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  • Entwined
    17.1K 756 16

    A waterbender trapped in a tower of secrets. A wanted thief running from more than just the law. When their worlds collide, they both realize they need each other to get what they want. The deal? To gain back his most prized possession, he must take her to see the southern lights...Easier said than done. A Zutara spin...

  • *~*Our True Story*~* (Zutara)
    62.9K 1K 18

    Zuko has changed and he decided to join Gang. Katara isn't really happy about this... is she? Will Katara change her minds towards Zuko and become his best friend? While The Prince of Fire Nation hides his true feelings... We, zutarians have our true ending for our favourite characters - Zuko and katara. I am just...

  • The Firelord's Honor
    44.1K 1K 69

    Aang's reluctance to take Ozai's life has lasting consequences for the friends he leaves behind. Lovers, Zuko and Katara must flee the capital and make their way back to Ba SIng Se and their friends. With the future of the world hanging in the balance, the gaang must regroup to survive and Zuko must decide what he's w...

  • Zutara: Each Other
    102K 2.4K 32

    Zutara Pregnancy

    Completed   Mature
  • the last wish
    25.7K 592 17

    katara and zuko's mothers were best friends, and they grew up together. after her mother died, they lost contact. what happens when katara arrives in the fire nation to fulfill her mother's dying wish of marrying zuko? characters and world belong to Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino story belongs to me

    Completed   Mature
  • Save Me
    36.3K 423 9

    "My name is Katara, and I was kidnapped and turned into one of the Fire Lord's whores. This is my story." THIS IS A ZUTARA FANFICTION. Set in Book 03, Episode 01. A/N: This takes place when the Gaang attempts to capture a Fire Navy ship. Aang isn't asleep, and is fully-healed, after his run in with lightning from Azul...

  • Zuko X Katara
    1.7K 21 1

    Sorry I dont ship Kataang

  • The Painted Lady and the Blue Spirit
    67.2K 1.3K 24

    After the war, Katara is sick of following Aang around, she is sick of being called 'the avatar's girl' as if she was only some prize and not the powerful water and blood bender that she is. So Katara leaves the avatar and her destiny takes her deep into the Fire Nation where she meets a famed Blue Spirit that needs h...

  • Only For Her
    97.7K 2.1K 13

    What would have happened if Zuko missed the lighting strike aimed at Katara..? *COMPLETED STORY*

  • Fanfiction: Zuko & Katara
    17.2K 301 7

    The Hundred Year War is finally over, and Team Avatar is still on the go. But what is the team up to? When Katara is filled with anger and confusion after a terrible incident, what will it lead to? Revenge? A runaway? Another quest? Or, will it even possibly lead to love? Other ships will be included in here, but zut...

  • Opposites Attract // a Zutara Story//
    100K 2.7K 15

    It's after the war. Aang has confessed his love for her. Katara. But something inside her makes her want to choose the Fire Lord bad boy Zuko. As it is said Opposites Attract.

  • Zuko and katara
    49.4K 958 7

    For two long Zuko and katara have argued They have all along been trying to hide there feelings for each other With the world at peace they have no reason to hide. They are in love

  • I Promised
    38.5K 1.6K 35

    (#8 July 17❤️) After the horrible death of her mother, Katara was recruited in the FireNation army to raise money for her family. Only she knows the truth and only she can come back with her promise to the Commanding Prince of her division. ZUTARA FANFIC!!

  • The Moon & The Sun
    110K 2.5K 13

    Katara being the princess of the Southern Water Tribe is being forced to marry Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation to keep peace between the two bending countries.

  • Should've Been Us
    3.9K 94 4

    After Zuko starts to turn to the Avatar's side he starts to find feelings for Katara, that is until Jet comes in the way. Now it's up to Katara.. who is she gonna choose?

  • Me and You
    3.3K 40 12

    Katara has been taken from her family when she was a young girl. she had been captured by the Fire Nation. -------I know this sucks but i tried...😦

  • Zuko x Katara (avatar the last airbender)
    16.8K 259 8

    Katara is from a village on the south pole and is forced to marry Prince Zuko. Can she be happy with him? Can she learn to love him?

  • Katara's Sacrifice
    100K 1.9K 23

    The gang think of a plan but when it goes wrong, and Katara is left to die. Zuko saves her and looks after her. They learn about eachother and begin to fall in love. Im terrible at descriptions. Im sorry. Also please excuse the fact that the writing is terrible in the begining. It gets better later in the book i promi...

  • Born Beneath An Angry Star
    55.9K 1.1K 14

    When Zuko falls ill with a deadly spirit fever Katara learns her healing abilities are the only remedy for his illness. While spending time together the two develop feelings for one another, but Katara refuses to act on her feelings. Leaving Zuko to wonder if Katara will ever be able to look beyond who he was in his p...

  • Pirates {a zutara fic}
    28.3K 780 4

    ❝i'll save you from the pirates.❞ header art by yume0darling cover art by BaiXing

  • Zutara: An Unexpected Surprise
    27.1K 365 15

    A zutara fanfic yay!!! sooo Zuko and Katara start to hang out after he reappeared. After awhile one of them reviles that they had feelings for the other.

  • Captured (zutara)
    30.2K 506 20

    Fanfic It's a zutara story, and because I also love sparkly sparkly boom man He will also be in the book Remember to leave a comment then you're like really sweet Plus a little taang Btw the first like 3 chapters are short and wrote very diffenrently from the rest ~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ I don't own the series avatar the l...

  • Ours (Zutara) (Avatar the last airbender)
    32.2K 728 12

    What if Zuko captures Katara during The Waterbending Scroll and uses her to capture Aang? What happens he yells at her and burns her multiple times? After getting hurt all this time, what if she falls in love with him? What if he has the same feelings? Zutara-Month update!^^