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  • Who is this {Percy Jackson&Tony Stark}
    6.5K 43 3

    Percy Jackson accedentaly texts Tony Stark and well you will see. this will have percabeth dont worry. DISCLAMER: I OWN NOTHING takes place after Heros of Olympus and Leo is back with Calypso Slow updates(very slow)

  • PJO Hunger Games au
    56.2K 1.2K 24

    Annabeth and Percy find themselves as the district 12 candidates in the 74th Hunger Games. Thrown into the arena with trained killers, they have to do what it takes to survive.

  • Olympian Games
    20.4K 603 12

    COMPLETED When twenty-four demigods are chosen for the Olympian Games, a terrifying fight to the death, how will they react? Most importantly, how will they survive? DISCLAIMER: NONE OF THESE CHARACTERS BELONG TO ME. ALL CHARACTERS AND SOME PLACES BELONG TO RICK RIORDAN. STORY IDEA COMES FROM SUSANNE COLLIN'S HUNGER...

  • Incorrect Quotes (Multi-Fandom)
    46K 1.6K 101

    I love reading Incorrect Quotes books, and I decided to make one of my own. Fandoms included in this book: Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Marvel, Avatar the Last Airbender, and ItsFunneh/Krew. I do not own any of the images/art used for the cover, nor do I own any of the characters used in the fandoms. Notable achi...

  • Falling Through Portals
    1.6M 70.5K 120

    Portals are one of the most interesting travel agents in the universe. They can get you anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. But for Percy Jackson, falling through a fandom portal was the last thing he needed. After being plucked from camp, Percy finds himself on the run through the universe without friends or a way hom...

  • Incorrect Fandom Quotes
    2.9K 89 28

    Will Include: - Miraculous Ladybug - Riordanverse - BNHA - Legend of Korra - Avatar: The Last Airbender - KOTLC - Harry Potter

  • Avengers Text Percy Jackson
    138K 2.8K 31

    WARNING! I wrote this more than a year ago, this This story is not purely texting, there is a slight cliche plot. Actually, its a VERY CLICHE plot. Like extremely. If you still want to read, be my guest. :) What happens when Tony Stark accidentally texts Percy Jackson? Will the two worlds collide? Read to find out. ...

  • The Fandoms
    18.3K 481 17

    Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Sophie Foster and Katniss Everdeen have received mysterious letters from their worst enemies. Their closest friends and family have been taken, and the only way to find them is to find each other and defeat them. When worlds collide, who will win, good, or evil? This is a story combining H...

  • MC Meets PP (marveXmcgoa) !!on hiatus!!
    16.5K 657 19

    You guess it. Magnus and Peter texting (wrong number fanfic) Why? Cause I haven't found any and wanted to write one. Just some fun and maybe they meet maybe they don't. Who knows?

  • Wrong Number Kid
    667K 20.1K 35

    What happens when Nico Di Angelo accidentally texts Tony Stark? ~~~ Be prepared for hilarious drama, very weird author's notes, and lots of fanart and memes. There are also a few random chapters at the end of this that are basically one-shots related to the story. ~~~ DISCLAIMER: I am not Rick Riordan nor Sta...

  • Percy Jackson meets the Avengers.
    686K 15.2K 21

    Percy is excited for this summer to come, except everything spirals down hill and Percy Jackson's life is changed forever, for the better and worse, when SHIELD comes searching for him.

  • Percy Jackson Meets The MCU
    62.4K 1K 7

    Two groups of heroes One confrontation Many, many bad guys to be put away ~ Percy Jackson / MCU crossover There will probably be cussing considering that the MCU characters do and, let's face it, it's pretty unrealistic that these teenagers from the riordanverse would never cuss. If you like Percy Jackson and/or the M...

  • Percy Jackson and the Avengers (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)
    1.1M 29.6K 34

    ACTUAL BOO SPOILERS!!!! Percy was hoping for an uninterrupted final year of school with Annabeth after the Giant war. Of course, he didn't get it. This year's interruption wasn't monsters -which was odd, it usually was. This year it was a group of people who wanted to kidnap him for some reason...

  • Suspected Terrorists
    237K 5.7K 99

    I thought spending the weekend with my dad would be a break from the crazy that is my life. MISTAKE. Jason came with me because I wanted him to meet dad. MISTAKE. I thought it was going to be fine that my dad was having a party. MISTAKE. I thought it would be cool if Leo could meet Tony Stark, one of the party guests...

  • Tony steals a pufferfish (Percy Jackson and the Avengers)
    923K 29.2K 30

    No, the seven and anybody else is not dead No, they did not betray him And NO Annabeth is NOT evil But other than that this story is about Percy and the avengers meeting This is not going to go well is it?....... Especially when you mix a bunch of memes in here and when Tony decided to steal a puffer fish. Percy Jacks...

  • The Beginning of the End (The Seven Meet the Avengers)
    190K 4.9K 9

    "Who is this kid?" I muttered to Steve. The Captain shrugs, and watches as the teenager goes head to head with Natasha and Clint. The kid seems to concentrate, but he looks almost bored with the two master assassins. "Do you think they need help?" Steve asks. "I mean, he looks like he's almost ... beating them." The...

  • The Avengers meet Percy Jackson
    32.1K 578 7

    ON HIATUS (return date TBD) Percy and Annabeth are on a casual stroll when these 6 weirdos show up out of nowhere. Who even wears spandex? Turns out, they're the "Avengers" or something. What is that, a band? Takes place after Civil War and the Giant War, but Leo's back :) Also, giving credit to @Fandoms4LifeFangirl...

  • An Unfortunate Crossing (Avengers/Percy Jackson Crossover)
    579K 15.1K 24

    Percy Jackson is trying to be normal. He has tests to take, he has a girlfriend and friendships to keep up. He has a life, but of course the fates have other plans for him. Percy Jackson gets chased by some strange people in spandex, so what's he do? He ran, which seems to have been a mistake. Now the Avengers are loo...

  • Revenge (Percy Jackson/Avengers Crossover)
    145K 4.7K 11

    Tony Stark visits his cousin, Leo, for a family reunion. What he doesn't know is that Leo and his friends have a secret. When they are driving back to Stark tower they get attacked by monster. Leo and his friends intervene and help. How will the Avengers take this, what will happen?

  • The Powerful Mystery (Percy Jackson and Avengers crossover)
    495K 10.9K 20

    After the Giant War, the seven have finally been able to have peace. Though Percy and Annabeth still struggle with nightmares, they have decided to live a normal life. With a few more weeks till starting college in New Rome, Percy and Annabeth visit Sally in New York to get away from saving the world and such. Of cour...

  • The Avenger Meet Percy Jackson
    122K 2.2K 11

    What Shield sees as a terrorist, we all know to just be someone who's always in the wrong place at the wrong time. But Percy can only hide from them for so long. See what happens when not only Shield but the Avengers finally catch up to him. **the original version**

  • Percy Jackson meets the Avengers [VERY SLOW UPDATES]
    164K 3.5K 27

    [IMPORTANT - UPDATES WILL BE SPORADIC, PLEASE DONT COMMENT FOR UPDATES] Ever since those odd energy flare ups last summer, Tony has been tracking these energy signatures. But the signatures lead to two kids? Two relatively normal looking high schoolers. Surely that's not right, kids couldn't be responsible for these s...

  • Half-Bloods at Hogwarts
    416K 7.7K 32

    Percy Jackson is going to Hogwarts!!!! Wait, rewind, rewind! Thousands of years before Percy was born, Hecate, the goddess of magic, went to the UK and gave 4 people the power of magic! And the 2 wizards and 2 witches have decided to make a school for magic! Now back to the present. Percy Jackson is going to Hogwarts...

  • Demigods at Hogwarts (Discontinued)
    68.6K 986 18

    When a gang of demigods are instructed by Hecate to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, they face exams, clashes and an enemy of unimaginable terror. But how are they supposed to defeat her when she deactivates their powers?

  • Demigods at Hogwarts
    480K 13K 24

    Percy, Annabeth, Frank, Hazel, Jason, Piper, Leo, and Nico are going to Hogwarts to discover more about the wizarding world, but they have to keep undercover! What will happen as the (undercover) demigods and wizards meet?

  • Inevitable | PJO
    42.3K 1.2K 22

    12 tributes. All of them selected for the 37th Hunger Games. All have a story to tell. They were angry. Scared. Broken. Haunted. But only one was victorious. PJO/Hunger Games.

  • Nico Visits 12 Grimmauld Place
    375K 12.9K 13

    Nico di Angelo had one job - shadow travel to 15 Grimmauld Place in London and reap a soul. But things went sour when he ended up three doors down, trapped with the Black family and crazy stick-wielding "wizards". Hopefully Percy Jackson can rescue him from this madness. ⋅⊰∙∘☾∘∙⊱⋅ cover uses viria's art highest ranks...

  • Demigods At Hogwarts
    180K 3.1K 45

    The seven plus Nico, Thalia and Calypso are going Hogwarts to protect the golden trio from the war that is coming. The combined forces from Gaea, Kronos and Voldemort are planning to attack Hogwarts and Camp Half-blood by the end of the year at Hogwarts. Read to find out what happens. A/N: I am horrible at description...

  • Demigods at Hogwarts
    256K 5.1K 27

    After the war with Gaia, the seven, Reyna, Calypso, Nico and Thalia are sent on a quest to Great Britain, to go to Hogwarts, a School of Witchcraft and Wizardary in Britain to learn the ways of the forgotten wizarding world. On their quest, they will make friends and enemies amongst the students at Hogwarts. However...

  • Demigods at Hogwarts
    91.9K 2.1K 10

    In the wizarding world, Harry, Ron and Hermione are invited back for their seventh year at Hogwarts. The war has left a huge impact on everyone, and the three are hoping to be able to relax and enjoy their final year at school. But honestly, fate just has to- [better not finish that sentence. After all, the Three Fate...