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  • Martini Kisses (epistolary)
    30.9K 3K 33

    Midnight Ladies #3 #YChronicles Will she settle down? *** in which Milly, a curious and adventurous musician who loves to explore, keeps getting paired up with a broody, temperamental man. They are polar opposites of one another, but a steamy challenge drives them to test each other's limits *** An MNR epistolary coll...

  • Neon Letters (epistolary) ✔️
    535K 39.7K 269

    Midnight Ladies #2 #YChronicles Will she take a risk? *** In which Neve keeps texting her deceased friend's number, at first in order to cope with the loss, and later on, as a force of habit. After four years, she is about to stop, but suddenly, the number responds. *** An MNR epistolary collaboration with @NayinK a...

  • kung nakuha man sa dahas (epistolary)
    66.1K 6.9K 85

    ❝ Agawin ang mic sa stage at kumanta ng Halik by Aegis? #DrunkMomo won't back down! . . . SHET?! ❞ Y Chronicles Universe #KNMSD2 of Kabulastugan Boys Series MNR COLLABORATION with @cappuchienooo & @nayinK

  • Raspberry Nights (epistolary) ✔️
    676K 39.3K 180

    Midnight Ladies #1 #YChronicles Will she choose to fall? *** In which Ran keeps receiving text messages from a guy named Nix, who is obviously head over heels and courting a girl named Bea. *** An MNR epistolary collaboration with @NayinK and @Pilosopotasya

  • WABI SABI (Epistolary)
    110K 9.3K 118

    #YChronicles #WabiSabiMM Mayonaka Messages 1 of Y Chronicles, a series collaboration by MNR | cappuchienooo x nayinK x pilosopotasya *** Dahil sa regular online shopping ni Mika, naging familiar sa kanya ang delivery rider ng mga packages niya na si Lope. On the other hand, hindi naman masyadong napagtutuunan ng pans...

  • siklab na may sakdal laya (epistolary)
    485K 37.4K 177

    ❝ Magpapakasal na ang first love ni Nana for 10 years. Ang masaklap? Hindi siya ang bride. Huhu. ❞ Y Chronicles Universe #SNMSL1 of Kabulastugan Boys Series MNR COLLABORATION with @cappuchienooo & @nayinK