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  • Boboiboy Meets My Hero Academia
    3.6K 273 18

    [ ONGOING ] I did it.. I finally defeated him.. ... " BOBOIBOY! " was the last thing I heard before I fell into through ice and into the water.. Or was into a portal..? [ I will post a chapter everyday! ] Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN boboiboy , and my hero academia. They belong To their respectful owners! HIGHEST RANKINGS...

  • BNHA x Boboiboy crossover: When worlds collide [HIATUS UP UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!]
    1.2K 109 9

    (Takes place after the Retak'ka fight in Boboiboy movie 2) This is it. His reign ends. Retak'ka, is now defeated. Boboiboy got his elementals back, who were happy to see their true master, not wanting to leave his side ever again. But when he trips and falls, Boboiboy's friends follow, a portal appears, transporting t...

  • The Elemental Hero : BOBOIBOY
    1.9K 161 8

    Our favourite hero Boboiboy was bored. He wanted to be more strong and powerful but his motivation was going low. No one was able to encourage him. The battle with Retka'ka was great but now he wanted to discover himself more than ever. After returning from a TAPOPS mission, Boboiboy and his friends were given a holid...

  • HERO [ Boku No Hero Academia X BoBoiBoy ]
    2K 122 2

    Boboiboy wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings, severely injured, only to be found by a man named 'Aizawa Shouta'. After a few complications, he gets admitted as the newest addition of UA's Hero Course Class 1-A. What's waiting for Boboiboy as he has to navigate this new world? Will he ever get back to his friends in h...

  • Boboiboy x mha but different
    2.5K 229 10

    Okay, I know you'll think this is a series like the others when Boboiboy is transported to the world of the Mha universe right? But this will be different, what if instead of our young hero, an element of him was transported to another world by accident? And the element I chose is Boboiboy Ice. Why? Because he's one o...

  • [BBB X BNHA/MHA] Bittersweetness In A Different World
    1.2K 111 5

    After defeating Retak'ka, Boboiboy and his friends (excluding Ochobot) were suddenly teleported to a grass field in an unfamiliar forest. Unbeknownst to them, they are in a different world. A world of the quirk-users and the quirkless, the heroes and the villains might I say. A different dimension. . 1k views 19/7...

  • boboiboy Galaxy x ejen ali x mha
    1.4K 79 8

    Why did Boboiboy and his family leave Tok Aba alone? Does Boboiboy have siblings? Wanna know what going on next? let's read the story! (Sorry I suck at doing description)

  • Boboiboy: Hero School!
    699 49 5

    Boboiboy and the Kokotaim gang go on adventures in the BNHA world to retrieve some Power Spheras, becoming heroes and making new friends in the process! tags: BoBoiBoy & Gopal Kumar BoBoiBoy (BoBoiBoy) & Class 1-A (My Hero Academia)BoBoiBoy (BoBoiBoy)Fang (BoBoiBoy)Ying (BoBoiBoy)Ochobot (BoBoiBoy)Gopal KumarYaya Yah...

  • Boboiboy X Mha
    3.4K 199 11

    This fanfic is about Boboiboy Halilintar / Thunderstorm life babysitting a 3 year old Bbb Supra and a 2 year old Bbb Gentar at Mha . * IMPORTANT * - english is not my first language - all the pictures are NOT MINE unless I said it was mine.I gonna put a not at that picture. -BOBOIBOY and MHA belong to their owners.

  • Survive In the Unknown World (BoboiboyxBNHA)
    381 17 4

    Want spoilers? Nah, read it to find out :).

  • boboiboy x Mha/Bnha | Different Dimensions Similar Worlds
    4.4K 267 9

    I've seen so many boboiboy into mha world... so.... why not we go the opposite now? . . . . The villain somehow had DimensionBot and teleported boboiboy with him to another dimension.... But if he could bring him to another dimension... He could bring him back where he belong... Achievements : #1 Gopal, April 16 2...

  • Together We Will Win (BOBOIBOYXBNHA)
    16.3K 865 32

    「 this Is a crossover between Boboiboy and Bnha 」 I'm rewriting it :) bc this is so fcked up💀 80% of the population has it. But because humans are greedy, criminals start to appear with powerful 'Quirks' and that's why heros protect this world. Now Boboiboy will have his own adventures here in My Hero Academia/Boku N...

  • A new world that amazes me(BNHA x Boboiboy)
    430 27 2

    Boboiboy crossover WARNING⚠️ mention of blood some fights bad words

  • Crossover MHA x Boboiboy (Civil War Game!)
    17.8K 1K 22

    Who didn't know UA! The number One Hero School! They being created for a Future hero to be better! Being care by The one and only Pro heroes Nezu, or being know as Principal Nezu! How about Tapops High? The Second Hero School! They also being created for a future hero! But, who said anything about their second organiz...

  • Boboiboy x mha (plot 2)
    15.7K 1.2K 13

    not a sequel you don't have to read the first book to know what happens this is a new timeline. The weekly updates will remain the same.

  • Heroic (BBB x BNHA AU)
    568 53 2

    Due to a certain childhood trauma, Boboiboy gave up on his dream to become a hero on the age of 10. Even then, he still received an invitation to enroll in Rintis academy; a top academy dedicated to train young heroes in Malaysia. Before he was able to sent back a reply to turn down the invitation, he met a young blon...

    346 20 1

    This is a re-write from the story i wrote. I felt like my old story is too cringe so i decided to make a new version. Please enjoy. Dont forget to follow and comment ;)

  • BNHA X Boboiboy ( beyond the universe )
    43.3K 2.8K 23

    Our Bnha heroes had always faced many challenges and dangers on their way , they had already proven that they can overcome those challenges . So how about a little school trip will test those abilities to another level . And what trip will be better than the galaxy , right? Will they also prove their worth through th...

    22K 964 26

    Boboiboy was suck into a teleportal that suddenly appeared in front him when he was fighting with Retak'ka. He then was teleport into a world where everyone has their own power , as known as quirk. When he first teleport in that world he found out that the villains that he still fighting with, still there with an amou...

  • A Hero From Beyond
    36.1K 2.6K 22

    |[ A BoBoiBoy × My Hero Academia Crossover ]| BoBoiBoy had finally done it. With his incredibly chilling finishing blow on Retak'ka, the alien blasted off into space and was defeated. It was over. They had won. But with the rise comes the fall, and BoBoiBoy was pulled . . . pulled into a whole different place . . . a...

  • Secret of the World
    352 23 3

    After defeating Retak'ka, unfortunately Boboiboy dies because of exhaustion. He wakes up surrounded by darkness and hears a voice. The said voice is telling Boboiboy that he is a god and going to reincarnate Boboiboy to a world full of heroes in a different universe. At the same time in another universe, a girl died...

  • [Boboiboy x BNHA] Boboiboy In a another world?
    678 26 6

    {This is inspired by the book i have been reading and Credit to them!} This is after boboiboy movie 2 and the gang was doing a mission thne out of a sudden a Portal came that sucks 2 people! Found out who are these people <3

    4.2K 159 5

    the two shortie principal from u.a high and tapops high or so we know as nezu and kokochi have really good relationship with each other as their school is always rivalling no.1 in the world ranking of hero prestige academy for some reason both of school new freshmen always got assault by villain as japan just got dow...

  • [Boboiboy X BNHA Crossover]Protectors of Space?
    7K 398 7

    Class 1A was just having their training together when suddenly, an explosion occurred near the place where they were training. The explosion caused great damage, a mysterious force field came out of nowhere,prevented them from leaving the place of fire. Despite trying everything, they still couldn't get out. Just when...

  • Another Problem Child (Boboiboy x BNHA crossover)
    5.9K 465 5

    •-=-• "Hey, brat." Aizawa called. Boboiboy looked through the fort of books encircling him and to the reigning dark lord of his misery, "Yes?" Aizawa thought for a moment then spoke, "Do you want to be a hero?... legally, this time?" •-=-• Or; When Boboiboy woke up alone one day he somehow found himself back on earth...

  • BBB X MHA(discontinued)
    4.5K 139 9

    After boboiboy defeated retak'ka he fell from the damn but sadly luck was not on his side he was impaled by the ice spike he created to stop the damn from demolished the city by the salt water it hold as his friend running all their heart to him boiling water in their eyes was the last thing he saw -also i make boboib...

  • the young elemental hero
    25.3K 999 28

    boboiboy and his friend are on a vacation then suddenly boboiboy got sucked into the portal and is now trapped in another dimension here 80% of the population have superpowers that are called quirks ( WARNING BEFORE READING :I DO NOT OWN BOBOIBOY OR THE CHARACTERS IN BOBOIBOY,BOBOIBOY AND THE CHARACTER IN BOBOIBOY IS...

  • Boboiboy x Mha (plot 1)
    73.3K 3.6K 42

    Only Boboiboy got yeeted in this time. There will be no extra lore probably will end after saving Bakugo sad goodbyes sure but nothing really significant, no characters will be killed off. Post Retacka and, and concept will be either via bbbgss2 comics or whatever Yukiredmix , Arrieya Senpie, spicy noodle and filaluh...

  • Boboiboy x Boku no Hero Academic
    930 52 2

    Cover: my art Hi guys! Kuro here. This is the first time I writing a story so there will be a lots of mistake. This book is writing about Boboiboy who was send to another world by a Power Sphere ability. How will Boboiboy survive in this new world? Can he keep his "secret" remain in shadow? Let's read to find out mor...

  • Hero Meet Hero (BoboiboyxMHA)//English version//
    338 32 1

    Apparently, Boboiboy's fate is not as good as he thought. When he was on a rescue mission for a Power Sphera that was almost the same age as Databot, Alternetbot, without him realizing, the person who kidnapped the unfortunate power sphera had been his arch -enemy since elementary school. By pouring the power of the...