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  • The Promised One | 5SOS Vampire Fanfic (COMPLETE)
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    When a vampire is turned, they get a thing known as a Promised One. The Promised One of the vampires choosing, is the only person that they can love. Once that is broken, they are left with a complete loss and absence of hope. Finding one, is likely. Being with them forever, is uncertain. Death, is inevitable. Having...

  • Kik//c.h
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    New Kik Message Chood96:Hey Started: January 26 2015

  • snapchat l.h {c.s.}
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    In which he places his snapchat in a pair of shoes and she buys them. media series - book one h.e.s. • 2014 • ©

  • Out of My Limit (5sos)
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    14+ When did my life turn around? Why does everyone hate me? How come the creeps at school are all over me? How come my brother and a friend are the only ones who care? Gymnastics is my escape. From school, from home, from everything. I go onto the mat and I forget it all. I get the chalk on my hands and I can't thi...

  • Calum Hood son of Poseidon
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    Bella daughter of Athena is saved by the handsome Calum son of Poseidon. Bella did not know of her power until Calum found her and took her to camp half blood where she met Luke son of Hermes, Michael son of Ares and Ashton son of Apollo. - Story with a bit of love action and fantasy - Inspired by Percy Jackson