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  • Rio
    5.4K 715 13

    හිරුට ළංවෙන හැමදේම දැවිලා අළුවෙලා ගියත් ඒ හිරුටම පුළුවන් ජීවයත් උපද්දවන්න.

  • The Last Lycan Omega
    32K 1.9K 25

    Young dominant alpha Bo Shaw, is thrust into the leadership role of his pack after the sudden death of his parents. During an attempted coup by a neighboring pack who thought the young alpha would be weak, he meets gentle and timid Sean Whit, a recessive omega. Bo immediately recognizes Sean as his fated mate. Can the...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Lycan King's Omega Mate
    865K 37.9K 22

    He is a Lycan King. He is 1086 years old. His name is Wang Yibo. He is a half Vampire and half Wolf that's make him biggest fearing Lycan in the world. Currently he is looking at his mate while sitting in couch. His name is Xiao Zhan. He is an Omega. The lowest rank in Werewolf. He was looking down all the time while...

    Completed   Mature
  • Baby Maker For Hire
    206K 13.8K 54

    What will you do? If someone approached you then pointed a gun, straight through your head saying, "Bear my child or I will kill you? " For Xiao Zhan. He rather agree, than to get himself killed. But the problem is? He's not a woman. He can't bear him a child. How can he fulfill his job? In what way? and in what pro...

    Completed   Mature
  • Protect the witness
    99.5K 7.8K 33

    Xiao Zhan witnessed his best friend killing people mercilessness. In the last moment he could prevent him from killing an innocent child and managed to flee with the latter despite getting shot. To protect Xiao Zhan, the police decided to have him move in with Wang Yibo, the prosecutor handling the case and also the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Yizhan Stories That I Suggest
    239K 2.9K 157

    Well this is my first book in whattpad i hope you guys like it. In here i'm going to suggest some best yizhan fanfic that i had already read or reading. And i came up with this idea because as a yizhan fanfic lover i really had a hard time in searching stories. Mainly i'll mention the story, author and the status of...

  • My Little Mate
    222K 12.3K 46

    (WangXian X WeiLan) The legendary wolf who holds the power of destruction along with his other half who holds the power of creation. This two along with two more joined forces to destroy the evil. The Legendary Black Lycan Wolf along with his two wolf brother's and the chosen partner. These four are the saviors of...

  • Reborn as a Stranger
    53.6K 3.6K 43

    To Zhan, the word love don't go well with him. He can't even love himself so how can he love anyone else? His trust, his love, everything got destroyed... He never even once imagined his life was built upon full of lies... His family, his love, his friends every one of them made him to hate himself and never trust any...

  • I Hate You (YiZhan FF)
    2.1M 76.5K 55

    Wang Yibo known as most notorious Bad Boy and a heartbreaker. Xiao Zhan is known as most calmest person with cheerful mind. Wang Yibo can't stand with Xiao Zhan. Yibo hate Xiao Zhan more than anything in this world. Don't want to hear his name from Xiao Zhan mouth. Wang Yibo mostly hate the way Xiao Zhan smile. Xia...

    Completed   Mature
  • Spin The Bottle | YiZhan
    80K 5.2K 17

    Wang Yibo, also known as the Ice Prince because of his cold and distant nature. Xiao Zhan, dared to chase after the Ice Prince and will do everything just to get him. When these two hearts meet, everything in their world will alter permanently. Love, misery, hatred, jealousy, they will last battling with their emotion...

  • My CEO Bodyguard
    214K 15.5K 51

    Naughty Xiao Zhan needs his CEO Bodyguard to tame him. MPREG STORY *Inspired by the show 'Advance Bravely'! It is a really nice show with many cute moments (Especially when Xia Yao goes to Yuan Zong's hometown!)*

  • The Male Mermaid and his Revenge { Justice To My Parents Death} }
    13.6K 709 13

    You all can see here Xiao Zhan as a (male mermaid) mermaid and Wnag Yibo as a CEO of a well known company who will fell in love with our mermaid Xiao Zhan (male mermaid) In this story you will see how Xiao Zhan will get success in taking revenge from those bad guys who killed his parents and younger sister when he...

  • 2:Fire & Ice || Yizhan Ff ||
    367K 26.3K 61

    Completed!! They were like Yin and Yang, good and bad fire and ice. Both from different world, different background and different life's. But, one night changed everything as they came clenching against each other. That one night that turned both their life's inside down. Good or bad, it's find out. Please, do not co...

    Completed   Mature
  • Doctors
    415K 28.5K 46

    DISCLAIMER: Any medical knowledge in here is total nonsense. Whether it's true or not, it's best not to believe 👍 "Yibo Yibo... Yibo" Yibo murmured as he looked for his name on the computer. 'Found it!' He thought to himself in anticipation. 'Yibo... Year 4 intern... Lotus Cloud Hospital...' Yibo read in his mind. "Y...

    Completed   Mature