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  • The Multiverse of Adam Taurus
    12.1K 211 5

    What? Just because I'm writing a RWBY-Multiverse-Reaction-fanfiction, it HAS to be about Jaune Arc? I'm writing this story to prove that Adam can fit way more roles besides "psychotic terrorists" and "abusive ex-lover." And because I really feel bad for the bull Faunus, and he deserves some love. Whether he's a cybor...

  • Night Raid's Dishonor (Akame Ga Kill x Dishonored)
    7.3K 155 7

    The Capitol. A place within the Empire where citizens prosper. A shining beacon of wealth and power within the nation. But power comes at a price. Dark secrets lie behind the peaceful facade of the Capitol's Upper Class. Cruel and sadistic crimes committed against the lower class. Enter the Chemsworth brothers. Willia...

  • What If...Hazbin Hotel was In Mortal Kombat?
    1K 37 5

    A 'What If' is a Powerful word and It can be Odd how the world can be with this Question. My Question with it is, What If, Charlie and her Crew got invitations to fight in the Tournament that was known as MORTAL KOMBAT? (I made this from inspiration of BooshiOffical when he said his Idea HH and MK were up for adoptio...