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  • Burning Desire
    100K 4.5K 42

    For Madison Evans, success in the harsh world of eventing has always been a distant dream; ambitions of competing at the infamous Rolex Kentucky Horse Trials being stashed in several horses who've never quite carried her to the victory she craves. For years, she's trained at the prestigious Belmont Equestrian Centre t...

  • The Fault In Reality
    136K 7.3K 38

    A fatal mistake and a dead horse sink Era into depression, and she vows never to ride again. But when her mother sends her to her father's ranch to 'find herself', she's surprised to meet Devany, a horse with an equally upsetting past. Can two broken beings heal one another?

  • Rescue Heart
    9.3K 438 19

    In the blink of an eye your whole life can change. It happened to Tess, and the world when she opened her eyes again was a foreign place. After the accident, there was no Twister, her dressage partner and best friend, and Tess couldn't bear the thought of continuing with her dream career of becoming an equine vet. Wit...

  • Hazel's Odyssey (Horse Story)
    17.8K 872 8

    Hazel had always been drawn to the horses no one else had really appreciated. Ever since she first laid her eyes on the troubled young gelding, she was hooked. Shade was a difficult ride, but through perseverance and trust the two had eventually formed an unbreakable bond. Until a traumatic accident on a frosty day ca...

  • Bloodless Day
    51.9K 2.6K 45

    No one knew what to do with the colt. He was unpredictable. Dangerous. A coursing speed rippled through him, but something menacing came with. He was a wounded sailer in a sea of yearning, and no one wanted to swim to save him. She thought herself the same way. Different. A force to be reckoned with. A tornado- she c...

  • English Saddles and Cowboy Hats
    24.3K 1K 16

    At just fifteen years old, Blaire Thompson thought she had it all. Living in Alberta, owning a fancy stable and competing top level dressage with her mare, Blaire was happy. She lived for competing and loved every second spent around horses. And then something changed. Her mother, unhappy with Blaire, began to put to...

  • Getting Back On
    1.8K 76 1

    Sometimes the hard part isn't falling off—it's getting back on. Thirteen-year-old Sienna Carson is spending the summer with her distant relatives at Hartwell Creek Stable while her parents settle a messy divorce. There she meets Dreamer, a fiesty, difficult Anglo-Arab. The beautiful bay gelding is hard to handle and...

  • The Golden Girl(Niall Horan/1D Fanfic)
    17.4K 317 23

    A basic Olympic show jumping gold medalist by the name of Lauren Gravel. A huge popstar that is making millions daily by the name of Niall Horan. What could go wrong?

  • Lacey May Jamieson
    381 16 1

    For you Lacey J xxx you will be missed and never ever forgotten

  • Promise & Me
    2.8K 153 5

    Book:1 Horses. That's the only thing Aidan Reeds can ever think about. Ever since she could remember, that was the only thing she ever wanted; A horse. Even though she lives on a farm with her parents and their horses, she never had one of her own. Now that Aidan is thirteen, her parents finally decide she is respons...

  • The Colt Challenge (A Horse Story)
    144K 5.8K 28

    Thirteen year old Allegra Mason is given the opportunity of a lifetime when she is handed the cheeky but extremely talented rising three year old colt Arrow to train and care for as part of the famous 'Colt Challenge' at Shadow Hill Stables. But Ally is younger and less experienced than most of the other participants...

  • Northern Cross
    4.3K 162 10

    "Maybe it's just something that will take time to heal. But I think that even with all the time in the world, there will be no healing." Northern Cross is more than just a horse and everyone who watches his elegant dressage patterns, hasty jumping courses, and incredible endurance over cross country knows it. After a...

  • Changing Ways
    30K 1.1K 22

    Rumours are so easy to start. A whisper here, a whisper there, passed on person by person. This is 12 year old Robin's daily existence at school...only it's worse, because the rumours are about her. She finds solitude at her family's quarter horse ranch, the place Robin calls home. She's happy the way things are ther...

  • Second Chance Horse
    11.3K 309 2

    Spoiled equestrian Piper Ross has it all. Her own fancy stable, an assortment of priceless horses and her own little entourage of intimidated stable hands. The girl is not satisfied though, she feels as if something is missing, but cannot figure out what. Then she spots a run down, injured and emaciated palomino mare...

  • The Horse with a Ribbon in her Mane
    28.8K 781 12

    Kaylee has been through pain, sadness, and happiness. She thought she knew love, but after being left behind by her husband and her own child, sh doesn't know how to pull through. With the help of her three horses, she thinks she'll be ok. Then, one day, she buys a malnourished grey thoroughbred on an impulse and does...

  • Briarwood Elite Riding Academy: Take the Reins
    69.5K 2.6K 30

    ❝Seventeen riders, three finalists, one scholarship.❞ Welcome to Briarwood Elite Riding Academy the number one training facility in the whole world with on campus schooling for young riders with dreams of becoming champions. Every year Briarwood hosts a Briarball competition and this year the prize is bigger than ever...