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  • Konstantinova (RAVEN)
    652 92 4

    Kostantinova Novak had a fairly normal life for a russian/american teenage girl. For one, she's in her final year of high school, she had a great relationship with her father and her Babushka after the tragic passing of her mother. Secondly, Nova and her best friend, Jessica had their college plans all figured out, a...

  • 14 hearts for 2 girls
    2.6K 141 6

    Sang and karma are twins. Sang is the innocent girl how barely understand sexual stuff. Karma or Kar she is far from innocent she a bit perverted. Both girls are abused by there step-mom and karma is sexual abuse abuse by there dad when he's actually home. (This story is mostly from the point of view of karma)

  • It's Raining, Mr. Blackbourne (1)
    6.1K 143 1

    This is a fanfiction based on The Academy by C. L. Stone. It is the first in a series. With thirteen parts and an epilogue. Sang is getting more adventurous with the boys, if you know what I mean, but what kind of drama can this make arise among the group? - It's Raining, Mr Blackbourne (you are reading this). - The S...

  • Unbreak Me
    24.4M 860K 67

    Avery Adley is trapped and broken. After losing her parents at the age of 8 she was sent to her Uncles family. She has been used, abused and degraded. When a business proposition arises, marriage is on the table. Will Oliver Black be able to help Avery? Or will he be another cruel man in her life? Trigger warning...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dragging Danger.
    37.8K 1.8K 36

    All Rights Reserved. ( I do not own any of the boys from the academy, I do however own Aella and anyone else I come up with in this story that's not from academy.) Please enjoy, no hateful comments please I'm writing this purely for entertainment and I suck at writing. Love you all <3. She was constantly in trouble...

  • Iris
    129K 6.2K 28

    Iris Blackbourne, daughter to Sang Sorenson and Owen Blackbourne. Only thing is, Owen isn't her only father. In fact, she has nine. When Iris turned fourteen she heard a conversation, a family meeting she wasn't supposed to hear, and it broke her heart. Scared, she runs away from the family, and in turn The Academy...

  • Hidden Hearts Ranch
    68.2K 4.5K 104

    Her father kicked her out,that same night her nine loves kicked her out. Where is she to go. Find out out Sang Sorenson survives the worst to come out on top. Disclaimer,Some characters are my own,but others belong to c.l.Stone and the academy of hers

  • The Promised Bride
    335K 10.8K 27

    Anastasia Grace Kolloff was promised to Raven Ravensthal when she was born he was 10 yrs old She is being Shipped off to America to be married to him because of a debt between Her Great Grandfather and Ravensthal Great Grandfather In which the first born Girl in the family is married to A Ravensthal to clear the deb...

    Completed   Mature
  • Finding My Normal
    238K 17.6K 83

    After Sang's family died she was moved from foster home to foster home. She has finally found a new life with her adopted parents, but she has yet to leave their property for five years out of fear of what lies in the real world. Sang is desperate to live a normal life free from her self contained prison and she is d...

  • Badass
    29.8K 1.5K 21

    Sang Sorenson is pretty much a bad girl in this fan fiction. She is also a wholeeee lot less innocent. This will start with a new beginning and a completely different meeting for her and all the boys. No more explanation really required. :P

  • Hauntingly Beautiful
    142K 8.7K 25

    A story about an adopted girl who wishes nothing more than a peaceful life, a warm home and a happy mind. *Characters are based from the Ghost Bird series by CL Stone. Story will differ mostly on Sang's family life. There will be OCs I'll be adding to the story as it progress. **special thanks to skyepanda1 for making...

  • Flutter by.
    204K 9.5K 47

    in a alternate story where sang and the boys dont meet up . where sang breaks free from her cage and finds her own way to live .where she finds her true self. where sang meets the guys on her own accord . watch as she takes the guys by storm as she flutters by. i dont own any of the ghost bird series nor am the righ...

  • Out of Darkness
    248K 13.8K 34

    Sang Sorensen has not had an easy life. In her almost sixteen years on this earth, she has spent more days than not locked away in the dark. Her nightmare of a family doesn't want her, but can't risk letting her go. So they keep her, and their secrets, locked up... Luke Taylor has a bad habit of sticking his nose i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Our Dream
    2.9K 275 4

    They dreamed about her for so long. She saved all fourteen of them and now, their intent is clear. They want to save her. And love her. Forever and always, so that their dream can become a reality. This is an all fourteen fanfic. ( with both Blackbourne team and Toma team involved with Sang. ) Academy fanfiction. All...

  • Docis' Academy One-Shots
    1K 62 5

    Here will be all my Academy one-shots. They're all inspired by the Ghost Bird and Scarab Beetle series from C.L. Stone. I don't own any of SB or GB characters. They belong to their wonderful author ( C.L Stone ). Of course, I'm not making any money with this. I'm writing for the pleasure of it.

  • Tough Girl
    147K 7.4K 34

    Some think I'm the tough girl. It really depends on who you ask. *I don't own any of the academy characters, or academy book plots, those are rights of C. L. stone* [Completed~12-27-2016]

    Completed   Mature
  • Their Girl
    9.3K 622 10

    Most people know me as their girl. It all depends on how you see it, really. sequel to Tough Girl (read first) *I do not own any characters or the academy series concepts, books, etc. those are rights of C.L. Stone the plot belongs to me however*

  • My brain did it again!
    150K 8.8K 35

    Sang recently moved to Sergeant Jasper and meets the GB and the SB men one by one. This is a fanfiction based on the C.L. Stone Ghost Bird and Scarab Beetle series. I don't own any of C.L. Stone's books, characters, etc... I'm not making any money with this and only wanted to play a little with the Academy characters...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dealing Hearts: An Academy FF Short Story (Completed)
    59.5K 3.9K 10

    Twenty-five year old Sang Sorenson is the best bird in the Academy, even as a lone bird. She's been happily dating Raven Ravenstahl for a few months, but it's now time to meet the rest of the team. Especially since they will be doing a mission together in Las Vegas. I don't think 'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sorenson's Survival
    10.6K 401 18

    "All I could feel was emptiness and darkness. I felt like I could never wake up from it like it was swallowing me up." My name is Riley and I have been abused all my life. I have given everything up for my family and I will continue to give them every thing I can until the day I die.

  • How I Wish
    29.6K 2.2K 18

    Book one of the wish series ...The sun exploded across the horizon bringing with it dawn as fiery fingers of golds and coppers slinked across the rolling hill tops. It's burning intensity consumed the last of the darkness until the moon was once more swallowed by the light. Grassy hills sparkled with morning dew, cast...

    Completed   Mature
  • ♡ Academy One Shots ♡
    5.4K 208 6

    Sang spending time with Ghostbird and Scarab beetle boys. -This is something my friend and I decided to do for fun as all characters belong to C.L. Stone- Started: Sept 2019

  • In the Midst of Unconventional (An Academy Fanfiction)
    52.5K 3.3K 10

    After being hunted by the largest and most dangerous gang in all of Russia, Sang Sorenson knows it's time to get away to a new country. Barely escaping with her life after one last dangerous mission, she boards the next plane leaving, which happens to take her to a certain little town in South Carolina. Upon arrival...

  • A little love won't hurt
    44.3K 2.7K 28

    A Ghost Bird fanfiction about Sang and nine amazing, hot guys as they journey through an expected problem. Disclaimer: all the characters belong to C.L.Stone which I have used to create my own plot Thank you for the amazing cover @berrybeehoney

  • The Laguna Siren
    1.2K 135 7

    Sang should have had a privileged life as the only daughter to the king of The Laguna Kingdom, but that is far from her reality. Whenever possible, she sneaks out of the kingdom walls to explore all that the ocean has to hold, discovering new treasures each and every day. Until the day she is found missing from her ro...

  • Academy Tales: Owen Blackbourne In Russia
    16.1K 1.3K 10

    Owen blackbourne is missing. He was sent on an academy mission solo to Russia a year and 5 months a go and hasn't returned. The academy forbids any of the blackbourne team from entering Russia to find Owen because a war has just started between all the gangs in Russia. Owen was sent to stop the war and create peace i...

  • For the Love of a Vampire ( a ghost bird fan fic) ~Slow updates
    336K 19K 72

    What if Sang Sorenson was the same shy, quiet girl, except she was also half vampire? DISCLAIMER: The Ghost Bird, Scarab Beetle, the Academy, and their characters are property of CL Stone. This is for entertainment purposes only.

  • The Hearts Of McKenzie Book 1 (Completed)
    82.1K 3.7K 43

    Kenny's pack was attacked and every one she loved was killed. She was taken by the Alpha that ordered the attack..... What happens when the Alpha kings decide to infiltrate the pack and find Kenny in the dungeons... This is going to be my first attempt at a academy book... I only own the girl character and some othe...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Wallflower
    47.1K 3.3K 14

    "You know that person you see who stands to the side at dances or parties? The one you automatically overlook because they're either shy, nervous, or just plain weird? That's me." With no friends to call her own and a popular, older sister who wants nothing to do with her, Sang is a loner. An introvert by heart, she'...

  • A Haunted House- Ghost Bird FanFic
    7.8K 686 6

    The Sorensons move into a old house in the mountains that Sang inherited from a great aunt on her mother's side. It was a mansion filled with antiques. What they hadn't known was that it was haunted by nine ghosts. Mr. Blackbourne, from the 1800s, a very proper gentleman who couldn't help but make sure everything rema...