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  • I am the storm (Completed)
    89.3K 1.4K 24

    Vergil M!Reader X demon slayer

    Completed   Mature
  • Y/N Sparda vs Union(Bullied male Dante reader x Union crossover)
    214K 2K 14

    "Verse City one the most peaceful places of all time also the place we're the best heroes/huntsman/Ninja/I.S pilots/Supernatural beings/Magus come from there you can find an academy we're they teach at the Union academy the next generation of future protectors there are no problems and it's not corrupted Bullshit Ev...

  • The Last Sparda (Male Reader x Seven Deadly Sins)
    1.8K 39 5

    After losing his brother (Y/n) Sparda went on a journey with The Seven Deadly Sins to prove they're innocence however he may unlock many new abilities along the way. Join him on his adventure in The Last Sparda!!!! (I do not own Seven Deadly Sins and Devil May Cry!! They belong to they're respectable owners!! So pleas...

  • the Dark Knight Of Kouh (highschool dxd x male reader)
    56.3K 670 17

    in a world of devils angels and fallen angels. what happens when you add demons to the mix? lets find out

  • The Third Son of Sparda (Devil May Cry, Lady x Male Half-Demon Reader)
    357K 8.7K 128

    Everyone knows that the Demon Sparda had twin sons, Vergil and Dante. However unbeknownst to everyone, Sparda had a third son with another woman. Enter Y/N L/N, a man who spends his days as a Demon Hunter! What will happen when his half-brother catches wind of his existence and requires his blood to break a seal? I do...

  • The Sparda Demon Slayer (Demon Slayer Harem X Male Reader)
    43.6K 589 6

    Y/n Sparda is tired of being in his family's shadow at being a Sparda. Every time he meets a strong Demon he is called Sparda's Kin, instead of Y/n He use the Yamato and made a portal to make a name for himself in another world/dimension. Then he meets some particular person that lost his family to a "Demon", to him t...

  • The Demon at School (MReader x Rosario+Vampire)
    607K 8.8K 40

    Y/n L/n is the son of Dante and Trish, They send him to Yokai Academy because he always cause trouble at the Human Schools because of his looks that attract all the attention of girls and the boys just wanna kick his ass. (If they can.) (I don't own any picture of the DMC or Rosario to Vampire here.)

    Completed   Mature
  • The Devil and the Spartan(Pyrrha nikos x male devil reader) (COMPLETE)
    77K 883 29

    you are Y/N Sparda, son of sparda, after kyrie died on your world, you settled on the another world called remnant. when you arrived on remnant, you have been looked younger and lived a new life on remnant... what destiny awaits him on remnant? WARNING! MATURE CONTENT

    Completed   Mature
  • The Father I Never Knew
    7.7K 162 8

    One night a terminally ill woman comes to the Devil may cry doorsteps and leaves nero her son How does this baby help dante dilemma with his family is this baby just a coincidence is it just that the kid mother just so happen to leave her son at the doorsteps or does it go down to a deeper meaning. And does it connect...

  • Devil May Cry: Witch of Fortuna
    7.4K 316 22

    One month had passed after the Qlipoth's incident. Vergil and Dante returned back to the human world. Their peaceful life disrupted by an unknown enemy who put Vergil into a comma and brought back the memories in past Fortuna during his slumber. Dante now had to find the cure for his brother, as his path intertwined w...

  • The devil hero (rising of the shield hero male devil reader insert)
    32.3K 658 10

    There were always four cardinal hero's the bow sword spear and shield but what if there was a forbidden hero one that was a demon.

  • Devil's Shall Never Cry (RWBY x Male Dante Reader)
    5.4K 127 4

    y/n is the father of Ruby Rose. When y/n was young, he wasn't a huntsmen but a Devil Hunter that also kills Grimm and owns a shop named Devil May Cry. He later meets Summer Rose, and the two got along famously. Then eventually, the two got married. They were happy, and Summer gave birth too Ruby. y/n was happy, until...

  • The Demon Hunter and The Sun Goddess {Dante Male Reader x Okami x RWBY Harem}
    8.7K 115 9

    (Y/n) Redgrave seems like a normal human by most people but in fact he's half demon and the son of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda, One day though someone drops off a weird statue of a wolf for him to safe guard but when the statue turns out to actually be the Goddess of the Sun who was awaken by the demonic energy i...

  • The son of the legendary dark knight sparda
    8.3K 144 9

    (Y/n) is the son of the dark knight Sparda and the older brother to Dante. After destroying the Qliphoth in hell a portal opens up and sucked you and Dante in. How will the dark slayer and the legendary devil hunter Dante Handel a world with fallen angels, devils and angels

  • Vergil's Irritation Rises
    180K 3.6K 40

    Virgil got thrown into a world with questionable customs.

  • My demon Acadamia(Devil may cry mreader x my hero academia )
    2K 29 2

    Don't own devil may cry or my hero academia

  • Devil's Cry
    4.2K 89 4

    Devil May Cry Nero male reader x Female Characters

  • Devil May Cry The Son Of Dante
    125K 1.6K 52

    You've heard of it haven't you the legend of Sparda this is not that story this story is about his grandson THE SON OF DANTE This is a FanFiction I don't own anything

  • Who The Monsters Are(Cheater Harem X Betrayed Male Reader)
    922K 14.2K 85

    A man that thought he was loved. By a group of people that accepted him. But what if he was nothing but all lies? What happens when is taken by those he fought against before? What will happen between them? Requested by @UzukiB I don't own anything but Plot!

  • I'll show you Deadweight (Massive Crossover x Bullied OP Nero male reader)
    20.2K 382 5

    Y/n was a boy who was orphaned at a young age and for that he was picked on by other kids. When he grew older he thought it would stop when he joined the school of Verse however that was far from true. Y/n didn't know who he was when one day that changed when. while fending a group of his bullies from one of his chi...

  • (Y/n)'s Awakening
    136K 2K 41

    We all know the story of Dante, son of the legendary dark knight, but only a few know of (Y/n)'s existence... son of Sparda's brother, Ophiel! I do not own DMC, any of the images or the characters, only the story and the OCs'.

  • Daughters of Sparda
    94.8K 1K 20

    This story is a fem Dante and Vergil x male reader from the serious devil may cry and or dmc I do not own the rights to these character it all goes to capcome

  • The broken Dark Knight (abused and neglected son of Vergil male reader x RWBY)
    15.4K 134 7

    You are the son of Vergil. you were found injured and alone not remembering anything except your name you were found by a woman by the name of willow she took you to her family and treated you as her own for about a year then they found out you were half demon with you unaware of this. After they found that out everyo...

  • Devil of Remnant
    396K 5.4K 79

    Vergil; the Son of Sparda. Dark Slayer. Alpha and Omega. Devil in a Blue Coat. He has been given many names, his legacy left in his wake through traveling throughout Remnant. Though his last name is forgotten, Vergil continues to live on beyond his family's history. However, by joining a certain group of girls' journe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Grandson Of Sprada (Dante Son Male Reader X Harem )
    38.7K 369 6

    Y/n sparda is the son of Dante he and his father moved to Tokyo for more demon jobs when they get Tokyo Dante decided to send his to school so he could start to live a normal but what happens when he finds theirs more things to the city than there is to see and what happens when he attracts girls that soon grown inter...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bury the Light
    267K 5.7K 32

    Y/n L/n is a loner with no friends, and barely talk to anyone aside from his family. One day, a terrible tragedy happened, resulting the death of his parents in an attempting bank robbery. Now without any more reason to live, Y/n tried to end his own life but his uncle prevented it and gave him a new reason. To join S...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sparda's reincarnation
    10.1K 121 5

    Follow the story of (Y/N) the reincarnation of the legendary sparda! In the world of bleach Bleach x malereader I don't own anything all the characters,videos,music,memes are owned by there respective owners witch I don't know...... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Devil may cry is owned by capcom Bleach is owned by Tite kubo

  • Absolute Power (Male Vergil Reader X RWBY)
    53.3K 459 11

    I'm not really good with descriptions, but I do know that you are a power hungry person, well... not really...

  • The Devil in I. (Son of Vergil Dmc Male Reader x RWBY)
    9.1K 156 4

    After the events of Dmc 4, another relative of Sparda has resurfaced from the grave, and it seems that Nero is not the only grandson of the Legendary Dark Knight after all...only this one, is out to kill two people...and find something to keep him in check from his demon inside of him. Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN RWBY OR...