story of Manan

  • Am I That Easy To Forget.....
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    This is manan fans page so obviously its About MANAN story no hard feelings to Ejf....Not offending AnuPre LOVE TRIANGLE......

  • After talent hunt
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    after talent hunt fab5 except mukti asked manik to choose between nan and fab5 . . after 5 years they meet for their brother and sister alliance . . peep in to know more

  • Twice Love Twice Obsession(Requested Story)
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    - I specifically mention is stroy of three people....three are close friends from childhood...They share everything with three......But while growing the friendship changed into love... brotherhood changed into enmity..more hatred, obsession came in. after 5years three meet each other...But every relationship changed...

  • HIS BRIDE - An Arranged Love Saga
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    EDITED, UPDATED AND RE-UPLOADED VERSION NOW AVAILABLE IN AMAZON KINDLE This is a simple story of a complicated marriage. It's a story of two beautiful lost souls who got married for all the wrong reasons and their journey to find the right way in their wrong start. It's about love and trust I...

  • my cute baby Hobby
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    cute story

  • MANAN FF: I Want YOU Back In My Life...!!
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    It will be a love triangular.... Where one have to sacrifice their love.... Join me for the Beautiful n Heart touching journey of Manan... (Manik + Nandini)... Peek into... To see what the story has stored for you..

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    A story,in which two best got married under certain circumstance. Story of two childhood best friends, Soulies, Loyalty partner, Secret partner ,room partner and soon going to be life partners!

  • My Personal Bodyguard (Complete)
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    Synopsis: Manik, Dhruv , Cabir, Aliya and Mukti were friends from 7th standard but now they are in different fields. Manik and Dhruv were in London while others were in India. All friends knows each and everything about one another .But the only thing others didn't know about Manik Malhotra is the detail of his chi...

  • manan:innocent and naughty marriage TS
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    what happens when manik a billionare get married to a very innocent and sweet girl of village nandini this story would contain more bold scenes of manan manik naugty convo. and nandini innocence #MATURE CONTENT read at ur own risk #both english and hindi.. all the parts would be long enought as it is a TS it woud ha...

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  • Forever His~MaNan
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    🖤 In which she sold herself to him 🖤 Started: November 12, 2021

  • Will they ever meet again
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    Find out will manan meet again will their destiny will allow them to meet them again let's seen

  • my sunshine
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    this is a story of a broken boy who is broken and shattered because of one incident but got true love and meaning of his life after few hours of that incident... let's peep into the story......

  • Manan - Humsafar
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    This story based on two broken soul who is find peace in his life . let's see how they find peace and happiness in each other.

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    New story about manan😘😘😘😘😘 Manik loves his star doll ..... but he is forced by his parents to marry nandini ... After marring nandu for his parents ..... he reject her as his wife ..... nandu leaves the mansion as she donn't wan't to create any type of problem in his life .... but destiny once again bring them i...

  • A manan story:-Our blissful relationship...
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    Story of a boy who lost himself amidst the responsibilities of his sister and betrayel of his mother. He found his solace when he found her. Story of a girl who found herself when she found him. She found love she craved for years. Story of a family who got their son back when an angel came in their lives. Story of a...

  • Finding myself
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    It's the story about girl, who is going Finding herself! Want to know more peep in the story

  • Certainly in relationships
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    What if your own parents didn't truth you and send you away what will you do? Will you able to trust them? What happens when they suddenly comes and ask for forgiveness? Will you able to forgive them? To know more peep in the story

  • His first wife
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    it's a story of our own manan in a historical manner manik prathap rathore rajput the king of northern hindhusthan his first wife Nandhini he was forced to marry her he totally dispised it she was is mom brother daughter after the marriage rituals they got separated for 8 years when marriage happened Manik is 20 N...

  • My beautiful destiny
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    This is a story on my favorites parth samthaan ❤ and jannat zubair

  • My king (Completed)
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    A story of a king and his kingdom ....his goodness ....his service to people .......his protection towards family ......his kingdoms future ....