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    1.6K 250 24

    15-year-old Ash the Triggerfinger is obsessed with a motorcycle organization known as the Aces of Spades, a group known for their good deeds and saving the world from evil-doers! He longs for the day he'll be able to join the Spades, however that day remains to be seen as he is trapped inside The Dome Sanctuary, a pla...

  • Jaune 404
    10.5K 169 8

    When cardin revealed jaune's transcripts to everyone in beacon he was bullied everyday except Team RWBY, Team NPR, Team CFVY, The arc sisters, Saphron's family, Ozpin, Glynda, Port, and Oobleck. But when he discovered that his father had disowned him, he had fled to emerald forest only to be killed by the grimms, but...

  • Omnipotent Schnee (On Hold)
    2.2K 43 5

    Ares Schnee was the first born and older twin brother of winter schnee, but when he was born, he had no aura nor semblance leaving his father to abuse him behind his twin sister and mother's back for years when their little sister weiss was born. Having quite enough of this abuse he ran away leaving behind a letter to...

  • A Fatal Schnee Has Occured (On Hold)
    5.6K 106 8

    When Weiss Schnee Gets Hit by Cinder Falls Fall Maiden power she falls into the abyys and ends up in the anti void instead of The Ever After where she meets Error!San's where it was not a nice meeting instead Error!San's Uses his strings on Weiss to stop her movement and tries to figure how on earth a human ends up in...

  • G.H.V : Vampire Chronicles : Sanguis Rex [SOMEWHAT FAST UPDATES]
    82 16 3

    This is my first try for a completely original story. This story will be about my entry to the upcoming crossover I have with @Spider10gr in our universe called as the G.H.V. In this book the chapters might be a bit slower and smaller than usual so don't expect me to publish new chapters as frequently as my other stor...

  • The Evil Saiyan Avoca (Rewritten)
    11.4K 218 30

    The story takes place on a planet where an ancient species of Saiyans lived on, however the story is mainly focused on a young saiyan named Avoca, he was sent to a very far planet, because the planet was being invaded, they sent him with more young saiyans however due to a decently sized meteor, the pod was redirected...

    Completed   Mature
  • Casket's Revenge
    102 4 21

    Jimmy Casket, the world's most renowned murderer is out for revenge. Aiming to take the lives of those who wish to use and control him, all to gain the attention of a greater being, and get answers to the mystery that has haunted him for years Note: Credit for this story and it's characters to their rightful owners. S...

  • Mortal Kombat 12
    10.8K 191 24

    In the Aftermath of Shang Tsung taking over the Hourglass and, essentially the timeline, two sisters from a legendary place must rise up and take on the evil sorcerer before time runs out and all hope is lost. This truly is the Realms last line of defense. (I DO NOT OWN RIGHTS TO ANY MORTAL KOMBAT LOGOS OR NAMES. Ed B...

  • DragonBall Rebirth (Reincarnated!!! True Omni King OC X DragonBall)
    2K 106 9

    What if the Multiverse was not formed by 12 universes, but of Nine Realms that each one of them was an entire macrocosm? What if Zeno wasn't the real Omni King but a mere viceroy at the place of the true Omni King ? What if the real Omni King had longed to find a rival to the point of reincarnating himself willingly...

  • Naruto : scourge of chakra
    7.9K 191 26

    In this AU Naruto has the ability to absorb/ erase and reflect chakra (lots of concepts from black clover and a few concept from other shows and light novels as well) ......probably narusaku?

  • Army of the Dead: The Swordsman
    1.1K 41 1

    Robbing a safe sounds easy enough but throw in zombies, that's when things begin to get complicated. Of course you can kill them with guns but what happens when you run out of bullets? Fortunately, I don't have that problem. Read how the heist will unfold for (Y/N) aka The Swordsman and his girl, The Coyote. Maybe, ju...

  • What if Battle: Vegito vs Kefla
    2.7K 25 1

    What if Vegito fights against Kefla in the Tournament of Power to prove who's the Strongest fusion. Disclaimer I don't own Dragonball/Z/GT/Super they belong to Akira Toriyama

  • Love, A Game..
    48.7K 855 30

    Yaoi love story.. Teen Gohan x Future Trunks Want to know what would happen? Then read it and stay tuned for updates.. I suck in descriptions, Just read.. Thanks to those who voted For me to do this.. All are welcome Except for the flamers.. Enjoy..

  • Y.O.L.O (Boyxboy)✔
    9.3M 370K 38

    *COMPLETED* (Y.O.L.O stands for: YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE) *** Carter Jones, the school nerd, and Killian Henderson, the reputated troublemaker, somehow end up getting detention together. "How about we make a bet?" Offered Killian, his pistachio-green eyes drilling into mine as a playful smile lingered on his lips. "A bet...

  • Naruto X Male Reader
    1.4M 36.7K 61

    (Naruto Anime x Male Reader) Y/n isn't your average ninja,and no one will stop him from accomplishing his goal...

  • The Way We Get By (boyxboy)
    26.6K 1.7K 33

    Raised by his psychotic brother, Atticus lost his way in life at an early age. Lost in the world of petty crimes, drugs and alcohol, he struggles to accept himself and find a purpose with life. In a world with werewolves, Kaden is nothing but average- he's not an Alpha or an Omega; he simply exists with his friends a...

  • What if battles [REQUEST CLOSED]
    120K 2.3K 200

    Wanna see your favourite characters fight? In this book, we do our research and we help you answer and end the most heated debate of all time

  • What if battles 2
    100K 2.2K 204

    Like my first what if battles book? This book is a sequel to the first book where Toomi, Megumi and Sachi will analyse and research on characters to determine the winner of the matchup. Feel free to request in this remastered version of what if battles.

    Completed   Mature