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  • The Second Fellowship: The Stone of Might
    9K 412 33

    Featured on FanFic Profile's LOTR Reading List! SEQUEL NOW HERE: Sauron has the ring. The Fellowship have been captured by Saruman. Middle Earth is falling into chaos. However, the Ring of Power does not work as well as it used to, so now the...

  • Storm Of Arrows ➝ The Lord of the Rings ✓
    268K 11.2K 36

    Storm Of Arrows ➝ Lord of the Rings [Legolas] ✓ 2014 Hunting Spiders in the forest of Mirkwood, Legolas, Prince of the Woodland Realm, comes across a injured young woman. Upon taking her back to his palace, he discovered she is more than what she seems. Branded a murderer, she is thrown mercilessly into the Palace pr...

  • Queen Under The Mountain [#Wattys2017] [Complete]
    18.9K 350 12

    What if Thorin never died? How did he survive?

  • Høød ➵ Lord Of The Rings
    506K 18.7K 59

    You've undoubtedly heard the tale of Robin Hood, but what if I was to tell you they got it all wrong? First of all, Robin is female. {All characters other than my own belong to J. R. R. Tolkien}

  • Benders: Web of Lies
    8K 299 32

    Won Second Place in the Summer Awards 2019. The war is over and Sauron is defeated, driven back by the last Alliance of Men and Elves. Thranduil and his wife are raising their four children in Mirkwood. But Thranduil's troubles are not over yet for never before could he have imagined his gifts could cause such a rift...

  • The Wild Ones (Lord of the Rings - Legolas)
    14.5K 610 12

    They are Silvan and they are dangerous. Travelling to Imladris on a mission for Thranduil, Legolas, or Taú, leads his group under the guise of a simple captain. Cultural differences and age-old prejudice will arise, and the Noldor's perception of the Silvan people will drastically change - but will it be for good or b...

  • The Silvan (Lord of the Rings-Legolas)[Wattys2016]
    69.2K 4.2K 68

    Legolas is a child of the deep, arcane forest. With the face of a Sinda and the heart of a Silvan, he struggles with the mysteries of his illegitimate past as he strives to fulfil his dream; to become a captain in the king's militia. Son of a Silvan mother he never knew, and an unknown Sindarin father, he finds the f...

  • Seeds of the White Tree
    25.3K 1.4K 70

    A story of the Fourth Age of Middle-Earth, told primarily from Prince Eldarion (Aragorn and Arwen's son) of Gondor's perspective. Sauron is defeated and the West is at peace, but there are still ghosts to face, and stories to be told. Featuring Aragorn, Arwen, Legolas, Gimli, Faramir, Eowyn, Eomer, Elladan, Elrohir...

  • Mirkwood's Guest
    33.2K 817 8

    It's just a typical day in Mirkwood as Tauriel continues to rid the forest of spiders. However, everything is changed when she discovers a strange girl in the forest. The girl immediately tries to flee, but it unsuccessful and is brought before Thranduil. Who is this girl and why was she in Mirkwood? Is she a spy, or...

  • It's Where My Demons Hide
    125K 4K 28

    Legolas Greenleaf... A name whispered in every corner of MirkWood. No one knew what drove the prince mad, or why he let the dark side take him over after the destruction of the ring. But what they do know is that Thranduil was forced to banish his own son from the Woodland realm. The kingdom misses their beloved pr...

  • Daughter Of Lórien (LotR Fanfiction) • Book 1 •
    108K 4.7K 43

    Celébdiel is the first-born daughter of Lord Elrond and Lady Celebrían, though her parentage is not easily recognized. Unlike her other siblings, she does not carry the features of her father. Rather, she bears a striking resemblance to her grandmother, the Lady Galadriel, with deep golden hair and a tall, slender fig...

  • Double Ada/Father{Lee Pace daughter}
    23.5K 1.4K 61

    [FINISHED] This is a story about a girl who is adopted by Lee Pace, and gets offered a part in a new version of the Hobbit. In that version is no Tauriel, but Thranduil does have another child, a princess. Lee Pace let his daughter get the part, but he will regret soon enough... His daughter soon finds a romantic int...

  • The Ring of Love 2 (Legolas fanfic) [ COMPLETED]
    20.4K 673 28

    (#15 in jrrtolkien) After Emily & Ellie returns to their own world their memories of middle-earth fades as they both are at the peak of their carriers. After Emily dreams about the destruction of middle-earth the two best friends journey once again back to middle-earth. But Emily loses a part of her memory. In this jo...

  • Concerning Us
    103K 2.4K 22

    When a princess elleth unknowingly enters the realms of Mirkwood, she finds herself to be the missing piece to a promise made long ago

  • Captured (Legolas fanfiction)
    339K 9.4K 60

    Amarië has been traveling for a long time searching for the right place to settle down. During her journey she meets new friends and faces some dangers. But what happens when she travels through Mirkwood and gets caught in the middle of a fight between spiders and elves? What happens when people you thought you knew...

  • Gi Melin (I Love You)
    14.9K 494 26

    Aurelea is the daughter of Legolas and Tauriel. She has been trained from a young age how to fight. She is especially skilled with swords and bows. She hasn't been to far from the Mirkwood gates. So when Aurelea and her parents take a trip to Gondor for the princes coronation, she is so excited. However, when she meet...

  • The Love of Legolas (the ring of love reloaded) [COMPLETED]
    16.5K 606 30

    (#28 Legolas green leaf) Emily and Legolas were engaged and soon to be married. As Legolas went looking for the Arkenstone Emily and King Thranduil headed towards Lothlórien to meet the lady Galadriel. Thranduil takes a wrong path and the company were attacked by the orcs of Gundabad in order to save the life of the k...

  • Elrond's Little Addition to His Family
    50K 1.3K 25

    All the elves know of the watchful peace. Every ten years, the three elven realms come to Rivendell to celebrate this peace and honor those who have passed on. This is the 111th anniversary of the watchful peace. Legolas will finally be presented to the lords and ladies of the other realms. He is the youngest elf on A...

  • Aragorn x reader | human from Earth
    75.3K 2.6K 13

    you are from this world and know everything about theirs

  • Festering Darkness
    5.2K 260 15

    After a failed spider mission, Legolas is left injured beyond what the Greenwood healers can help. Thranduil, worried for his son's Fea, sends him to Imladris for help. But the unit escorting the prince is attacked on the way and Legolas, after barely escaping, then fleas to the most unlikely of places where he hides...

  • Hunted
    8.4K 283 12

    When Legolas is just a young elf, he goes hunting with Elrond's twin sons, Elladan and Elrohir. What happens when they get captured and taken by orcs?!

  • Love in another direction.
    26K 1.1K 11

    Aragornxlegolas Aragorn is married to Arwén, and rule the White city with her. Their marriage is questionable. They fight a lot. When he go to visit Mirkwood he understand why. Because he found in Legolas what he couldn't find in Arwén. This is a work I do together with @RogersMaryJane . The cover is mine :3 oh and...

  • The Witch of Mirkwood
    157K 5.1K 25

    She had been mistaken for a witch, captured by Thranduil and thrown into prison, her fate lies in the hands of a handsome elf, with the help of his friend the ranger can they save her in time? "Legolas studied her as he knelt down next to Aragorn. Her wrists were red and bruised from the rope that had bound her. She...

  • Beauty and the Orc. [Legolas Fanfic] (UNDER MAJOR EDITING)
    314K 10.7K 30

    An Elleth named Eleniel was captured by a party of Orcs 500 years ago from her home and killed her family in front of her. she was tortured, abused and raped by the Orcs and years later she turned into an Orc herself and was forced to kill creatures but the one thing she couldn't and wouldn't kill was an Elf. She was...

  • Legolas x reader
    281K 8.3K 15

    This is a story about you and Legolas. How you met, how you fell in love, when you comfort him, ect. Because, after all, he is the best elf.

  • Return Of The Shadow
    37.6K 2.8K 40

    Sauron has returned to Middle Earth. His power is complete with the one ring. As his power spreads over Middle Earth. He continually searches for Isildur's heir, who is the one being he fears. But Aragorn and his people have vanished. The free people of Middle Earth have been enslaved. Those who could have stopped Sau...

  • Fading Light
    49.5K 3.3K 67

    Prequel to The Edge of a Knife No lands are safe. Nothing is safe. The elves of Mirkwood struggle to keep their darkening lands shielded from peril. As Legolas, the youngest son of Thranduil sets out in hopes of aiding his older brother in driving back the consuming shadows. A simple, yet life changing twist. War secr...

  • The Hidden Enemy
    26K 1.9K 34

    Sauron has been defeated. The One Ring has been destroyed. Peace has returned to Middle Earth once again. Or so it seems... A new enemy has appeared in Middle Earth, stronger and more powerful then any before him. In order to defeat him, the remaining members of the Fellowship must join forces with an old enemy Who wi...

  • Captured
    76.1K 1.9K 14

    Elrond hates Thranduil and wants revenge. Legolas wants to be safe and loved. Thranduil sucks. Possible deaging. Definitely child abuse. All rights go to respective owners.

  • In One Day, I Promise (Legolas FanFic)
    191K 6K 63

    After many years of solitude, one loses hope to ever see daylight, ever have hope again. Duathiell has been alone for as long as she can remember, and any hope of being free has long vanished. With each setting sun, each lost day, she draws away from the outside world, trapped by her father figure in the dark prison o...