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  • A White Rose (Spellbound Novelette)
    9.8K 713 5

    Ereptus never wanted to be responsible for anyone but himself, so when an old friend asks him to escort a special young girl to safety he's less than pleased about the idea. The girl isn't too keen herself, finding the handsome thief untrustworthy. Together they have to make their way across the kingdoms to Messina, p...

  • Shadows & Lace (Spellbound Prequel)
    66.1K 6.2K 22

    BRAITHE is leading a double life. The dutiful princess during the day, at night the masked vigilante fighting back against her parents' abuse of the kingdom's citizens. Disguised as a man to protect her identity, things get even more complicated when a handsome outsider catches her attention. AURELIAN is not your typi...

  • Bowstrings & Velvet (Spellbound #1)
    572K 32.5K 34

    Shae, the High Queen of Erya, has one rule: Not to fall in love with her husband. Three years into their arranged marriage, Shae is still ignoring her attraction to the handsome king. A simple task when everyone knows the rumours of his love affair with the Sorceress Isobel; the woman he helped save the world, but was...

    Completed   Mature
  • Damask & Deception (Spellbound #2)
    189K 15.1K 40

    King Baudwin of Breoch is a broken man. Crushed in the height of war, crowned in the face of treason and turmoil, he fights to save his kingdom. Hoping to stave off rebellion, he reluctantly agrees to marry the daughter of his main opposition. But travelling in disguise, he comes to realise his future bride may be eve...

    Completed   Mature
  • Silk & Steel (Spellbound #3)
    58.5K 5.9K 34

    Castel has spent the past two years at Fort Mael, setting up a military base in the mountain pass between the Dreadlands and the kingdoms of Erya, throwing himself into the work in the hopes it will help exercise his demons. He's had relative success when someone from his past comes crashing back into his life. Sorcer...

    Completed   Mature