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  • one last time
    11.6K 680 10

    Hans Gruber spends one last night with his lover. This story begins the day before the events of Die Hard, and we get to explore a different side of the villain of the story. A brief warning (shouldn't be a spoiler if you've seen the film)- contains subject matter of death, graphically depicts anxiety/panic attacks an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Turpin x reader
    94.1K 3.6K 41

    You are the most famous artist in London town, being one of the only professional women artists you found it tricky to get customers, but when you did they were surprised with how good your work was and recommend you. What happened when the great judge Turpin wishes you to paint him? Will you fall for him or will you...

  • eli x reader
    5.4K 331 4

    You are a new student at the University Eli teaches at. What will happen when your start to fail chem and the newly divorced teacher offers to give you a hand?