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  • Well you died and are now GOD.
    162K 4.3K 143

    On a normal day in Florida a gamer named Zeke Daniels was just eating a burrito at home when he suddenly choked on it, he dies and has many regrets. As his vision turns dark he then awakes in a pure Black room naked and confused, then a screen pops up and says [ Congratulations you died you have been given a second ch...

  • Dragon aura
    70.5K 2K 61

    This is a story about a man from a different world entirely who has no idea about the world of Pokémon, but has transmigrated as a new born with all his memories intact. He was one of the greatest young cultivating geniuses of his time, but was poisoned by his rival in a fit of jealousy. Now born anew in the world of...

  • Reincarnated as a Worm?
    61.5K 1.1K 17

    Pretty much just a random story i decided to write, but its also my first and i'm not good at writing so yeah. Anyway join Lost and his life as being reincarnated as a worm as he struggles to survive, but will he always be a worm? or will evolution lead him down a different path to becoming something different? I thin...

  • My new life as a dragon in another world
    42.2K 1.4K 33

    Killed by a stray rock, when he was walking home one day. The protagonist of this story is told by a god that they will reincarnate him into a new world. Not only that, but he gets to choose what he reincarnates into! He chose a dragon! "You'll be the only dragon to exist, ya know?" Who cares! "You won't mind if I ta...

    Completed   Mature
  • Reincarnated as a wolf monster in another world?
    5K 174 17

    When 10 random people are mysteriously killed across the world at the same time. They all simultaneously appear before a being claiming to be the one who killed them. After a quick conversation, he declares that he's going to reincarnate them. And with that, they are all sent off to have a dangerous adventure

  • Reincarnated as a Fox, Really?! (TCF AU)
    13.7K 1K 9

    what if KRS died and Reincarnated instead of Transmigrating? What will happen in his new life? Who will he get Tangled up with??? Let's Find out! (Lol this is shit post, My first writing as well 😃 pls bare with me! Also the pics l used are NOT mine, credits to the rightful owners and if they say, l will take it down...

  • Reincarnated As A Parasite
    9.8K 383 13

    Hanagaki Youji, a dojo owner and a black belt Taekwondo expert was shot on the nape by an unknown killer leading to his miserable death in the streets, but then he finds himself as some miniscule monster that can be called a parasite in a different world. With a young female human as his host, how are they going to co...

  • Pokemon :Rise to the champion
    27.9K 807 48

    A genius scientist who is a big fan of pokemon knows his way around pokemon anime and games dies and meets a goddess who gives him the choice of reincarnation and three wishes. We've all read Pokemon fanfics at one time or another. Most are downright boring, predictable, and riddled with plot holes... And this isn't...

  • Virus Cultivation
    92.3K 4.7K 82

    A terrorist that released a man-made virus, which killed more than 100 million people, was captured and sentenced to death. Death is supposed to be the end of one's story, but the searing heat from the sun and the feeling of a forest proved that wrong. He wakes up to find himself in a body of an orphan in a cultivati...

  • The Familia Head was Reborn as a Wolf in Another World
    69.9K 3.3K 65

    A leader of an allegedly organized crime syndicate called "Famila" died in a mysterious way, when he woke up, he found himself inside the body of a wolf. Suddenly finding himself alone in a foreign world, the newly awakened wolf carrying the memories of his past life was forced to fight for survival in the harsh envir...

  • Reincarnated As A Cat
    4.9K 200 17

    *Warning* Bad Grammer and more "I have paws... I HAVE PAWS!!!!" Classic isekai, guy dies (by accident from a god) and is now reincarnated into a magical dungeon adventure fantasy where yes manticores to flying horses exist. Surviving in the world would be hard if he wasn't the gods favourite so here he is as a cat...

  • Rebirth Into A Fox From Another World
    51.6K 1.6K 23

    A girl is stabbed while protecting a kid from being kidnap, as a result she died in a process of a very young age, but thanks to her finals thoughts and regrets she is reborn to another world into a fox, her new life begin now and what lies new adventure awaits her in the future Disclaimer:This story contains referenc...

  • Creatures of the Night
    1.5M 55.1K 67

    Creatures of the Night is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Original Edition and Books Edition upon purchase. Milena, an obedient teenager, has to team up with the supernatural creatures she was taught to fear in order to escape the people she once loved. ...

  • The Last Dragon
    4.7K 256 34

    Long ago.before the was the time of dragon's.big dragons,small dragons,wingless,dragons,purple dragons..... Till one day,the earth had to have a new wiped out all the dragon's,in a great disaster that spread across the world. But just as the first sign started.just as the tsunami was...

  • Pokemon XY- Complete Reset
    105K 2K 31

    Ash is back home as the champion of alola eager to see his mom and pokemon.... But what Ash found left him scarred for life..... Will Ash ever get out of the darkness he's in.... But please, comment ur opinionss... Good or bad,, teasing or absolute roast, i don't care, but comment...... It's so that I could improve...

  • Oblivious Pokemon Master
    52.4K 707 21

    After the Eternatus attack in the Galar region, Ash decided to train and make himself more stronger to battle the Champion Leon. Professor Cerise told ash that he needs to train harder so He can reach his goal to become a pokemon master. Ash agreed and told Professor Cerise to not tell Goh and Chloe about this. Well...

  • Pokémon Master Academy
    26K 294 15

    Ash Ketchum has had some terrible things happen throughout his life. First his father leaves to go on a journey only to get the news that he died. Soon after his mother then becomes very ill and dies of sickness meaning that his only family he has are his Pokémon he caught. Now ash goes to an academy to study and try...

  • The Champion Of the Mountain
    124K 1.3K 22

    HUGE THANKS TO TrayC_Child_Of_Mine FOR MAKING THE COVER!!!!!!!! Ash had just came 2nd place in the Kalos League, but when he gets home he is betrayed by his friends and family! Now, 10 years later, a boy- no a man stands atop Mt.Coronet in the Sinnoh Region. He has beaten every single trainer that has come to challeng...

  • Rise of Choosen One (ON HOLD)
    6.7K 127 6

    (Hello everyone this is my first book ,so please tell me if there is any grammar mistakes.) This is basically a betrayal Story . Read to find out more

  • The Mysterious Boy [An Ash / Pokemon Story]
    88K 1.2K 17

    Thanks again to @MinunAmour for the awesome cover! I really appreciate this! You're really the best! A certain boy in a certain school was known as the 'mysterious trainer', you know why? That boy always shows up whenever trouble occurs. And the interesting thing is, he saves them without showing himself up. None of t...

  • Kanto's Pride
    539K 6.6K 46

    This is a story of Ash Ketchum, the boy who became famous after defeating the World Champion Leon himself in the World Coronation Series. After separating from Goh to pursue their own dreams, Ash mysteriously disappears for the next three years due to unknown reasons. He lost his touch with all of his friends except a...

  • The Boy And His Legends [An Amourshipping And Aureliashipping Story]
    177K 2.4K 56

    Ash Ketchum, a fifteen year old boy in the Kanto Region, particularly in the Pallet Town, has been enrolled to a huge highschool in the Kalos Region, offered to him by Professor Sycamore, is now ready to go there. Little did he know, he will going to meet his childhood friend, Serena Yvonne. Pikachu : Pika pi...

  • Pokemon School (Amourshipping Story)
    989K 22.9K 217

    Imagine returning home from an exciting journey in a far away region to discover you'll be moving! Stepping foot back into Pallet Town, Ash Ketchum a sixteen year old Pokemon Trainer and his long time buddy Pikachu notice a truck outside their house! Rushing into his familiar house, Delia informs Ash about some s...

  • Return Of The Chosen One Book I- The World Masters Tournament
    123K 1.3K 25

    I do not own Pokémon and I'm using random names for Ash's Elite Four, Gym leaders, and the trainers that the Hero's and Traitors will face against are all random, so if you see yours it's completely coincidental. This is story is based of Betrayal off the chosen one but Its not a continuum I assure you. This is my own...

  • Pokémon USUM: Hero Born of Darkness (book 1 of the HBoD series)
    29.9K 1.6K 79

    Current Cover and Banners by @ImberLapis Zeno, a teen on the run from his past life, finds his way to Alola in hopes of restarting his life as a regular Pokémon Trainer with his partner, Growlithe. However, no matter how hard he tries, he can't fully escape the darkness of his past. His journey leads him to make frie...

  • Catch Me. Save Me. (Seq. to What Am I?)
    12.5K 467 53

    Sequel to What Am I? It has been 2 months since the events of What Am I? and Jen gone. Everyone has given up hope and accepted her death, but why is it that Mikey, a random girl from Johto, is constantly having nightmares about Jen's death?

  • How i became a op ditto
    27.7K 571 38

    hey there this story I came up cause of boredom, it is about a guy who died and became a ditto that seems to become overpowered overtime

  • A Boy and His Dragon Book 1: The Journey Begins
    88.6K 1.5K 56

    Six months have passed since the champion of Kalos died and Diantha has taken the title as his apprentice. A teenager by the name of Ryder shows up at Professor Sycamore's lab to get a starter but he comes bearing one of his fathers partners. I only own my OC's and story idea. Not my art!

  • It's my turn! (Pokemon X Male Reader)
    13.3K 165 6

    Y/n Fang is a boy who chose to stay at home and help take care of his mother after an incident when he was 11 so, at 17 he's not even a trainer. yet

  • I got reincarnated~ as a Dragon!
    18.3K 414 4

    Yui Wakana, a high school girl, got hit by a car and died. When she opened her eyes, Voilã! She became a dragon! ~REALLY SLOW UPDATE~