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  • 𝐓𝐀𝐋𝐈𝐀 | ✔
    702K 18.1K 22

    She had a broken family. Yet she was happy. She didn't have a whole, but she was grateful for the half she had. All Talia has ever known is her life with her mother. The four-year-old only understood that she didn't have a father, unlike her other friends. Then suddenly a tragic accident changes her life and she find...

  • Living with the Addams Family
    28.9K 797 44

    College Freshmen, Urbana Des Moines, moves out of her family's home for college and moves into the cheapest residence she could find. She didn't think to ask why it was so cheap.

  • The Giant Step Family
    38.5K 785 33

    Neal has become sheltered and no longer lets people come close with him anymore after losing his father. His life has become regular until his mother tells him she is getting remarried to giant who has a son. Neal is not happy with with his, but can his new family help heal the wounds and finally get Neal to open hims...

  • A Ready-Made Family
    636K 20.2K 33

    Madison Sweeney was well prepared to spend her life alone with her three children after her hateful relationship came to a crashing end. She never expected finding a stray car crash would result in her walking away with a newly found husband. During his unconscious state Brandon Haywood - the CEO of a large publishing...

  • Family of Villains ✓
    389K 17.9K 106

    Fourteen years old Su Bei almost died when she had a high fever, got transmigrated into another world and finally knew a shocking truth-it turned out that the world she was originally in was just a novel and her whole family were villains. A/N: This is not my own story, details could be seen on the description located...

  • Family Secrets
    1.1M 28.9K 68

    Maddie has lived her whole life with one person, her mother. Growing up she had no siblings, no father, just her and her mom. What happens after her mother gets cancer and she has to go live with her biological father, and his seven sons. Find out in "Family Secrets"

  • Fake Family
    662K 21.5K 31

    When Andrew Cavanaugh, CEO of Frameworks Enterprise steps in one night to save a single mom - Sarah Armstrong and her children from her abusive boyfriend. He walks away from the fight with much more then just a head injury - he walks away with a new family. When Drew awakes he is under the impression that Sarah is his...

  • My Stepbrothers
    7.1M 235K 70

    Kali has to live with her moms new boyfriend and his five sons. Kali tries her best to fit in but living with five boys is really tough. Definitly when three of them are the most popular boys at school. They also get into many fights. The five boys aren't all perfect though. They all have their personal problems and s...

  • My stepbrothers
    58.8K 1K 20

    Olivia is a 16 year old British girl.She was a really nice sensitive girl she has a really wired past. She was starting to love her life when out of nowhere she had to move to NYC with her mom step dad and some unexpected step brothers what happens when they kidnap her?will she still be the same?is she still gonna be...