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  • for the tarnished hearts
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    poetry for the hearts tarnished by love or the sudden death of it. for the hearts that find a soft lullaby in the pages when raw hope is not enough to put the worries to sleep. for the hearts that bleed ink to paint the chalky roses of life red with words--you'll find my own ink here. and i hope you find a harlequin g...

  • When the night sky sang to me [HIATUS!!]
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    Another collection of amateur poetry, mostly about nature or exploring the wonders of the night. ~slow updates~ ____ Disclaimer: I do not own the images/media posted on some of the chapters. Credits To The Owners. Written: July 8, 2021 Ended:

  • a poem for you | ♡
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    Just a random girl trying to write poems

  • poems for you. always for you. ✓
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    poems for you. poems for the ex best friends and the lost 'forevers'. poems for the memories that burn and fade before burning again. poems for the emptiness that is heavy and hollow in hearts. poems for the fleeting, fiery moments of happiness that are always worth it in the end. poems for the words that have saved m...