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  • The Music of Destiny [BanG Dream x Male Reader]
    12.7K 584 46

    "It's my destiny to play music alongside the rest of you." (Y/N) (L/N) didn't exactly have it easy growing up. His parents abandoned him, and he stayed at an orphanage for a while. Thankfully, someone was able to adopt him, and that person was Tsukishima Marina. As the years go by, (Y/N) discovers the world of music...

  • Bring A Dream [Indo] [REMAKE]
    6.7K 335 44

    "Aku tidak bisa jatuh cinta lagi karena alasan tertentu." Ari Hoshizora adalah seorang pemain gitar sekaligus vokalis dalam sebuah band yang bernama The Heavens. Suatu hari, setelah melakukan konser di hari ulang tahun adiknya. Dia mendapatkan sebuah surat undangan untuk bersekolah di Jepang. Dia pun menerima undangan...

  • Ultraman Trigger
    10.8K 236 40

    Note: This is based on "Ultraman Trigger; New Generation Tiga". I don't OWN the Characters used in this Story :D ------------ Synopsis 30 million years ago, the world was engulfed in the terrifying darkness. But that darkness was sealed deep in space by the Giant of Light. Its power spent, the Giant of Light sleeps in...

  • Pastel Roses - BanG Dream (Roselia & Pastel*Palettes) x Male! Reader [COMPLETED]
    83.8K 1.9K 77

    (Y/N) and his best friend Alisa are the newest part-timers at Live House CiRCLE. What will happen as they help out the bands there? What will happen to (Y/N) concerning the girls of 2 certain bands? This is my very first story so constructive criticism is appreciated. Disclaimer: I don't own BanG Dream or any of the i...

  • In CiRCLEs - (Reader × BanG Dream)
    157K 3.1K 38

    "I can't explain it... But I guess... It's like.. being with you all gets my head spinning.. in circles!" (Y/N) moves into a new city, to get a fresh start from his boring, old life and finds himself working at a Live House called CiRCLE. On his journey, he meets new friends, and goes on ridiculous errands for his job...

  • Endings Creates Beginnings
    1.6K 80 17

    Kaylee wanted nothing but a redo of her life. She kept everything in herself for as long as she could, not wanting to have even at least a glimpse of her past. But when she fell in love with the girl next door, the girl at a certain loved bakery, her heart learned new things that love can make you do. Join, as we unfo...

  • Bang "Direct Drive DJ" Dream 5D's (COMPLETED)
    120K 1.8K 64

    Yusei Fudo, an ordinary 18-years old boy, who has a passion of music and also the leader of Band called "5D's". He and his family got an accident that caused the death of his family and has put him in comatose for a year. In order to help Yusei to forget that accident, His uncle has send him to Tokyo and enroll him at...

    Completed   Mature