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  • These scars...
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    Discontinued: 12/25/20 ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ Have you ever gotten a mystery bruise or scar. Thinking to yourself as you find one like, "How did I get this?" The old folk lore tells that you are born a blank slate, and as your life goes on, you get scars, bruises, cuts; but your soulmate also gets these marks. Dipper did not believe...

  • Two Sides To Choose (Megatron X Sparkling!Reader)
    73.5K 1.1K 7

    You were just a newborn lucky you just happen to be born when the war started your sire Megatronus now known as Megatron. Had no idea that your carrier Orion pax known as Optimus prime had put you in an escape pod. And sent you to an unknown plant called Earth it was a smart move on prime's part. He knew if you stayed...

  • Underneath the Underneath
    125K 3K 15

    Hi! I'm Naruto Uzumaki, and I'm what people would call the "Dead-last, the idiot, the happy-go-luck kid. But, That's just who I want them to see. I wonder how they will react when I tell them the truth. This will be fun.

  • Nice One West
    4.3K 80 7

    Wally has a daughter and a crush on a certain little ebony to hide from everyone he knows. Nice One West. Birdflash Later On (BoyxBoy, Don't Like, Don't Read) Past KidArrow Wally is 15, and Robin is 13 Child Abuse Warning //This has since been abandoned// All of my current works that *aren't* mildly problematic are o...

  • Deathstroke's Shadow (DP/YJ)
    52.3K 1.7K 24

    Richard Grayson had lost his parents at the young age of nine years old. But they weren't the only ones he was to lose that night. His younger brother, Daniel Grayson ran away that very night, unable to deal with the sight of his parents' death. And that was the last time Richard had ever seen his younger brother... o...

  • The petals (Kamiida) (Hanahaki Disease)
    490 14 1

    💙Completed💛 Disclaimer No art is mine, I have found photos on Pinterest This is my first time writing something within the Hanahaki Disease AU and I haven't read much of it so be warned it may not be the best.

  • Todobaku Angst
    87K 2.4K 23

    Hehe, get ready to cry? :) Todoroki is top Katsuki is bottom #1 in TDBK 11/23/19 #11 in Todo 11/24/19 (update #10 in Todo 12/6/19) (update #8 in Todo 12/9/19) #10 in Baku 12/6/19 (update #6 in Baku 12/30/19) #1 in BKTD 12/30/19

  • ¦shinobi and wizards¦ Naruto & Harry Potter Crossover
    105K 4.2K 18

    After the events of the last school year, Dumbledore asks the Hokage for help to protect Hogwarts and Harry Potter. ! your stereotype Naruto and HP Crossover ! ! bl (Sasunaru/Narusasu) ! ! sideships (SakuIno, Drarry) !

  • My hero academia and Naruto crossover
    38.3K 761 12

    Naruto got stuck in a world, not like his own and now is learning new thing or two and fighting people there using justu he must find a way to go home or will the way home find him?

  • Guilty Hands (Jack Frost)
    31.7K 915 14

    after Jack's been found in a children's room, a knife in his bloody hands and a corpse of a child in front of him. once the guardians abandoned him griefing over the betrayal pitch took actions knowing he would find strength in jack suffering. years of pain follow without the guardians being aware of it. isolation was...

  • skinny ※ sasunaru
    138K 6.1K 7

    ›TW: character death; eating disorders ›short story ›one of my first stories that I decided to actually publish please excuse any grammatical errors. ›warning: naruto is self conscious about his weight. I dont intend to romanticize anything on here; this was once an original story I did back in freshman year of High...

  • Mine... ~ || Tokoyami X Shouji fan fiction
    14K 285 7

    Two boys, Two hearts, One night, One love.. ~

  • The Chosen One To Fall [A Kustard Fanfiction]
    23K 700 5

    Inspired By My Favourite AU, Flowerfell. Over a few hundred RESETS later, one of the RESETS had gone wrong and had Undertale Sans appear in Underfell. However, everytime Underfell Frisk RESETS from dying, a flower appears on Undertale Sans. Undertale Sans then meets Underfell Sans, who at first wanted to kill him, but...

  • The Two Princes: The Final Story
    305 7 3

    Rupert and Amir are finally married with their happily ever after. But their story isn't over yet. A new threat arises after it's supposedly eternal rest (not death find out what I mean when you read this) to take over the Heartland. Will Rupert and Amir stop this evil? Will this darkness win the day? Will Barabus fin...

  • Something You Can't Fix
    302 2 1

    Manny was living his best life until someone he dreaded has found him once again.

  • Camp Trauma
    29.3K 527 6

    No one has ever known Henry for who he really was, all the did was criticize him. Ralph has always been there for Henry, his best friend and crush, see what happens when the class is out camping in the wood and Henry can't take the pressure of his depression any longer. (In this story, every one is about 16-17, and Pe...

  • best friends....or more? (jake x peter pan) COMPLETED
    3.1K 59 8

    what happens when peters shadow run or flys away and Peter needs jake , izzy and cubbys help and what if this brings two boys closer together will they deny their love for eachother read to find out DISCLAIMER I do NOT own jake and the Neverland pirates or peter pan Cover belongs to @mislesbiangorl

  • Icy Blush (Boyxboy)
    63.5K 2.4K 18

    "Why is he still in my head?" "His warm skin against mine, I still feel it." "But.... I don't understand..." "I love you......" Warning: Some things in here may be triggering. (I don't know how to take off Jim Hawkins, it didnt work out, my apologies)

  • I have so much Hansoff on my phone, I can make a religion out of it
    68.5K 1.3K 66

    Basically the Frozen equivalent to my Jim x Matt book lmao. Instead of dealing with a damn coward and a manipulative pirate, We're dealing with a manipulative prince and an ice harvester