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  • Lord of Dread
    5.5K 447 10

    Rebecca doesn't have many demands for life. She wants a good husband and many children, a goal most women of her status share. She's the last of her friends to marry, and when courting season begins, she's determined to find herself a man. She attends the necessary parties and flirts with all the proper men, and is el...

  • The Land of Wolves
    4.3K 394 9

    Evelyn is the Alpha's fated mate, and the red mark on the back of her hand is the proof. Captured by the Human government as a child, Evelyn was raised to be the weapon that will finally bring down the wolves. She knows her mission, and when she's finally sent to the Alpha under the guise of a kidnapping gone wrong...

  • Plaything
    900K 30.8K 15

    My lips parted as his hand traveled lower down my torso. Bolts of lightning shot out from his fingertips onto my bare skin, sending tingles between my legs. Despite my blush, I couldn't look away from his intense eyes. Pinned between his massive body and my other professors front, I was trapped. "We've taught you a l...

  • Pet: Genesis
    2.2M 56.7K 54

    In the future, Earth is attacked by an alien race called the Leviathan. Years after the invasion, Iris is still struggling to survive among her people while trying to find a way to win back their planet. However, when her camp is ambushed, her will to fight and attempt to sacrifice herself catches the attention of an...

    Completed   Mature