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    UNEDITED AND DISCONTINUED!!! Hiccup and Astrid are dating! YESS!!! And yet, in every relationship, there are misunderstandings and arguements. Everything was going well until a cancelled date. (Amazing cover by: Kingdomdance :))

  • UNEDITED AND DISCONTINUED: We'll Always Be Together
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  • don't speak of it.
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    this is my first wattpad book titled, "The Fault in our Dragons" and it's super cringey and we don't speak of it. it's only still here for sentimental reasons. just don't read it. (completed june 2014)

  • Love in the Time of Dragon Riders 3 (HTTYD FanFic)
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    Dark as Night Blue as Water Gold as Sun Silver as Moon. The Dragon Riders of Berk and The silver Shape shifters are at war. Preparations begin including Hiccup and the gang training new recruits. Skylar and Willow begin to search for a clue as to how to defeat the Shape Shifters. People and Dragons will die. But in...

  • (UNEDITED!) Brave Little Astrid
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    UNEDITED! Being a warrior means sacrifice and true bravery. Just like how Astrid lives her life. But how does she go through all of what's ahead of her? Will she be able to cope through the hard times she'll go through? Will she be able to conquer what needs to be? (Still EDITING)

  • The Fall of Us
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    It's been five years. Five years of amazing life here in Berk. It has been five years that Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the III changed the way they live now. Yet Hiccup hasn't completely changed everything. Since he was a gangly nobody, he has his eyes on a paticular girl. That girl too had her eyes on a boy. But when a...

  • (UNEDITED AND DISCONTINUED) When I Simply Fell For You
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    UNEDITED AND DISCONTINUED !! Hiccup and Astrid's love story continues to move on, and as of now, they are older. Their love story is just too fascinating. What will happen now that theyre older? Will romance spill?

  • Unexpected ~How To Train Your Dragon Love Story~
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    What happens when you finally realize that the one you think you'll love for the rest of the life, was just right by your side? Specifically taming dragons and sharpening our tools? I never thought I'd look at Hiccup this way. It's unexpected, I guess.

  • Ask Hiccstrid
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    Interview hiccstrid So this books is me xycodie interviewing hiccup and astrid. All questions will come from YOU! So if you wanna ask any questions especially about my latest hiccstrid book Feel welcome! HICCUP: yeah. Uh *scratches back of head. * Anything to add Astrid? Astrid: if anybody tries to hit on hiccup I...

  • Love in the Time of Dragon Riders (HTTYD FanFic)
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    *** Since the defeat of the Red Death, things have definitely changed for the better on Berk. Dragons and Vikings used to be enemies, but now, they're allies. And the riders of Berk are going to need all the allies they can get for the battle to come. ***

  • Love Between Riders
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    Takes places soon after the Red Death is demolished by the teens and their dragons and progresses on in time. Things start to happen between Astrid and Hiccup after a day at the cove. On the way back to Berk, they find a stone structure in the middle of the forest, and they find out it's a gate. After an attack, Hiccu...

  • Love in the Time of Dragon Riders 2 (HTTYD FanFic)
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    With their breakup fresh in their minds it becomes increasingly painful for Hiccup and Astrid to be around each other. Willow learns to harness her power as her relationship with Fishlegs progresses. A new enemy becomes known to Berk and Hiccup and his friends must learn to control and understand the power of the Nigh...

  • The Notoriuos Nine? Broken!
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    Usually, you would say Jack, Elsa, Hiccup, Astrid, Flynn, Rapunzel, Anna and Merida be friends and all in this story. But no. They hate and never spoken a word on another. Of course that is until one of them made a forbidden love. A book that tests friendship, trust, love and their secrets. How will they pass them? Or...

  • Hiccstrid V.S Mericcup
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    Cover by : @WhyJustNow ---- "Love is a game, if you loose, its game over."