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    ( completed ! ) user: are the two of you dating!!??? willowposey: no. JensenAckles: yes. user: ??? ( original work ) ( jensen ackles x oc ) ( #181 in fan fiction as of 2 - 26 - 17 ) ( #9 under #jensenackles as of 5 - 11 - 18 ) ( #1 under #jaredpadaleki as of 11 - 19 - 18 ) copyright, 2016 by loveyxsty...

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    "Son of a bitch." IN WHICH ALYSSA HAS FREE TIME TO WRITE STORIES ABOUT THE BITCH-SWEARING HOT MOTHERFUXKER DEAN WINCHESTER. Book started; May 18, 2017. Completed; April 5, 2019. Ranking ; #1 in deanwinchesterimagines #4 in deanimagines

  • Strength - DeanxReader
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    After a somewhat awkward run in between the Winchester brothers and (y/n), Dean Winchester begins to feel the need to find her again. After a year of searching the country and dragging along younger brother Sam, Dean finds her, and it isn't pretty. (Y/f/n) - your first name (Y/l/n/) - your last name (Y/n/n) - your nic...

  • Changes (Dean Winchester X Reader)
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    You are an immortal being, not limited to a species because even the Archangels have no idea what you are. Your only friend is Castiel, when he has time to visit. Even though you are over 6 million years old, you have very little control over your powers, so you stay inside to protect the humans from you. Then Castiel...

  • Buy Me Dinner First [Dean Winchester x Reader]
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    ~COMPLETED~ As a hunter with a colourful past, (y/n) is trying desperately to track down and neutralise the monster that ruined her childhood whilst maintaining her elusive and solitary nature. When a hunt almost goes wrong due to an unnecessary distraction in the form of Dean Winchester, (y/n) is thrown into their co...

  • Sam × Reader (Finished)
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    You've been there for Sam and Dean through every hunt. You're relationship with Sam was nothing more than a friendship, til one day and that all changed.

  • Dean Smut
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    WARNING: lots of dean smut. DeanXreader. hope u enjoy ;)

  • SEORSUM - Supernatural Season Two [Dean Winchester x Reader]
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    #2 of the You're in Supernatural Series SEORSUM - Supernatural Season Two The effects of the car crash take hold, sending the Winchesters and Y/n to the hospital. Tensions high and everything on the line, Y/n is forced to step back and consider which path she wants to lead: the dangerous life of a hunter or the shelt...

  • INITIUM - Supernarural Season One [Dean Winchester x Reader]
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    #1 of the You're in Supernatural Series [Eventual Dean Winchester x Reader] Y/n Y/l/n has never been one for conflict, perfering to work behind the scenes and offering her knowledge when needed. But when her best friend, Dean Winchester, shows up on her door step, Y/n is thrown into the supernatural battlefield in sea...

  • Fallen Angel||Sam Winchester X Reader
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    Hope is an angel of the Lord that has rebelled because she's certain God isn't coming back. But the angels are on the hunt for her because they think Hope knows where God is, forcing her to go into hiding. It isn't until she meets Sam and Dean Winchester that her human cover is blown. But Hope doesn't mind too much be...

  • Still the Same Kind of Business - a Dean Winchester (X Reader)
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    BOOK 2 (read The Same Kind of Business first!) Dean Winchester (X reader) You meet a muscular, dirty blonde, green eyed man at your uncles place, but he's not alone. He is accompanied by he's little brother, Dean and Sam. You were 24 years old when you fell in love with a Winchester, but sometimes falling in love ca...

  • Dude that's my sister
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    Re written

  • Castiel's Daughter || Supernatural story
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    Cass has a secret from the Winchester for a long time. Until Dean meets a new girl in town.

  • Another Supernatural Imagine Book
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    This book is only here because I can't bring myself to delete it. It's just a messy conglomeration of teenage jordyn's daydreams and depression compressed into supernatural imagines. Enjoy. ||STARTED JULY 14TH 2018|| ||END (for the most part) MAY 22ND 2022||

  • Simple Man(Jensen Ackles X reader)
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    Your an actress but not that well known sadly. You've done a soap opera here, a crappy horror movie there, and occasionally a commercial. But one day you get the chance of a life time when your picked to play the role as 'Roxy', Dean Winchester's new love interest on the hit TV series Supernatural. What happens when y...

  • Jensen Ackles/ Dean Winchester X Reader
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    A collection of One Shots I have been writing.

  • Kidnapped (Dean Winchester x Reader) (Editing)
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    You (Y/n) (L/n) are a hunter and meet Sam and Dean in Ellens bar after a hunt. They saves you after a vampire hunt that goes wrong and you almost end up dying. They end up taking you on there hunts mostly because Dean wanted to keep you safe.Now that your kidnapped by demons what will happen and will they find you in...

  • Dance With Me {Dean Winchester X Reader}
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    You are the second best hunter in the world, only second to the infamous Winchester brothers. When your close friend tells you to work a case with them, you comply, wanting to see the moronic hunters up close. But things get complicated when you get injured and have to stay with the Winchesters a little longer. I don...

  • Hard Love (Dean Winchester X Reader)
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    (Y/n) has been a hunter for her whole life. Ever since her mom and dad were killed by demons and a kid. Her and her Ally grew up hunting. When Ally ends up being killed after a hunt, (Y/n) goes off the grid. On one hunt she saves these two brothers from a wendigo, but when she sees Dean, she know she needs to be with...