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  • Fallen Between The Cracks
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    'Women are the most creative creatures to exist.' We have a history of influential women, who have led from the front when their people needed. For leadership, doesn't differentiate between gender. When a queen takes charge, the calamity is bound to befall. But, is it always necessary to be a royalty to lead the way...

  • The Ink Scribblers Awards
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    Open () Judging () Closed (•) Practice A small word but it has a great impact on one's life. But sometimes practice also goes in vain until one gets advice or criticism which creates a room for improvement. Thus, in order to give everyone a fair opinion, we at The Elysian arcane are hosting 'The Ink Scribblers Awards'...

  • The Calamitous End
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    Mahabharat - A poem that depicts the strength of various bonds among people. A poem that shows the beauty of brotherhood. This is a story that attempts to shed light on one such group of brothers whose precious bond is lost in the pages of history and songs of bards. This is a story of five brothers who stood strong...

  • The Pillars Of Diligence
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    Mahabharata An epic that has a world of it's own. It is said that if it's not in the Mahabharata then it doesn't exist A story thar delivers all the emotions and pains. It delivers the courage and bravery of the most excelled warriors ever existed in our history. But the pain of the women is always ignored. They are...

  • The Scorned Divinities
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    Hindu religion is not just a religion. It's a world in itself. A world full of fantasies, a world full of magic, a world full of imagination, a world full of devotion and a world full of love. It has no start and no end. Hence, it's SANATAN In this vast universe of it's own, a lot of things have been forgotten. Ma...

  • To The Lost Gems Of Jaya
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    Elysian means blissful or euphoric Arcane means old and mysterious Elysian Arcane is something that is ancient, blissful yet mysterious. It is an effort to bring the underrated characters of Hindu epics and mythology into spotlight who got overshadowed by others and are eventually lost in the infinite pages of books...

  • The Elysian Arcane
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    Mythology is a collection of myths and various beliefs of people whereas history is the collection of hidden facts and sacrifices which are still unknown to today's world. The bloodshed, the war, the cries of people, the sacrifices just resonated in the pages of books which are now lost somewhere. Here at Elysian Arca...