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  • Gun To My Head, Stake To My Heart
    182K 7.6K 41

    Special Agent Amelia was the best of the best at the CIA. She got sent on the most dangerous missions and ALWAYS got the job done. She never bat an eye when having to seduce targets to acquire the necessary info. Her boss has sent her on a mission which he deems to be the most important case she will ever have. Easy r...

  • Bullet Between My Eyes
    30.2K 1.7K 36

    Book 2 of Gun To My Head, Stake To My Heart After 10 years of marriage and a child, Amelia and Lara couldn't be happier. Everything has started to make sense between them. They are currently living in the beautiful villa in Amalfi, Italy. The view, food, and people couldn't be better. Like I said, it couldn't be bette...

  • Piercing My Heart
    41.1K 2.1K 105

    Lara's POV Ever curious how Lara perceived things or what she was doing the entire time? Find out the darkness hidden behind the flirtatious smile and read how Amelia was able to restore the brokenness Lara had been harboring. The story will track the events from book 1 through book 2... and maybe a little more after...

  • Strangling My Voice: Zena's Story
    38.8K 2.6K 82

    I recommend reading Book 1 (Gun To My Head, Stake To My Heart) and Book 2 (Bullet Between My Eyes) first, so you understand what is going on. Book 3 (Piercing My Heart) is from Lara's POV, so it's not imperative to read before... but I still encourage it. Lara's POV is more of a bonus book to understand her character...

    Completed   Mature
  • Slicing My Flesh
    36.6K 2K 85

    Book 5 of the Gun To My Head Series 2nd Book of Zena's story I recommend reading the other books before this one. I'd highly recommend the first book of Zena's story (Strangling My Voice) before this one; otherwise, you'll be lost. With the loss of her mate, Zena has never felt more broken. She spirals into depression...

  • Recherché Academia
    37.6K 2.4K 117

    **I recommend to read this after The Devil Made Me Do It** What happened after Zena discovered the card White Fang left her? And why does White Fang want her dead? Is there anything called peace when you have a tribrid, angel, and devil? Unfortunately, White Fang isn't the only person stirring up trouble. Watch the t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pummeling My Heart
    7.8K 577 33

    *Book 6 in the Gun To My Head Series* *Also, I recommend reading Recherché Academia first* After the world practically ending and the loss of many friends, Lara and Mila returned to France where Lara is able to govern the vampires in the Human realm. The couple has one daughter on the hunt to reconnect with her mate w...

  • Assassinating My Character: Yeira's Story
    10K 679 42

    *Book 7 in the Gun To My Head series* While the others are recovering from the aftermath of the massive battle, Yeira took off to find Hana, with the help of her loyal guardian, Lexi. The two must travel the elusive realm to accomplish their mission. The two will meet new friends and rekindle old relationships.

  • Prey for the Devil's Bloodied Angel Wings
    15.2K 998 84

    *I recommend reading all the books in the series first and Side Characters Unite from the Shorts book before reading this* Kiki's back. Addy's distressed. Acacia and Hana are miraculously alive. The twins approach the world in two COMPLETELY different ways. And more people are trying to kill them, but what's new? Also...

  • Lena Loves Again
    13.1K 673 38

    *I'd recommend reading a Mother's Sacrifice in the Shorts book to have a better background* 10,000 years... 10,000 years was all it took for Lena's life to turn into a living Hell. She was forced to watch her sadistic late husband murder her soulmate. And then she was subjected to life under his rule for millennia. No...

  • The Past Comes Back to Bite
    3.3K 302 31

    Everything has been peaceful and nice for the lovely couple... almost too quiet. And when it's been serene for too long, someone has to come along and cause chaos. It's like the calm before the storm. But, this storm is more intense than anything imaginable. When tragedy strikes, the couple must return to Montana to s...