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  • tanjiro harem
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    everyone lovessss tanjiro that much , wow..

  • °One Horrible Demon°
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    What if Nezuko wasn't a good demon? What if she killed and ate humans? Well that's what this AU is! Some information on this AU will be inside the book so make sure to read it! If there are questions I will answer them hopefully in the book but if not I will tell you in the comments or somewhere. Thus is my first stor...

  • Warm Hands
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    Silly one shot drabble. They're just chaotic, a little stupid, and full of spirit. Nezuko is a little shit :)

  • I can't go on... Can I? (Tanjiro harem)(My au)
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    What if Nezuko didn't survive to the demon transformation? What if Tanjiro was trained by a different person? Will Tanjiro's charm still function? I think it will. This is my au, so most of the things will be diferente from de main arc. Photos aren't mine, credits for who did them.

  • Tanjiro Kamado harem!!
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    I barely see any, and they're never bottom Tanjiro smut :[ so I made my own! These are a bunch of one shots I make whenever I get the chance to. Enjoy! <3 ____________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Reborn to A New Life!? (DISCONTINUED)
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    this was inspired by a story I read a while ago I'm sorry but I can't put there username because I can't find the story and that upsets me but I hope you enjoy. In this story Tanjiro was turned into a demon after Muzan was killed, but Tanjiro not wanting to hurt anyone stabbed his own heart in order to save everyone f...

  • Tanjiro Harem (Modern AU)
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    This story is about Tanjiro being depressed and suicidal. Tanjiro's whole family got killed by the most wanted Mafia, they are super dangerous. Even Nezuko got killed. Cover made by @Your1LocalSimpp ! Thank you so much!!<33 ⚠️ WARNINGS ⚠️ Self harm suicidal thoughts curse words School shootings Blood Cringe (I hate th...

    Completed   Mature
  • AllTan
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    Tanjiro x Everyone!! even Demons okay!! (No not Nezuko, never Nezuko!!!)

  • Tanjiro harem
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    I wrote this for fun. Literally my first Wattpad book. But some ppl isn't in the harem, so Gyomei, Oyakata (The master), Daki(upper 6), Gyutaro (upper 6), Kaigaku (upper 6), Gyokko (upper 5), Nakime (upper 4), Kokushibou (upper 1), Nezuko (obviously),zenitsu (he likes Nezuko), Aoi, the 3 cute butterfly girls idk what...

  • ☀︎DEMON TANJIRO☀︎ *My au*
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    [So basically tanjiro was the one who became a demon, so like him and nezuko swapped roles,and everyones loves him except for-] [Kokushibo- he sees tanjiro as a younger brother. Daki and Gyutaro-both of them sees tanjiro as their friend. Muzan-he sees jiro as his son. Gyokko-same reason like daki and gyutaro. Hantengu...

  • Demon Slayer's [ tanjiro Harem ]( Discontinued )
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    Hi there :))... This is a "tanjiro harem" where everybody likes tanjiro. This is an [ AU ] where i can change it too whenever i wanted it to.. I do not own the characters.. Some of the stories will be changed sometimes.. There will be: Smutt (?) Boyxboy Spoilers Swearing [ if you dont like the story i recommend, yi...

  • tanjiro harem :)
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    so basically almost everyone is in love w tanjiro :) inspired by many tanjiro harems out there!

    Completed   Mature
  • BE MINE! [ᴛᴀɴᴊɪʀᴏ ʜᴀʀᴇᴍ]
    4.8K 81 5

    Tanjiro is an 18 year old male he has good grades, a great love life, a happy family. But what if Tanjiro's love life is not what it seems? It's his first year in college,the first week there he has met a bunch of new people. Once they all get to know the kind hearted male they all make it their duty to protect him...

  • Tanjiro harem♡
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    Hello! Here I write a tanjiro harem story This story contains ... •Tanjiro x males (not including muzan) •Demon tanjiro •uppermoons x tanjiro •Bottom tanjiro enjoy!^^

  • Tanjiro Harem Texting
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    Upper moons simp over Tanjio Rui simp over Tanjiro Hashira simp over Tanjiro His Group simp over Tanjiro Ft. Yorichi, Muzan, Kamdo Family, Lady Tamyo, Nezko, Yushiro

  • tanjiro x everyone
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    demon slayer

  • The Colors of Love
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    "What is love mommy?" "Love... is like colors" Love is a word with so many meanings. There are so many different kinds of people and different ways of showing love, "What does that mean?" "There are a thousands of different colors and each color has there own unique way of showing love. One day you will show your colo...

  • Demon Slayer Idol x Idols
    24.2K 439 17

    (Tanjiro Harem) In this story, Tanjiro, his friends, and the Hashira are idols! Tanjiro and Nezuko became idols after their family died in a car crash and meeting the secretary of an idol company. Tanjiro becomes the number 1 Idol and gets a harem~ Nezuko forms a group with Kanao Tsuyuri and Aoi Kanzaki <3 Credits: P...

  • "PLEASE CHOOSE ONE OF US!" Tanjiro x All (Tanjirou Harem) Kimetsu No Yaiba
    20.3K 346 4

    Kimetsu No Yaiba Demon Slayer Corps HighSchool AU I ship tanjiro with literally everyone yall so its time to cranckle up the heat to 1000 and THINGS ARE GETTING SPICY uhhh no smut included or uh sometimes LMAO MAKE OUT SESSION HHAHAHAHHAHA FUCK uhhh some are crack chapters

  • All x tanjiro
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    its just for my desire for a tanjiro harem

  • tanjiro harem♡
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    this is for the fans that ship tanjiro harem like my friend and of course, like me ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ please don't come at me if you don't... also if you hate this ship don't leave any bad comment

  • tanjiro harem = )
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    because im such a fucked up little shit, im going to write my own tanjiro harem because i ran out of ones to read, also first story so like please say smth if you find it. also warning to everyone who clicked this, there will be mature scenes like violence and giyuu's depression.

  • He's a rengoku?!
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    Tanjiro Rengoku is the younger sibling of Kyojuro rengoku and the older brother of Senjuro rengoku. he was adopted by shinjuro rengoku (the dad) after tanjiro's family was murdered by Kibutsuju Muzan. He was adopted because of his similarity with Shinjuro's deceased wife. Ruka Rengoku. How does his life change if he i...

  • What if Tanjiro knows how to use all breathing styles
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    What if Tanjiro knows how to use all breathing styles? and a harem.. hashira's, demon slayers, and even demons will fall in love with him what will happen? read to find out~

  • Tanjiro Twitter(Tanjiro harem) inspired
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    Tanjiro harem au having a Twitter account

  • Rip and tear A Demon Slayer story
    2.1K 49 3

    There are three things all wise men fear, The sea in a storm, A night with no moon, and, The rage of a gentle soul. Tanjiro Kamado was once a kind hearted person, until the day his family was taken from him by evil incarnate, and from the death of the person he once was arose the Doom Slayer.

  • Emotions (Yandere Demon Hashira x Tanjiro
    3.9K 98 3

    A continuation of my other story, Tanjiro's Hashira Harem. Its been a year since the former Hashira's have passed on. Tanjiro is still mourning the loss after all this time but some of the pain has gone away. He has even found new love in Kanao, they have been dating for a month and they are going strong. Tanjiro hasn...

  • To Be Protected| Kny/ Demon Slayer
    85.2K 2.1K 15

    What happens if the weather on the day Tanjiro's family were to die was extremely cloudy and the sun wasn't visible? This is the story about how Tanjiro and his siblings survived and no one became a demon. But they still need saving and to be protected, not by from a what, but to be protected from a who. Tanjiro meets...

  • Tanjio's Hashira Harem
    23.2K 232 8

    Demon Slayer AU. Tanjiro is a very sweet, kind, (dense) boy. His kindness reaches no end and he will always help anyone in need. He works very hard as a Demon Slayer and has caught the attention and love of the eight Hashiras.