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  • •Goku x Reader Oneshots•
    2.4K 46 10

    ! ! Requests currently closed ! ! ! ! Not working on this book for the moment! I'm working on another book ! ! Hope you enjoy ^^ (Recently changed to Goku Oneshots instead of Dragon Ball! Although if they act similar to Goku, (ex. Gohan, Trunks,) then I might be able to do those too) I do not own the Dragon Ball fran...

  • Parent Preferences:DBZ Ver.
    3.5K 43 12

    Hope you enjoy...

  • Daddy Ball Z
    3.8K 49 13

    what if you where the daughter of your Favorite DBZ Character? Well tada here we are!

  • Goku Black x Reader Short Stories
    34.3K 811 20

    *Different scenarios with you and Goku Black 《It's my first time posting any stories so I'm sorry if it's not up to par》 *Extremely slow uploads*

  • Goku Black x Reader
    75.6K 1.2K 40

    Ok so basically, this is just one big story of how you and Goku Black came to be; Basically, you're a saiyan from earth but you didn't exactly know about Goku, Vegeta and the others you thought you were the only Saiyan left so you were just out in the world like any other human being would be...that is..until one day...

  • DBZ Boyfriend Scenarios/OneShots
    11.8K 184 17

    Requests are open! This is my first Scenarios and Oneshots book so sorry if its bad!

    11.4K 155 11

    Trunks is sent to the past and the time machine breaks he needs certain supplies to fix the time machine and go back home but on his journey he meets a few new allies and is introduced to a world full of titans.

  • Yandere DBZ/Super/Xeno/GT X Reader
    18.8K 388 25

    Read to find out why your favorite character is going mad love for you and will do anything to get what he wants even if it means killing everything you love. Dragon Ball, Dragon Z, and Dragon Ball GT are all owned by FUNimation, Toei Animation, Fuji Tv, and Akira Toriyama.

  • DBZ x reader oneshots
    41.5K 389 38

    It's all in the tittle so here you go....

  • [UNDER EDITING]Poisonous Thorns (Goku Black X Reader)
    41.5K 1.2K 24

    Those eyes. Those cold charcoal eyes that were the last thing people would see. Or maybe it was that smirk. That sickening wry smirk. Blood stained the once beautiful city streets and ash clouded the once free air. Life was dying and it was dying fast, but perhaps even in all the chaos and death something could blosso...

  • Dragon Ball Oneshots
    3.2K 117 10

    Just something to try out. Enjoy! 😊 Accept: Character X Reader Character x Character Boy x Boy Girl x Girl Maybe Lemon Sequels (if I feel like it) Bit of fluff

  • Complete: Dragon Ball Super Oneshots Book 2
    48.7K 416 41

    Hi guys. This is season two of the oneshot book. Please look at the new rules inside the book and hopefully enjoy these stories. Once again, I don't own the series. All rights belong to their rightful owners. But fanfics are fun and creative to everyone.

  • Dragon Ball characters x Reader
    103K 1.9K 46

    Hey guys, I decided to write a one shot book with any Dragon Ball characters I hope you like it :) Dragonball Z / Kai Dragonball Super Dragonball GT Dragonball Xenoverse I do not own any of the Dragonball characters, I only own my OC Kat

  • DragonBall Z Oneshots! NOT BEING UPDATED!!!
    322K 4.4K 46

    One shots for all DBZ characters! That includes Males/Females of any race ( of course no Namekian females) Villians or heroes. And if you request it you can be the race of your choice! Also I'll situations for the reader e.g depressed, pregnant, dying etc. but again they will only be included in the oneshot if you req...

    Completed   Mature
  • DBZ X Reader
    43.6K 651 20

    95% Clean and happy DBZ X reader stories for y'all to enjoy! ^-^

  • Dragon Ball Z x (Various!) Reader (Oneshots)
    33.6K 669 37

    Just oneshots from my Quotev account. These are TRAGIC, SAD LOVESTORIES. You've been warned. Also! I do take requests! Go on my message board to request. Thank you for reading! ❤️

  • DBZ/DBS One Shots
    5.5K 109 27

    This is a collection of DBZ and DBS One Shots and there will probably be a lot of Vegeta just because he is my favorite! Requests can be made but some I may not do if I really don't like the character or if I can't come up with anything. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE DBZ OR DBS CHARACTERS THEY ARE ALL OWNED BY a...

  • DBZ x Reader One Shots!
    287K 4.6K 106


  • Dragon Ball Z x Reader {One Shots}
    74.8K 1.3K 39

    All of the information and rules are in the Introduction.

  • The Saiyans Offspring [Goku & Vegeta X Daughter Reader]
    40.2K 958 26

    A Goku & Vegeta x Daughter Reader. This story is about Goku and Vegeta being together, the famous ship in Dragon Ball series. What would happen when a new member join them? Dargon Ball is owned by FUNimation, Toei Animation, Fuji TV, and Akira Toriyama. The cover photo or any other photo belongs to its rightful art...

  • DBZ x Reader
    28.2K 361 9

    My first DBZ one shots series. Honestly, I've never done these before. Just wish me luck! Note: There will be none of those "scenes". I repeat: No Lemons! DISCONTINUED

  • ✓Complete✓ Dragon Ball one shots
    147K 2.3K 115

    [Is in Wattys2019] You can request any one shot! I can do any type of one shot -Lemon -Cute fluffy -Smut And so much more. Disclaimer: Dragon ball characters belongs to their rightful owners!

    Completed   Mature
  • DBZ one-Shots (Requests open) :3
    1.9K 44 15 the title....

  • Vegeta x Reader
    47.3K 1.2K 23

    Short stories with you and Vegeta. Different scenarios between you and our lovely Prince.

    Completed   Mature
  • Dragon Ball X Child! Reader One-Shots (Requests Closed)
    81.9K 988 12

    This will be filled with One-Shots of you and your favorite Dragon Ball Characters with lots and lots of fluff for the most part. There will be a little bit of angst and gore, though.

  • DBZ X Reader Oneshots :)
    641K 11.7K 172

    Just a bunch of short stories involving reader and any character or characters from dbz/super (Heros and Villains) These stories include: Gay, Lemon, Straight, Depressed, Abused, Sibling Relationships, Parent/Child Relationships, Threesomes, Death, etc.

  • ✓complete✓Dragon ball one shot (Season 2)
    49K 1K 79

    I am here to bring you all season 2 one shots! You can request me any type of shots and I write it for you! I mean any type of one shot! Disclaimer: Dragon ball characters do not belong to me! they belong to rightful owners!

    Completed   Mature
  • Dragon Ball Z X Reader One Shots!
    706K 11.8K 56

    Just some Dragon Ball Z one shots. Requests have been reopened! I will do smuts and lemons if requested! I DO NOT OWN ANY ARTWORK OR CHARACTERS. ALL ART BELONGS TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNER. Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT are all owned by FUNimation, Toei Animation, Fuji TV, and Akira Toriyama. Please sup...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dbz X Reader
    58.1K 725 21

    You are a princess/prince that's about to go on an adventure (you can be a princess/prince of anything). You're about to go on a few adventures. I plan to write about Herod and villains. I also plan to cover well-known people (Goku, Vegeta, Cell, Frieza) and lesser featured people in Dbz X Reader stories (Garlic Jr...

  • Dragon Ball Oneshots
    295K 5.4K 186

    A book of Oneshots featuring your favorite Dragon Ball boys. A/N: I will do any boy from any saga. I just won't do the Moro and Merus. I will also not do Character X Character. This will all be Character X Reader. I will also not do Piccolo X Reader. The Namekains are asexual and I want to keep it that way. Request ar...