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  • Rikara SS : Straight Circle
    3.2K 467 3

    If Omkara is Chalk then Gauri is Cheese. If Gauri is Straight then Omkara is Circle

  • RiKara SS : Guardian Angel
    12.6K 813 3

    When his brother falls into a coma, it is up to Omkara to take care of all of his responsibilities.

  • Rikara FF : Just Married
    56.6K 4.1K 18

    Omkara and Gauri are complete strangers and they are married, and Omkara has to hide his marriage from his family while she lives in the outhouse as his friend's sister. Slightly inspired from the Malayalam movie Meleparambil Aanveedu All Cover Courtesy : ImOrginal aka Nithya

  • Rikara Short Stories Collection
    290K 22.9K 96

    Some have asked me to post my short stories also here like I post the one shorts, so this is the page for that. I've posted the same stories with Rishabala, this is the compilation of all those stories with Rikara in the lead. Book Cover Courtesy : rikarabharnal_life All Cover Courtesy : ImOrginal aka Nithya

  • Rikara FF : It's In His Kiss
    73.9K 6.6K 37

    After she was jilted two weeks before her marriage, Gauri is back in India with Shivaay and Sahasra after her 5 long years of exile, hoping that her past is what it is, her past. But she is unaware that her past is waiting for her in her present in the form of her new boss- who is soon going to be her new neighbor, wh...