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  • Atlantis // DNF
    21.9K 931 27

    "Which one would be you?" George asks after a moment of silence. "I'm not sure. I think I would be Poseidon." "Who is that?" "I guess you'll have to keep reading." "Who would be I?" Cleito. You would be Cleito.

  • New shoes | dnf
    1M 30.5K 52

    George wasn't stupid, but that night he panicked. Who knew new shoes would lead to his kidnapping. this book contains sensitive topics such as rape, abuse, self harm, ect. so please don't read if you're sensitive to these topics, but warnings are provided before each chapter starts highest rankings #14 in hostage 6/2...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shy blob //dnf//
    726K 19.8K 24

    Dream George and Sapnap meet up. They stay the week at Dream house. Little do they know that Dream becomes a little white blob when he's embarrassed/blushing/ to hard. (He looks like the cover photo) ⚠️cussing⚠️dnf⚠️ There is no smut, I can not write smut, I WILL NOT write smut for as long as I live. Ayo 20k+ reads...

  • Skate!
    164K 6.1K 33

    Dream, a skater, with a bunch of skater friends. George, a skater, having just moved, had only one skater friend. George and his friend are skating at the park. What happens when the two groups meet each other? Discord: Eli (rreallityy) made the cover for this so hat him for it <3 /j

  • pick-up lines | dreamnotfound
    1.2M 46.5K 31

    dreamwastaken sent you a message! dream im a hardcore gamer so you can trust me to be good with my fingers. you what the fuck in which george gets a pick-up line sent to him everyday. 13 in dreamnotfound 1 in gream! 8 karl ?! <33

  • 779 Miles Apart
    885K 31K 38

    I started this at 1am we'll see if it goes somewhere lmao it's a DNF fic that i'm trying to keep kind of realistic ish but we'll seeeeee anyways this is just for fun. enjoy. - obvs the cover art isn't mine all credit goes to the artist!! UPDATE: Thank you PilRame for finding the artist! It's @/vnzndt on instagram! Thi...

  • dear diary ~ dnf dreamnotfound ONESHOT
    46.4K 920 7

    George accidentally comes out on stream, luckily Dream is there to comfort him. TW in this story: (all chapters will have a TW if needed) -Homophobia -Panic Attack -Self harm Cover art credit- @cashwarts on twitter

  • 7 Minutes in Heaven, But it's 7 Days in Florida (DNF)
    1.7M 40K 9

    It's one thing flying out to another country and spending a week in your best friend's home, but it's another thing if you're in love with said best friend. That's a whole different story, but luckily, that's what this story is about. -------- Cross-posted from AO3 under the same account name. My friend Pi drew the co...

  • Living together | dnf
    2.8M 56.5K 47

    Bad, Sapnap, Dream and George made a decision to live together. All through ups and downs, they stick together even when things take turns for the worst. story contains themes of - - nsfw -self harm -abusive relationships -suicide -alcohol -bad eating habits

  • .: The Rink :. Dnf .:. REWRITTEN
    517K 13.7K 69

    .:REWRITTEN:. Dream also Known as Clay plays hockey for a living with his bestfriend Sapnap. George a unnoticeable male figure skater around his town. One day Dream decided to practice late after practice then he ran into someone who would eventually become one of he best friends... maybe something more. ⚠️ This stor...

    Completed   Mature
  • BodyGuard (DNF)
    4.9M 168K 160

    17 year old George had always had trouble with bullies, so his father decided to get him a BodyGuard. Who knows what will happen from there. Fanart is not mine This story include sexual references, swearing, smut, and angst.

    Completed   Mature
  • Accelerate
    1.3M 20.5K 2

    "You did good." Oh god his accent. "I don't think I've seen you race that well before." Dream looked over to him, raising an eyebrow amidst his prideful grin. "You've come to my races before?" - Dream likes to race for the rush of adrenaline, and George looks so pretty when he waves the starting flags. - Accelerate wa...

    Completed   Mature
  • A merman's tear (dreamnotfound)
    740K 33.3K 41

    Pirate captain Dream is captured by the king, in order to be pardoned, he and his crew must set sail on an almost impossible mission, to secure a mermaids tear to cure the deathly illness the king has contracted. But when this mermaid, or better put, merman starts to worm his way into Dream's heart, things start to ch...

  • Reflections • DreamNotFound ✓
    1.5M 64.6K 59

    DreamNotFound ─ In which Dream is assigned as Prince George's new personal guard and finds that it is surprisingly easy to fall for the royal with the spunky attitude but incredibly hard to keep his secrets from him. ❝ You know, you're something else. I like that about you. I really like that about you, actually. ❞...

  • And Action (Gream / DreamNotFound)
    3.7M 83.7K 31

    [COMPLETED] --- [EDITED; no longer containing content with Technoblade] Dream, the most popular gay porn star. George, a poor young man who's part time bartender and part time thief. Dropped out of college so he can get a job to pay for the overpriced medical bills for his sick grandma, who's his only family. When...

    Completed   Mature
  • boyfriend || DNF
    2M 60K 28

    Trigger Warning || Suicide Mention, Drugs, Alcohol, Abuse, Smut, Angst || Dream meets the new kid from england George, rumors say that him and george are alot alike, smoking, drinking and being complete party animals that would get into trouble, but both are good kids academic wise

    Completed   Mature
  • The Devil's Gift // dnf
    1M 31.2K 42

    //Dreamnotfound// As George enters a new year of highschool he is introduced to a fellow classmate who goes by 'Dream'. The two aren't very fond of eachother... at first. ‼️DISCLAIMER‼️ real names are OCCASIONALLY used for the sake of the story and i do not endorse irl shipping. please keep in mind the ccs are okay wi...

  • The Tutor [DNF]
    584K 17.2K 49

    Clay is a football player in college- his future looking bright, his NFL dreams waiting for him, until he fails his functions midterm. And George? He's smart, ambitious, and aces every test put in front of him. He, on the other hand, got an A plus on the midterm. They're opposites, but you know what they say, Opposite...

  • One trip to Disney *dreamnotfound*
    416K 15.8K 33

    George, a famous streamer, has been invited by his friend Sapnap to go to Disney in Florida with Karl, Bad, and Skeppy. George soon finds out that Sapnap has invited his childhood friend Dream along to..... but little does he know that this childhood friend will turn George's whole holiday upside down for better and f...

  • Can You Feel My MLOHKCOTS Heart || DNF
    833K 23.1K 28

    Trigger Warning || Kidnapping, Violence, Suicide, Angst || An Assassin with a small crew, President Soldiers, V.President & Secretary...All with one person on their mind...George The President of L'manberg

    Completed   Mature
  • did you mean it? // dreamnotfound
    546K 14.2K 19

    George had only been in the u.s for about 2 years now. Every since he's moved, he's had feelings for a football player at his high school, Clay Taken. He went to a party, which Clay was attending, and something unexpected happened. Did he mean it? - possible tw: -homophobia -underage drinking -abuse - #15 lgbtq 3/3/2...

  • rooftops
    5.9M 162K 55

    ༄ Dream is the lead guitarist in a band, George is just a boy who happens to be the one Dream falls for. Little does George know this isn't the first time he's ever encountered the man he will slowly come to love. - tws/cws at the start of each chapter !! :)

    Completed   Mature
  • Omega (DNF)
    905K 30.5K 21

    George is an male Omega, which is extremely rare. In a world where Omegas are constantly pursued by Alphas, he does his best to hide his identity, even to his friends. Dream is an Alpha, which is fairly common, so he hasn't bothered telling George. When an opportunity unexpectedly comes up for George to visit Dream...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nightingale - Dreamnotfound
    173K 9.5K 24

    [BOOK #1 OF THE SONGBIRD SERIES] (Book 2 out now!) A story in which Clay is a trained killer. The top of the Specialties, to be exact. And when he finds himself at the wrong place at the wrong time, he is assigned an important mission to go on a manhunt for the one who stole important government papers. 19-year-old G...

    Completed   Mature
  • Text back
    743K 24.2K 20

    WARNING: Some chapters contain triggering subject material. Reader discretion is advised. I, defelala, wrote this fanfiction. If you see anyone else posting this fic, or using it's cover, please let me know. Dream has feelings for George, and he accidentally confesses whilst recording a video. 💖 Sapnap approved 💖 (...

    Completed   Mature
  • In 90 Days ~ Dreamnotfound
    1.5M 48.4K 22

    After a joke becomes a reality, George becomes an American citizen in a way he never thought he would: by marrying his best friend. It wasn't a big deal. The plan was that they'd get married, go through the whole citizenship process, and get George his green card. After that, they'd file for a divorce and it'd be lik...

  • Midnight Birdsong [Dreamnotfound AU]
    2.7M 88K 43

    George is hopelessly in love with Clay, but he doesn't know how to express his feelings. Clay is concerned and confused about why his friend is avoiding him. High school first love, plus a sprinkling of drama. Dreamnotfound, Skephalo... If you enjoy a slowburn, you'll like this one. ___ High school AU (Contains other...

  • the not so good subgoal
    5.1M 192K 52

    "george what's the new subgoal going to be?" dream questioned. - "chat i'm not gonna read fanfiction as a subgoal.."

  • Mafia (DNF)
    1.2M 44.9K 48

    24 year old programmer, George, has no idea what he's in for when he stumbles into a tall blonde man on the streets. He apologizes and goes about his day normally. That night, on his way home, he's dragged out of the comfort of his life and into a world of danger and bloodshed. What horrors are hidden behind the exqu...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Kingdom of Untold Truths || Dreamnotfound
    734K 27.5K 23

    Clay has been pulled from self-retirement to serve as Prince George's royal guard. I do NOT take credit for the cover art. Artist: @voicefulshelf68 on Twitter Possible TW: Swearing Slightly nsfw Violence Blood Torture Panic attack Mention of vomiting Possibly more 4/12/21: #2 Dreamnotfound!! 4/12/21: #2 slow...