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  • ||Villain Rehabilitation|| MHA **Discontinued**
    109K 4.2K 36

    When the Villains make another escape, Dabi is caught by the Heros, Shiggy tries to save Dabi only to let him go. . . Dabi wakes up in a white room with his hands cuffed, he tries to use his quirk, only for it not to work and had an Anti-Quirk Collar on his neck. All Might and Mr Aizawa enter the room and begin their...

  • "You actually care...?" - BNHA
    99K 3.4K 35

    ⚠️!!STORY RATED AS MATURE BECAUSE OF ABUSE, VIOLENCE, MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH TOWARDS THE END, MINOR SWEARING, ETC. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THIS TYPE OF STUFF, PLEASE DON'T READ THIS BOOK!!⚠️ It was a widely known fact that the Number One Hero, Endeavor, could have a bit of a temper. Though, in comparison, just how bad his w...

    Completed   Mature
  • MHA {UA Mysteries Uncover}
    42.8K 1.8K 45

    It was a normal day... Aizawa announcing the Number 2 Hero would be coming in to talk about the importance of being a hero... Shoto listened from the back of the class, he didn't talk much in class, or any where in fact, it got to the point people would mistaken him for a mute. Only, when Bakugou falls asleep in class...