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  • +Changed way+
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    I can't get over the feeling I have over him, he hates what I enjoy watching and taunts me for it.. but I still love him for no reason. Is it because my gay ass can't get over a stupid boy who hurts me and my feelings because of what I like, or because there's something about him that makes him unnecessarily attractiv...

  • runaway | jschlatt
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    a jschlatt fanfiction written by yours truly. most stories end with a happy ending. not theirs. their story ended probably with the shittiest ending in existence. maybe he shouldn't have done it. run off with charli. did he regret it? no, not exactly. he just wishes things ended a little differently. *updated on monda...

    Completed   Mature
  • River Of Horrors - A Schlattbur Story
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    A group of 6 boys - Wilbur, Schlatt, Tommy, Ty, Technoblade and Connor - all work together in a small detective agency, venturing out and exploring to debunk and uncover hidden myths and legends. (They call themselves the "MCIA" - "Myths and Cases Investigation Agency"). One day, after Schlatt manages to find the Rive...

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    Jschlatt x Gru are in a relationship... But Wilbur Soot is jealous... atleast thats what we all thought. Really this is a story about nothing and everything all happening at the same time. And lest we forget about the crust... Warning: This crackbook contains: - NSFW - OFFENSIVE STUFF PROBABLY - WTF - GUNS - DESPICABL...

  • STICKY NOTES // JSchlatt X Reader
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    "You know Austin, right?" Maddy asked. "Like Austin show Austin?" You asked in return. Maddy nodded. "Yeah, that guy. I got a DM from him today about another Love or Host, he wants me to do." "Ah." You said. It wasn't uncommon for Maddy to make an appearance on that particular show - she had been friends with Austin...