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  • Bold Love
    2.2M 56.6K 70

    !Unedited! "Your skirt is awfully short to be appropriate for school." I look down at my legs, hands smoothing out a wrinkle in my skirt. "I don't remember that we have a dress code. And we're not in highschool anymore, this is college." When I return my attention back to her, my breath hitches in my throat. "Pull it...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Deal
    18.4K 268 4

    Santana and Quinn aren't exactly friends, but one thing binds them together more than anything. The deal

  • Gel- A post-apocalyptic Glee AU
    602 2 23

    When an epidemic starts and kills off most of Ohio's residents, the McKinley High Glee Club goes into hiding in an underground bunker. However, they aren't the only ones with a bunker-- the Warblers survived too, and they're after the one thing the New Directions have but they don't: hair gel. Credit to Ryan Murphy fo...

  • Not what it seems in Lima
    1.4K 44 10

    Over summer break Rachel gets powers. Who will be there to help her and can she use her new abilities to save Lima from the coming threat while finding love and new friendships along the way

  • The Girl Next Door
    168K 4.4K 33

    *Complete* Santana's Junior year gets more exciting when the new girl moves in next door. Brittana story with a side of Faberry towards the end. Highest rankings: #1 Brittana (31/08/19) #1 Naya Rivera (13/08/19)

  • the transfer student
    8.7K 210 6

    Tara carpenter is a 16 year old girl in high school, she is a lesbian and has a friend group of five and has a perfect life, however when a new transfer student shows up tara believes an angel just swept her off her feet, but the new student is stubborn and quiet, can tara figure out how to get the mystery girl's atte...

  • Can't stay away from you(A Catradora fanfic)
    228K 6.7K 14

    This story is ✨finished✨ Catra just can not stay away. Sure she's second in command, she's like totally beating the rebellions ass, but god damn. She really misses Adora. So what do you do. You sneak in to her room, duh. Adora has been staying up all night. It's impossible to sleep in her new environment. So instead...

  • The Sonata Calls || Lucianne & Winrina Spin-off
    593 53 2

    (Please read The Secret Sonata || Ryeji before reading this) The Sonata Calls || Lucianne & Winrina Spin-off (The Secret Sonata Book 2) Years after the reeling calamity in the City of Andong, the divine world has yet another surprise in store for Lucy and Winter, putting utmost burden on their shoulders...In the form...

  • Twice Group chat
    22.7K 859 17

    7 gays and "two straights" what can go wrong?

  • Posie smut one shots
    27.7K 251 5

    One of these stories are mine credits to the owners

  • Twice on Crack {Book edition}
    68.1K 3.3K 55

    are you bored and have nothing to do? wanna see some crack? well your on the right page! read twice on crack (with gay moments and oneshots cuz is Sana gay?)

  • End of the World
    117K 4.6K 40

    In which Twice has to survive a zombie apocalypse and Nayeon and Tzuyu are badass. Crackfic with a lot of minayeon smut and a bit of saida on the side

  • 𝙻𝚘𝚛𝚍 𝚘𝚏 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚄𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚠𝚘𝚛𝚕𝚍 ✔
    23.1K 1.6K 12

    [Based on the kdrama Black] You can't blame Y/n for having angry issues after being tasked to guard Im Nayeon after knowing she can see ghosts.

  • I'm still Into You || Nayeon × reader
    58.8K 4K 18

    [Book 2 of Yin and Yang] Y/n's work is still not finished, she still has so many problems. Fighting Mark isn't still a half of it. Can she defend this 3 dimensions from this swarming demons? [I recommend to you to read the First book, because some parts may be a bit confusing. but its fine too if you won't.]

  • Stay By My Side
    93.8K 3.6K 20

    Sana x Reader For years you ignored the feeling in your stomach when she looked at you. You did everything in your power to avoid her when you could. But you had excellent chemistry with her both on and off stage that your schedules were always lined together and always partnered. You decided to not think of your fee...

  • I Can || Twice X Reader
    419K 29K 55

    [ COMPLETED ] "Just because you're weak now doesn't mean you can't get stronger" Weak, scared and alone. That was how everyone described Lee Y/n, the school's main target for bullying since she can't fight back. But what adventures await her when she gets transferred to another world to become the successor of the mos...

  • The 6 WORLDS || Twice X Reader
    141K 12.1K 31

    "There are a total of six worlds, captain" "S-Six?!" The captain of the strongest knight order has been resurrected into another world with no memories of her past self. Will she be able to survive when she is forced to go back to her original world? - Inspired by: The Seven Deadly Sins Genre: Fanfiction and fantas...

  • Yin and Yang || Twice × reader
    319K 19.3K 44

    Min Y/n a girl who is a human, got a invitation to Friar Academy where magic exists. what will happen to her? let us follow her fantastic journey in this book.

  • Incorrect Twice/ twice ships
    150K 5.6K 104

    Just some Incorrect twice Ships and quotes ⚠️Some of these are original some of them arent!⚠️credit to the original owners (I did write most of them)

  • Incorrect (G)I-dle
    590K 27.2K 200

    Just a bunch of g(ay) Idle incorrect quotes. Enjoy!

  • Acting (Camren)
    455K 14.6K 32

    Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello are the two stars of one of the biggest dramaseries in the United States. Seeing them play the fierce cop-couple of Daniela and Emily, you'd think they were actually in love in real life. However, the two absolutely can't stand each other. What if their agency tells them to become A...