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  • Mend (Care Duet, #2)
    1.5M 88.2K 32

    "The Caregiver and the Mob Boss (pt.2)" ❦ Avelina has always cared for those who can't care for themselves. With a baby on the way, and a man who can't stand her, she has to still find a way to put herself first. Adrik cares for Avelina. Avelina cares for Adrik. Caring was never enough for either of them. With unexpec...

  • My Bodyguard| 18+✓
    128K 8.8K 65

    The forbidden is always irresistible. Married to a powerful businessman feared all-over Portland, Mia Kingston has a reputation to uphold. Her life is filled with glamour from the outside, but quite a void on the inside that she doesn't discern until she falls deeply into her desire for true love and freedom.

    Completed   Mature
  • Fate Mate
    2.6M 93.1K 64

    Only days after her eighteenth birthday, Charlotte finally joins her pack in attending the Winter Solstice, a gathering of the four Western packs in the United States. Even though she is a Beta's daughter, Charlotte plans on keeping her head down at the party, a task that proves more difficult when she runs into the n...

    Completed   Mature
    9.5M 236K 34

    ❝Violet tell me to stop and I will ❞ the feeling of his soft lips igniting flames throughout my body, my lower half becoming warmer every second I felt the delicacy of his touch. "Enzo" I couldn't bring myself to say stop simply because I didn't want him to. I wanted his hands roaming over my body while he held my n...

    Completed   Mature
    33.9M 736K 33

    [COMPLETE] [IN NEED OF EDITING] "He won't satisfy you like I will darling you know why? Because he's not me and you're not his slut. You're mine" "Answer him Adora or so help me you won't cum" Reid landed a spank to Adora's already sore ass. "R-Reid I can't fuck I can't" he locked his fingers into her curly hair pul...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Brother's Best Friend
    138M 2.9M 64

    Completed. Emily Winston has returned back home after spending a year in London. She comes home to her shared apartment with her twin brother, Emmett, to find that Emmett has offered his best friend, Parker Adams, a room in their apartment. Parker & Emily struggle to get along, including daily squabbles and constant i...

  • Path To Redemption (Fighter's Den, #1)
    11.3M 355K 44

    COMPLETED: 24/02/17 *Warning: LABELLED MATURE. Due to sexual content and graphic language, this book is recommended for readers 17+ in age* Rising boxer Jaxon Cage is known to be a fighter on and off the ring. He's a man on a mission; redeeming the death of his little brother, who was on his way to become a boxing sta...

    Completed   Mature
  • Falling
    12.3M 353K 47

    Dante Brown has met many challenges in his life, all of them crumbled beneath the ground he walked. He is arrogant, cunning and brooding. He's on top of the world, a CEO for one of the largest companies in New York City. Nothing was tearing him down. Until her. Amelia Rhodes had been dealt the worst in life. Facing ma...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hidden | on hold
    207K 8.1K 20

    She's always been in the dark, but now it's time for her to come out of hiding. Copyright © 2019 by moonpilots. All rights reserved.

  • Rogue To Luna
    1M 26.9K 39

    Della King has been a rogue for eight years. She left her pack and family at age fifteen when she found out her mate had died. After running for so long nothing could have prepared her for finding out the truth. One day she angers the wrong rogue and needs to seek help from a near by pack. Injured and exhausted she a...

  • Matches | √
    519K 16.5K 39

    They burned too fast and too bright to last. Copyright © 2018 by moonpilots. All rights reserved.

  • Red Riding The Alpha
    33.6M 651K 44

    ❝Let me make that tingling sensation in between your thighs disappear, it will take only a moment, Red.❞ Only 60% of book is free / Sample only Red lived in a small town in Pennsylvania with her grandmother. The town was known to invite supernatural creatures every year. Whenever the mating season struck, it was a ri...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost in Lust ✔️
    632K 18.5K 46

    "With the hand that was around her waist, I pulled her towards me and put the other hand around her neck. I kissed her passionately, as if my life depended on it. At first she was stiff and surprised but after I bit her lip, she let me in. She ran her fingers trough my hair and we fought for dominance, juicy and vigor...

  • A Howl of Pleasure
    71.3K 2.7K 42

    Are you ready for something a little different? If so, this story is all you need to experience it. Imagine a world of werewolves, where each of them dreams of finding their mate to finally feel whole. Now imagine that in that very world of werewolves there are two people who are the same. Stubborn, straightforward, c...

  • My Destined Alpha Mate
    3.7M 103K 80

    I was walking down the hallway when all of the Sudden I feel a hand grab me and pull me into a janitors closet . I let out a scream , not knowing who had pulled my arm . I look up to be met with the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen . I hadn't noticed before ... there were sparks shooting up my arm and his scent...

  • Float
    26.3M 590K 61

    Float is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access the the Original Edition for free and the Books Edition upon purchase. In order to fit in during her summer visit to a beachside town, Waverly must take swimming lessons from Blake, the moody (but gorgeous) lifeguard next door. ...

  • Lost | √
    738K 26.8K 35

    She's always been lost in life, but she never knew she could be lost in love. Copyright © 2018 by moonpilots. All rights reserved.

  • Fake Nerd Alert
    714K 24.4K 35

    Meet Karma Victoria Spears, the perfect daughter to her parents and the perfect best friend that anyone would want. But what's really underneath her look? They call her a nerd. But is she really one or is it just a cover? Meet Aiden Black, the typical bad boy who do whatever he wants and who's always surrounded by th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Surreal
    67.7K 2.1K 48

    Suddenly, I felt someone step in the shower. My eyes opened and I gasped when I felt arms wrapped themselves around my hips. I slowly turned around. My eyes met those of Alec. He was standing in front of me, naked and the water running on his body as well. My breathing hitched as the sight of his beautiful self. I kne...

  • Angel's Badboy
    7.7M 52.4K 15

    "Why are you acting all mean and rude? I'm just trying to be nice here" he snapped making me stop and turned to glare at him. "I never told you to be nice! Why don't you go back to your little world and forget that I exist like you used to do?" I sneered. "Why the sudden interest!" I yelled in frustration and wal...

  • How to be happy? Find the purpose of your life - a practical self-help book
    13.7K 253 22

    In this e-book you'll learn what to do in order to find the purpose of your life. Your own purpose - the purpose of Your own life. You'll realize that it is You and only You who can find out what is important to You. You'll acquire an ability to properly determine the goals, so that You will not lose any more time on...

  • so you want to kill yourself
    170K 5.3K 53

    suicide (noun) the action of killing oneself intentionally. are you suicidal? you don't see why you should live anymore? no point in life? read this book before you commit suicide. #413 in #help on august 12th.

  • 500+ Psychology Facts | ✍
    4.3M 200K 147

    Psychology, if it's your cup of tea, opens doors to a lot of interesting characteristics and traits that human beings encompass. Reading about it will not only give a meaningful perspective to how you see the world, but will also allow you to reach out and understand people around you better.

  • Care | ✔︎
    9.3M 415K 38

    "The Caregiver and the Mob Boss" ❦ Avelina makes her money by taking care of those who can't take care of themselves. When she is handed a case about a man who had needed a personal caregiver, she accepts. One thing Avelina never anticipated was the dangerous lifestyle he lived. Not only that, but she didn't expect fo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stepbrother | ✔︎
    29.4M 909K 51

    "The Mob Boss and His Stepsister" ❦ At the ripe age of eighteen, Orabella Martinez had lost her father. Having being separated from her mother at such a young age, Orabella knew nothing about the business her mother participated in with her new husband. After the death of her father, she is thrown into the world of he...

    Completed   Mature
  • How Alpha Found His Luna
    6M 168K 42

    I almost choke on the piece of chocolate covered strawberry as I saw Alpha Liam from the Crimson Fangs Pack come walking towards me with a smile. I start looking behind me to see if he's really looking at someone else but I notice it's just me standing here. Once he approaches me, he holds out his hand. "May I have...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alpha Adrian [COMPLETED]
    1.5M 46.2K 45

    (Under HEAVY editing) Please refrain from any mean comments "Stop the car." "What Naia, if I offended you in any way with our conversation I am really sorry, but we are in the middle of nowhere and I won't let you go out alone." "What? I didn't say anything about going out. Just stop the car please." "Naiad." "Adrian...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha who plays me
    863K 18.9K 31

    #303 in werewolf What would you do if your mate rejected? What if her mate through you into a spider pit? What if you did something worse....and accepted the rejection. Comment any errors you see I would appreciate that Sadly this is a cliche, so beware the cringe

  • I Dare You To Reject Me Mr Alpha
    189K 6.2K 34

    After Casey Hugh's parents were brutally murdered by her own pack, she's had trust issues. She's been on the run since the innocent age of 10, seeking refuge at the outskirts of different pack territories. But when she finds her mate who happens to be a overprotective and possessive Alpha. Things are about to get a wh...

  • Alpha Jason
    53.3K 1K 5

    She was sweet and sour. He was cruel and ruthless. One thing they had in common was that they where made for one and other. Exert from story : "Mate," he smiled. I shyly smiled a small smile back. He laughed a hard evil laugh and stated " I Alpha Jason Hall reje-." He didn't finish his sentence before I bo...